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Dear families of students in Robbinsdale Area Schools,

This fall, all students in grades 1-12 will be supplied with a new resource, Google Apps for Education.   Students in grades 3-12 will be provided with email accounts in order to access this resource.

Google Apps for Education is a set of online tools for communication, collaboration, time management, and document storage.  Provided by Google to the district at no cost, and restricted to district users only, these tools include:

Google continues to add new tools, and the district will evaluate each tool for its educational potential for students and staff.  All of these tools are securely housed on the internet and can be accessed from any internet-connected computer with a web browser.  No special software is needed.

Our primary reasons for supplying these tools to students are to:

GoogleDocs are private unless users specifically give others permission to view or edit.  Documents can be easily shared within our district environment.  The applications also have content and spam filtering enabled.  Teachers and library media specialists at all levels will be reviewing our district’s acceptable use policy and internet safety guidelines when they introduce these tools to students.  This policy can be found on our website,  Using online tools responsibly will be an important part of the learning experience.  The library media specialists at the elementary schools, and the teachers at the middle and high schools, will be introducing your student(s) to these tools during this school year.

If you have any questions, please contact your school’s principal or library media specialist.  We are excited about the possibilities for your students this year, and wish them and you a great school year.


Dennis Beekman, Executive Director of Technology

Robbinsdale Area Schools