Configuring Gmail For Thunderbird 3.x+ (Windows)

For the latest version of Thunderbird, go to the following address:

To print these instructions, select File in the Google Docs window and click Print

Set Your Google Apps Password

Go to after your account has been activated to set your Google Apps Password.  After you have set your Google Apps Password you can set up your desktop e-mail client or mobile device.

1. Open Thunderbird.        

2. Click the Tools menu, and select Account Settings..

3. Select Add Mail Account... from the drop-down list located under the account list on the left.

4. The first dialog in Thunderbird’s Automatic Account Configuration will be displayed. Enter your name, your and your Google password. Click Continue.

5. Click on Manual Conf. in the lower left hand corner of the Automatic Account window. Wait until the system has verified your information. Then, click on Advanced Config in the lower left hand corner.

6. From this option, it should take you to Account Settings. Click on Server Settings underneath the account you created.

7. In the Server Settings dialog enter in the Server Name field.

8. In the User Name field enter your

9. In the Connection Security field select SSL/TLS

You may skip steps 10-15 if you previously setup your NYU mail on Thunderbird.

10.  From Account Settings click on Outgoing Server (SMTP).

11. Select the entry that reads and click Edit.

12. In the SMTP Server dialog select Connection security and pick SSL/TLS.

13. In the Port field enter 465.

14. In the User Name field enter your NetID.

15. Click Ok to save your changes.

16. The first time you send an email you will be prompted for your password, you will need to use your NYU Home password.

17. Navigate to the ‘Copies & Folder’ option

18. Make sure the “Place a copy in:” option is NOT checked.

19. Click OK and save your settings.

Additional Settings

Occasionally users may experience an error related to IMAP limits.  To avoid these errors complete the following:

1. Open Thunderbird, select Tools, and then Account Settings.

2. Click on Server Settings under your email account.

3. Click on the Advanced button.

4. Change the Maximum number of server connections to cache to 2.

5. Click OK, click OK again.  Your settings have been saved