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The Syracuse Stories festival, planned for July 2011, is a significant opportunity for many parts of our community to come together and share stories about their histories and identities. The festival has the potential to help support and enrich our cultural life, bridge some of the divisions within our community, and stimulate arts-based economic development. We invite all forms of story-telling including film, video, the visual arts, poetry, dance, music, drama, etc. We are looking for both short performances and exhibitions or interactive activities.

Here are some examples: telling a story related to Syracuse or your family, sharing the history of your business or organization, family or organization's album or photography display, cultural performance, (e.g., short play, dance, Stepping, Syracuse-themed poem, ballad or song, etc.) sharing a family recipe or video, creating a community story-book or art project during the Festival, documenting (audio or video) Festival participants' stories, creating an interactive exhibit about your life or cultural community thru any media.

Stories reveal the whole range of human emotions and experiences. They can be funny, wise, sad, joyful, filled with conflict or hope.

1.        Describe what storytelling activities you or your group will contribute to Syracuse Stories, e.g., type of performance, visual exhibit, etc.

2.        Would you prefer to participate in a weekday day event at Thornden Park or Saturday July 30th at the Everson Museum?

3.         How much time will you need to tell your story? (Include length of time for set-up and break-down.)

4.        What equipment will you need Syracuse Stories to provide?

5.         What size space will you need if you are proposing an exhibit or on-going activity? 10x10, 10X20? Will you need electricity?

6.        Syracuse Stories has modest resources available to help community groups, individuals or organizations participate in the festival. If you would like to be considered for such support, please describe what you will need to participate in Syracuse Stories AND provide a budget.

7.        If you don't receive full funding for your project what other sources of support will you seek?

8.        How else can you or your organization support Syracuse Stories Festival?

        Please check the ones that apply.


9.        Would you be willing to host a fund-raiser for Syracuse Stories? Ideas?

10.        What other individuals or groups do you think should be part of Syracuse Stories?

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