Lab B2 Transcript

(To whole class)

Alright everybody bring it in a little closer.

Alright my name is Mr. Bell and today we are going to continue our jump roping unit.

Um, my signal for attention will be the music, so when the music stops, stop what you are doing and listen to me.

So, I'm sure you all have seen a scary cave and you kind of wanted to check it out and see whats in there.

Well that's kind of what our jump rope looks like.

See how there's a little semi circle there and semi circle in the cave.

So, what we are going to do is we are going to have people turning and when you see the cave you want to jump into the middle of it and jump.

(To Nicole and Josh)

Can I have you two help me out with the demonstration?

(To whole class)

Wait till there's a cave, get in the middle, and jump.

Alright so it's going to look like that.

(To Nicole, Josh, and Dave)

Can I have you two and you can join them in a group.

(To Trent, Danielle, and Tyler)

And then we will have you three be a group, so here you go.

(To whole class)

Ok, so what were the cues for that?

See the cave and jump in, right.

When the music starts, you guys can start.

(To Josh)

Way to see the cave Josh.

(To Trent)

You can go join the other group to make it even.

(To whole class)

You guys are getting to the middle and jumping pretty good.

So for a little challenge, when you guys get in the middle you can use some of the jumps that we have learned in the past like straddle jump, or high knees, or anything we have learned before.

(To Nicole)

Good straddle jumps Nicole.

(To Dave)

Oh, jumping jacks.

I like it.

(To whole class)

Know that you guys know how to get into the cave, you have to know how to get out of the cave.

So, if everybody could bring it back in over here.

When you want to get out, you're going to jump towards the turner you are facing, then you are going to do one final jump, then jump out to the side.

(To Nicole and Josh)

So if you guys could spin for me again to demonstrate this.

(To whole class)

Get in the middle like before.

Jump toward the turner then when you get about arms length apart, you're going to jump out and then the next person can go.

Alright so get back in your groups and lets try this.

(To Nicole)

Good job of getting out.

(To whole class)

Keep going, keep going.

(To girl student)

Good job of getting close.

(To whole class)

Since we have two jumpers per group here, let's have both jumpers jump at the same time, then exit out.

(To Dave, Trent, Josh, and Nicole)

Let's not fool around over here.

Untangle yourselves.

(To whole class)

Alright, everybody bring it in over here.

Alright you guys did a pretty good job today.

You stayed with the cues very well, and, uh, you got in and got out when you were supposed to.

So, can anybody remind the class of cues for exiting.

That's right.

Alright, next class we will be working on the double dutch so see you then.