2013 USATF-NE Sport Innovation Grant Funds - $6000


Sport innovation grants are available to individuals or clubs to help fund projects to develop the sport of track and field for the USATF-NE association members.  Projects are divided into two categories (Sport Education and Competition Optimization). The purpose of the grants are to assist in project funding, not to fully subsidize a project. Project proposals may be submitted at any time of the year to the USATF-NE Track and Field Committee for review and selection.

Available funds:

A total of $6000 is available for open track and field projects. There are two categories in which the available funds will be divided: Sport Education ($3000) and Competition Optimization ($3000). Examples of Sport Education include but not only directed to: clinics, camps, inspirational speeches, etc. Examples of Competition Optimization include but not only directed to: improvements to existing race/meet events, startup of new race/meet events, etc.


All funds will be approved on an as available-basis.

Project proposals may request funds ranging from $250-$1000, depending on the project size. Funds granted to a proposal may not be the full requested amount, depending on committee review. Funds paid out may not be in lump sum, and possibly via progress payments based on a schedule of progress checkpoints.

Project proposals should provide detail on full business plan including (as applicable): venue selections, date options, project manager(s), total project budget, tentative schedule of progress checkpoints, member outreach, return on investment objective statement.

Be prepared to present the project proposal after the Track and Field Committee have reviewed and screened the proposal.

Proposal Submittal Process:

1. Submit a Project Proposal along with completed Sport Innovation Grant Request Form to ygreen@usatfne.org. Be thorough in the proposal using the above outlined guidelines.

2. The Track and Field Committee will screen and review the proposal document(s).

3. The Proposal Submitter will be notified whether the proposal was denied, approved, or further presentation is requested.

4. Approved grant awards will be made on a schedule agreed upon by the Track and Field Committee.