sFocus on one issue of the State of the Union Adress and advocate our position for or against it.

Purpose - Persuade

Role - Editorialize

Audience - News Viewers


1. A clear thesis taking a position ___/5 pts

2. 3 references to the speech. ___/9pts

3. Explanation of the opposition and counter argument ___/10pts

        In Obama’s State of the Union Address, he discusses several issues that are present in American society. One of the most prominent issues noted by the president is the lack of, and difficulty of obtaining jobs. Obama believes he can solve this massive problem by massive governmental spending, and projects that help create jobs. This, however, is incredibly misconstrued, because governmental spending is only putting America further and further into debt with other nations.

Not only are these actions by the president going to put our country into monumental debt, which is already beginning to occur, but what will first be seen as improvement after massive spending will be shortlived. If Obama continues putting America further into debt, it will get better before it gets much, much worse. “In the six months before i took office we lost nearly 4 million jobs, and we lost another 4 million before our policies were in full effect.”, spoke Obama in his speech. This quote refers to condition before the 2008 election, and in the next paragraph in his speech, he explains that 3 million jobs have been created. This still leaves over 60% of the Americans that lost their jobs after the recession still jobless. In addition, the 3 million jobs that have been recovered will quickly be lost because of a complete economical collapse as a result of debt from foreign countries.

Throughout the address, Obama boasts about his success of recovering jobs. This is contradicted in every statistic he refers to in the speech. He explains how millions of jobs were at stake when GM faced bankruptcy, and he refused to let the jobs go. He concludes the statement by saying that he recovered nearly 160,000; this is less than 20%. Obama also mentions the increase in expenses that is required to pay for foreign labor in areas such as China, but he refutes it by saying that “We cant bring every job back that’s left our shore.” This is further evidence that these jobs that have been recovered are soon to be lost to people in foreign countries, if something is not done to “bring every job back that’s left our shore.”

In theory, Obama’s plan should work, but in reality, it will not. The governmental spending will create jobs, but when you put the people who have lost their jobs in perspective, one should see how the solution does not match the problem. Primarily ”White collar Americans”, those associated mostly with Ford, Chrysler, and GM, were sent into joblessness when these companies went bankrupt, and all but Ford were reliant on government bail-out plans to revive the influx of money to support the ever-growing and advancing auto companies that are constantly attempting to compete with foreign-made, cheaper auto dealers. Obama’s governmental spending is creating jobs that do not fit the resume’ of business-men. These jobs are for the gritty, down-and-dirty “Blue Collar Americans”, not the luxurious and pampered businessmen that lost their jobs during the American recession. These White Collar Americans are refusing to accept these jobs. This means that the governmental spending is going to waste, casting American further and further into debt with other nations.