Anatomy and Physiology


Fall 2010



Instructor: Rachel Lewis, MS

Office 1304; Phone 651-0216; e-mail;


Office Hours and Open Lab times will be announced in class.

Human Anatomy and Physiology consists of a lecture and a laboratory component.

Students must register for a lecture and a laboratory session on the same campus.


It is TCC policy that only registered students are allowed in the classroom and laboratory.

Do not bring friends or family, including children, to class or the laboratory, either during scheduled or open times.

Please refer to the 2010 Student Handbook and be familiar with all rules and policies of TCC. I will take attendance at each class meeting.

Failure to take one or more lecture tests or laboratory practicals at the scheduled time will be considered unsatisfactory attendance unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.

Required Texts

Lecture: Marieb, E. Human Anatomy and Physiology. 8th edition  2010. Benjamin/Cummings. New York.


Suggestions are:

Abrahams, Hutchings, and Marks. McMinn's Color Atlas of Human Anatomy.

Agur and Lee. Grant's Atlas of Anatomy.

Igaku and Shoin. Color Atlas of Anatomy: A Photographic Study of the Human Body. 1994.

Netter, Frank H. Atlas of Human Anatomy.

Rohen/Yokochi. Color Atlas of Anatomy


Material covered in lecture will comprise 60% of your final grade for the course.

Your grade in lecture will consist of 5 lecture exams and a comprehensive final exam, each worth 10% (100 points).

Material covered in laboratory will comprise 40% of your final grade for the course.

Your lab instructor will tell you how your lab grade will be determined.


Your final grade will be assigned a letter based upon a 10-point scale.

A         100% -90%

B         89% -80%

C         79% -70%

D         69% -60%

F         Below 60%

Many students taking Anatomy and Physiology are doing so as preparation for a career in the health field. Because it is imperative that these students demonstrate mastery of the subject,

there will be no grading curve.

Make-up Policy

You are required to take the hourly tests and final exam at the scheduled times.

Only students who have extremely extenuating circumstances, and/or those who have made prior arrangements with the professor, will be allowed to make up tests. Permission to make up missed work (tests and practicals) is entirely at the discretion of the professor. There will be NO make-ups for quizzes, either in lecture or laboratory.

Additional Resources