DECEMBER 1st & 2nd



A. Organization

1.        All games will be played according to FIFA Laws of the Game rules and AYSO National Rules and Regulations unless modified by these regulations.

2.        A mandatory Coaches meeting will be held on November 27, 2012 at San Bruno Park & Rec beginning at 7PM.

3.        In order to insure participation and team eligibility, teams must submit a signed Fall season roster with names and AYSO ID numbers. No changes to the Fall roster will be allowed.

4.        All games shall be two twenty (20) minute halves with quarterly substitutions, and a five minute halftime. Championship games will be 25 minute halves for U12 and 30 minutes for U14.The tournament will use a running clock. No stoppage time will be allowed.

5.        If there is a color conflict the home team shall wear a different color or wear pinnies. They will be available at the team check-in site.

6.        All players must play at least ½ of each game.

B. Coaches

1.        Coaches will comply with all of the Rules and Regulations.

2.        All coaches and assistant coaches must be certified at the age appropriate level, must have a current volunteer form on file and be Safe Haven trained and certified.

3.        Coaches must attend, or send a designated assistant to the tournament orientation meeting on Nov. 27, 2012. The meeting will begin promptly at 7PM. Coaches must bring their original “wet signature” player medical forms, player passes and 4 properly filled out game cards. GAME CARDS MUST BE PRINTED ON CARD STOCK.

4.        Coaches and players from both teams will be on the same side of the field within the10 yd. technical area. A maximum of two (2) coaches will be permitted with the players; all others, including parents, spectators, and observers, will be on the opposite side of the field during all tournament matches. no one will be allowed behind the goal area.

5.        Coaches are totally responsible for the actions and conduct of their players and spectators during the matches.

6.        Coaches should plan to have their teams assembled and prepared for the referee’s pre-game check-in fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of each scheduled match

7.        Coaches may not substitute for any players on their Fall rosters. NO EXCEPTIONS

C. Referees

1.        Each region will be assigned field(s) and time(s) and will be responsible for all of the referee assignments on the field during that time. All games will be officiated by three (3) referees. The Area Referee Coordinator will be responsible for the Region’s assignments

2.        In order for games to remain on schedule, each region will assign and be responsible for a pre-game fourth official who will conduct pre-game team inspections, collect line up cards and conduct the coin toss prior to the game’s scheduled start time. This will facilitate keeping all games on schedule.

3.        Youth referees may be assigned as Assistant Referees as long as they have a Regional Level Badge and are at least two (2) years older than the age division they are or will be refereeing. Youth referees may not serve as center referees.

4.        Referees and Assistant Referees are expected to wear their highest grade AYSO badge and only an AYSO badge at all games.

D. Scheduling

1.        All games must be played at the scheduled time. No game may be started more than five (5) minute after the scheduled start time for that game.

2.        A minimum of seven (7) players in U14, six (6) players in U12, will be necessary for a team to start a game. Failure to field a team within five (5) minutes of the scheduled start time will result in forfeiture of the game and the winning team will be awarded a 1-0 win and seven (7) points for the game. NO EXCEPTIONS!

E. Games

1.        All games will be forty (40) minutes consisting of two twenty (20) minute halves. Games will be halted approximately half way through each half to allow for player substitutions per AYSO rules. The clock will continue to run during substitutions.

2.        Properly validated line up cards will be presented to the referee inspecting the teams prior to the start of the game. All assigned players on the team must be listed on the line up card in numerical order. If a player is absent or is present but cannot play, the reason must be noted on the line up card. The coach shall have in his/her possession the original medical release liability form for each player listed.

3.        At the conclusion of each game, the referee will turn in the completed line up card with the game summary to the tournament staff.


F. Scoring/Tie Breakers

1.        Scoring for the tournament will be as follows:

a.          Six (6) points will be awarded for a WIN.

b.   Three (3) points will be awarded for a TIE.

c.          One (1) point will be awarded  for each goal up to a maximum of three (3) per game.

d.   One (1) point will be DEDUCTED from the score of any team receiving a yellow card.

e.   Three (3) points will be DEDUCTED from the score of any team receiving a red card.

f.    One (1) point will be DEDUCTED from the score of any team with poor  parent/sideline behavior

g.   Three (3) points will be DEDUCTED from the score of any team if a coach or assistant coach is asked to leave.

2.        Should there be a tie at the end of group play, the tie will be broken by using the following criteria:

a.         Head to head competition.

b.   Most goals scored.

c.          Least goals allowed.

d.   Most shutouts.

e.   Least number of red cards.

f.           Least  number of yellow cards

g.          Coin Toss

3.        Should there be a tie in the Championship game, it will be resolved as follows:

a.        Two (2) five minute overtime periods.

b.   If still tied, the teams will take penalty kicks per FIFA rules.

G. Conduct

1.        Players, coaches and spectators will conduct themselves in a manner becoming a member of AYSO.

2.        Negative comments and complaints about the referees will not be tolerated and it is the responsibility of the coaches to control.

3.        Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated. Referees will terminate matches if coaches, team friends, spectators or parents are improper in their conduct and do not respond to requests for appropriate behavior. Incidents involving foul and abusive language will be reported to the tournament staff.

4.        If for any reason, a game is terminated before the expiration of regular time, the results of the game will be determined by the tournament staff.

5.        “Running Up” the scores is STRONGLY discouraged. A team is considered to have run up the score when it wins by more than a five (5) goal differential. The tournament staff will deduct points if a team blatantly ignores the recommendation.

6.        Use of any ineligible player will result in the team’s suspension from the tournament and the team will forfeit all games by a score of 1-0.

H. Cautions and Dismissals

1.        A player shown a red card by the referee will be immediately ejected from the facility and will be suspended from the next scheduled game.

2.        The tournament committee, based on the severity of the infraction(s), may impose suspension beyond one (1) game.

3.        Two (2) red cards received by a player will disallow further participation in the tournament.

4.        Two (2) yellow cards received during the tournament by the same player will result in suspension from the next game.

5.        A coach sent from the field will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

6.        All cautions and dismissals must be documented by the referee on the back of the line up card.


I. Protests

1.         All decisions are final.

2.        No Protests will be allowed.


J. Awards

1.        Awards will be presented to the first and second place teams in each division.






Tournament Staff:

Heidi Pierce Area Director

Mary Milliken Director U12-14

Robert Casco Area Coach Administrator

Mark Renz Area Referee Administrator

Greg Pierce Field Facilitator/Area Developer

Steve Chinn RC-145

Meredith DiOro RC-145

Pat Reyes-Hernandez RC-146

Marie Nahass RC-157

Mike Yip RC-249

Greg Trefz RC-1344