Your Subconscious Stories Either Limit You or Help You

by Jenny Davidow  (Copyright 2012, All Rights Reserved)


You’ve tried to change a problem behavior, but you’re still stuck in the same pattern. Maybe things got better for a little while, but then it all fell apart. You wind up feeling frustrated, wondering what to do.


The reason you are stuck in an old pattern is in your subconscious. Without even realizing it, you are thinking something that stops you from changing, even before you’ve begun.


Personal Coaching will help you get unstuck. You will be gently guided to access your deeper awareness, where your subconscious tells you stories that exert a strong influence on the way you think. Usually you are not even conscious of these stories, which are based on past experiences, often very early in life. Yet these subconscious stories determine what you believe is possible. They shape your self-confidence, relationships, and health.


Personal coaching helps you to make positive changes in your story. These changes break up limiting patterns and support you in the positive changes you want. You experience powerful inner resources that will give you more choice, clarity and comfort.