Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Lafayette Church has a proud history, but an even brighter future.  Our "glory days" are not behind us.  God is still working in this church, and in this neighborhood.  God has already put us in a unique position to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in the Elmwood Village.

Many urban churches, especially churches as old as ours, are content to keep their doors open.  That is not the case at Lafayette--we continue to serve our neighborhood in many ways, and we are continuing to grow in our mission.  Every week, our worship gives glory to God in more and more inspiring ways.  We are a church that is proclaiming the Kingdom of God to more people every week, and that is giving itself away in love for God and neighbor.  I truly believe that God has put us here, at this time and in this place for a reason, and that the best years of Lafayette are yet to come.  The only questions is: How far will it go? 

While we cannot answer that question entirely on our own, I do know that we are a part of the answer.  Just as Israel was chosen as a nation to bless all nations, God has chosen us in Christ to bless our neighbors.  Likewise, just as Christ sent his apostles, so also he sends us.  The blessings that God has given us are intended to flow through us to bless others.  What a tremendous responsibility!

Our leaders have set a goal for 2008.  Our goal is to lovingly and clearly to proclaim to all people in our neighborhood, especially young families and those with no Christian community, that we are a Christian community with programming designed especially for them.

Friends, God has given us an opportunity and a vision to participate in an amazing mission, and he has blessed us with the means to do it.  Your financial commitment will help us plan how we might grow in ministry this coming year.   Would you like to see God's work to continue to grow at Lafayette?  Then please consider how God might be allowing you to commit yourself to this community. 

This week, I invite you to reflect on what God has done in your life.  Pray and dream about what God might do with Lafayette in the coming years, and then fill out the enclosed pledge card as God leads you.  I believe that God is going to grow ministry at Lafayette in 2008, and my hope is that your pledge reflects that dream of growth.

Your partner in Christ,