Teacher's Name: Nicole Sherman___________           Observer: ________________________

Class Taught: ______EDU 255________________          Date: 11/22/10_______________________

Lesson Focus: ___iDANCE Reaction Time___________________________________________

Directions: Write down the statements the teacher makes to the entire class, not to groups or individuals, about motor skills - not about behavior or management. At times you may need to abbreviate but try to capture the intent of the meaning. When the lesson is over, classify each statement as informing (task), extending (tasks), refining (cues), or applying (challenges), then graph the statements in the order in which they occur.

Example: 1. Throw the ball at a target on the wall (Inform)

1. Today we’re playing strike a pose tag. (Inform)

2. By the end of today I want you to be able to get a 60 on skills. (Applying)

3. There are 3 main cues for reaction time; listen, anticipate, and move. (Refining)

4. Safety statement and listen to my voice. (Informing)

5. Before you grab a pad, take a piece of paper and pencil and record your scores after the dances. (Informing)

6.  You don’t have to go back to the center, I am anticipating, listening, and moving. (Refining)

7.  Everyone look at your scores, not bad. (Informing)

8.  When you step your going to clap along with it. (Extending)

9. Its harder so you may want to go down to easy if you did regular, or if it was too easy try and step it up a notch. (Applying)

10. Okay partner up and we’re going to be doing a crab walk now. (Extending)

11. You’re either left back or right front and no bums on the floor. (Informing)

12.  You seemed a little bored, but I got something harder. (Applying)

13.  We’re going to be jumping on the arrows now. (Extending)

14.  Did everyone jot down their numbers, alright everyone come over here. (Informing)

15. Who wants to tell me the three cues emphasized in class today? (Refining)