RDGC BOD Meeting, Monday 12/5 6:30pm @ ERP Recreation Center.

Meeting convened at 6:35 pm and adjourned at 8:17pm.

Attendees:  Tim Acker, Scott Walker, Joel St. Vrain, Kurt Waggoner, Jason Bradshaw, Imran Khan, Brett Porter and Andrew Lofstrand.

NEXT BOD MEETING set for Monday, 1/16 6:30pm @ ERP Recreation Center with main agenda item of 2012 BOD Elections.

[Action Owner in brackets] – [Every BOD member an nominee] is actioned with reviewing the RDGC by-laws before next meeting.

Treasury Report – Brett Porter

Club Liaison Report

2012 BOD Nominations and Elections



Website Updates [Scott]

Course Maintenance and Projects (Risk, Opportunity or Project)

-        [Kurt] to present proposal to add/replace netting on course to improve visual and effectiveness.

Programs currently scoped for 2012 assessment and selection: