Musical Bridges Lesson Plan

1. So Happy You’re Here: The teacher will play and sing this song, encouraging the children to sing along. They will say hello to each child and teacher in the group. Goals: transition to music, appropriate social greetings, following directions.


2. Seven Little Fishes in the Sea: The teacher will introduce this song with a flannel board. We will sing the song below, removing one fish at a time from the board. The children will practice singing along, taking a turn to pick a fish, and also using a soft and loud voice. Goals: vocal inflection, counting, turn taking, identify ocean life, group participation, vocalization to music.


                Seven little fishies in the deep blue sea

Teasing Mr. Sharky

                You can’t catch me

                You can’t catch me

                Well along came Mr. Sharky (softly) as quiet as can be

                He snapped a fish (loud) right out of the sea


                Six little fishies..


3. Family Finger Song: We will learn this classic children’s song, first introducing the words via visuals then singing along. Goals: fine motor skills, music education, vocalization to music, group participation, keeping a basic beat.


                Daddy finger, daddy finger, where are you?

                Here I am, here I am, how do you do?


                Repeat with mommy, brother, sister, and baby fingers


4. Move it: The teacher will teach the moves for the dance first then encourage the children to listen to directions in the song performed live. If desired, the children can individually add in their favorite move after a couple of verses. Goals:  following 1 and 2-step directions, movement identification, gross motor skills, inhibitory control.

                Move it, move it

                Let me see you move it, move it

                Move it, move it, til I stop

                Now shake it up, shake it up, shake it up, shake it up yeah…

                Come on let’s move it, move it (repeat 3x)

                Move it, move, til I say STOP


                (Repeat with Twist it)

                Get down, get down, get low to the ground

                Bend your knees, get ready to JUMP

                Get down, get down, get low to the ground

                Bend your knees, get ready to JUMP

                And jump! And jump! And jump!


                Repeat with other actions such as stomp, tiptoe, etc.


5. Down by the Beach: We will sing this song (to the tune of Down by the Bay) while playing instruments. There will be a visual for each verse to help with learning. The children will echo each phrase and sing as they play. Goals: motor skills, vocalization to music, group participation, rhyming skills, object identification.


                Down by the beach (repeat)

                Where the ocean’s blue (repeat)

                I like to go (repeat)

                Won’t you come too (repeat)

                For when we do (repeat)

                Oh the things we’ll see (repeat)


                Like a crawling crab, reaching out to grab. Down by the beach


                Other verses:

                Like a pretty seashell, shaped like a bell. Down by the beach

                Like a big white boat, going out to float. Down by the beach

                Like a humpback whale, splashing its tale. Down by the beach

                Like a castle of sand, built by hand. Down by the beach

                Like a seagull fly, from the ground to the sky. Down by the beach


6.  Shakin’ Goodbye:  Students will play shakers.  We will “shake” goodbye to all of our friends in class and also follow directions to shake shakers up high in the sky and low by our toes.  Goals:  closure of music class, appropriate social interaction, following directions.