How to Create and Publish Videos within the Ruhaniat

The Intention of the Ruhaniat Video Committee is to establish and maintain a video recording, editing and publishing capability within the Ruhaniat such that individuals throughout the Ruhaniat who are interested in publishing video material can do so effectively.  We envision publication mostly focused on the membership of the Ruhaniat...but in a way that lets the message spread far and wide.

This is a short overview of the steps one can take if one intends to capture and publish video material within the Ruhaniat.  If you are an expert or brand new to this, we are here to help you achieve your intention.

Before Your Event:


Get Clarity on the Goal.  If you are not already, become clear on the intended audience and publication channel(s) for the video(s) you intend to create.  Please read our publication channel overview for inspiration and guidance.

Find a Videographer. Perhaps this will be you.  Perhaps it will be someone within your community.  Perhaps you need help finding someone.  If the latter is the case, please email us at and we might be able to find someone nearby.

Enable your Videographer.  Please have your videographer review our Guidance for Videographers.  These materials have been assembled to help your videographer be successful in recording your event with quality.  These materials cover equipment suggestions, lighting and sound issues, etc.

Form your Agreements.  Give consideration to privacy and other concerns of those who will be recorded.  Please review the Ruhaniat Privacy Policy and consider using our Agreement for Videotaping of Teachers to promote harmony.

During Your Event

Capture the Details.  Please fill out our Recording Information Worksheet to help current and future generations successfully find inspiration in what you produce.  This information will be used by our video editors and then it will travel with your video to help enable seekers to find your video when they search for it.

After Your Event

Send us your Recordings.  Send us your Recording Information Worksheet at  We will respond with instructions on how to transfer your “raw” recorded video(s) to our editing team.  We will then edit your video to its final form and publish it according to your guidelines.  You and others will have the opportunity to review the final product before it is made broadly available.