Musical Bridges Lesson Plan

Theme: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

1.  Doodlebugs:  The children will enjoy dancing to say hello with this song written by Laurie Berkner.  It will be sung by the teacher and adapted for each child in the group.  Goals:  transition to music class, appropriate social interaction, range of motion, exercise to music, attention/listening.


2.  Learn Do Your Ears Hang Low? with pictures while playing instruments.  Review I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.


3. Literature Component:  The teacher will sing a tune to the book Boom Chicka Boom (Bill Martin).  The story has a repetitive pattern that is easy for the children to follow.  They will be encouraged to vocalize the say the letters.  Goals:  alphabet, reading comprehension, focused attention, vocal exploration and sound production, language development.


4.  Boom Chicka Boom:  We will use instruments during this call and response chant.  The children that are unable to chant will focus on playing instruments to the steady beat of our chant.  We will change the beginning sound of boom to other letters (example:  I said foom chicka foom).  Goals:  vocalization to music, group participation, imitation, memory recall, keep a basic beat, fine motor skills.


5.  Monkeying Around:  We will play this very fun game (I got it at Parent Teacher Store).  The object of the game is to spin the wheel and see how many monkeys you need to add to the tree. Add your monkeys and try not to make the tree fall down. The tree top is attached with a magnet and when off balance will fall and make the monkeys go crashing—just like the letters off of the coconut tree.  After spinning, the children will be told the number they landed on if they do not recognize it themselves.  Goals:  fine motor skills, numbers, animal identification, critical thinking, turn taking.


(Tune: "The Wheels on the Bus")

Let's sing around the monkey tree, monkey tree, monkey tree.

Let's sing around the monkey tree, It’s Adam’s turn now!


6. ABCD Medley:  We will sing and play instruments to this song by Laurie Berkner.  She not only sings ABC but adds Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, and Are You Sleeping?   The children will be encouraged to imitate the teacher’s movements (play together, “hammer,” play on body parts, match a beat, etc) as well as sing along.  Goals:  imitation, fine motor skills, finding a basic beat, bi-lateral coordination, focused attention, vocalization to music.


7.  Shakin’ Goodbye:  Students will play shakers.  We will “shake” goodbye to all of our friends in class and also follow directions to shake shakers up high in the sky and low by our toes.  Goals:  closure of music class, appropriate social interaction, following directions.