Forty percent of Special Olympics Ontario funds are generated at the community level through local volunteers fundraising efforts. Local athlete registration fee, fundraisers, sponsorship and gifts in kind donations are the most prevalent source of community income.

One hundred percent of funds generated at the community level are used at the community level. There are currently no membership or accreditation fees collected by SOO.

It is recommended that communities work with yearly projected budgets so it is easier to determine the correct amount of funds that will need to be generated to cover programmatic costs. Please see section 2.1.1 for more information on creating and implementing budgets.

Athlete registration fees are determined by each community individually. These fees are based on the programmatic costs associated with each sports program and on the historical fundraising successes of the local volunteer body. Some communities choose to fundraise and solicit 100% of the funds needed to run programs in their communities while others use a combination of registration fees and fundraising endeavours to run their sports programs and competitions. It is up to each Community to determine what registration fee, if any, should be charged for each of their clubs.

There are many fundraisers held throughout Ontario that are used to generate funds for local Special Olympics Ontario programs every year. For a detailed listing of the types of fundraisers that communities run please refer to section 4 of this guide. It is very important for volunteers to remember that any fundraiser that has an element of chance involved in it (50/50, draws, bingos etc) is governed by the Ontario Gaming Association and as such there are strict rules and regulations that must be followed. For a complete explanation on such activities please refer to section 2.2.4.

Many local SOO community programs choose to have businesses or individuals sponsor their clubs or events. Sponsorship can be a great way to generate funds at the local level, however, it is important to remember that community groups should not be approaching National or Provincial sponsors 4.2.1 regarding local sponsorship. Also, team uniforms should not have a sponsor logo on them, these uniforms will not be allowed at any major games.


Sport Clubs and Community Councils are only permitted to raise funds and to expense funds for items directly related to our mission statement and our charitable purpose (items that are directly related to sport training and competition).

Any monies that are generated using the Special Olympics Ontario name, or are donated to a Special Olympics Ontario group, must be used to provide or support programs to registered athletes. Under no circumstances can funds raised by using the Special Olympics Ontario name be donated to another organization or used for a purpose other than progressing the mission of the organization.

As a not for profit organization Special Olympics Ontario is required to utilize 80% of all generated funds on a yearly basis. This means that at least 80% of all funds generated at the community level must be spent during the fiscal year on community sport programs, competitions or on administrative costs associated with the running of the community or sport programs.

For a listing of all acceptable expenses that volunteers can submit for reimbursement please refer to section 2.1.5.

2.0.2 - Community Funds                                                              December 11, 2013