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The Manchester School District encourages members of the community to volunteer their time to support school activities.  The superintendent shall appoint a designee who will be responsible for coordinating and implementing procedures for the utilization of volunteers.


Volunteer Responsibilities


Volunteers shall complete an application form describing their skills, interests, background, and work history.


Volunteers shall be directly responsible to a certified staff member.


Volunteers who serve on an on-going basis and have one-to-one contact with students shall be considered designated volunteers.  As such, designated volunteers shall be required to follow the District’s Criminal History Records Check procedure (including fingerprinting). Mentors, homework helpers, overnight chaperones, and coaches are examples of designated volunteers.


Volunteers whose interactions with students are limited and who will always be within sight and hearing of staff members shall be considered other volunteers.  The duties of other volunteers may include activities like distributing popcorn or chaperoning day field trips under the supervision of staff.  These volunteers shall be screened by the school principal or principal’s designee.


Volunteers shall sign a confidentiality agreement that requires them to refrain from discussing students except with teachers, school counselors, and administrators.


Volunteers shall refer any instructional, disciplinary, behavioral, medical, or social problems to certified staff.


Volunteers shall not arrange to meet students outside school activities or off school grounds and shall not give gifts to students.


District/School Responsibilities

Staff members shall receive training in the supervision of volunteers.  Volunteers shall receive training in matters of district protocol, policy, scheduling, safety routines, and general job responsibilities and requirements.



A volunteer handbook shall be distributed to all volunteers.


Volunteers shall:


                A. Complete an application form describing their skills, interests and availability.


B. Undergo screening through the District’s Criminal History Record Check procedure

     including a comprehensive background check if they will serve on an ongoing basis;

     have regular unsupervised contact with students; and/ or who have duties involving

     one-to-one contact with students.


C. Serve in the capacity of helpers and not be assigned to roles which require specific

     professional training.  Instructional services shall be rendered under the supervision

     of certificated staff.


D. Sign a confidentiality agreement and refrain from discussing the confidential    

     performance or actions of a student except with the student’s teacher, counselor, or



E. Refer any student problem which arises, whether of an instructional, medical or

                operational nature, to a regular certified staff member.


F. Assist with activities including:

1.   Preparation of Bulletin Boards;

2.   Preparation of materials for art, science, and math classes;

3.   Clerical duties including typing, inventories, booklets and newsletters, student

      lunchroom counts, attendance and class records, photocopying and collating;

4.   Clean-up activities;

5.   Library and audio-visual duties;

6.   Assistance with physical education exercises;

7.   Instructional activities appropriate to the volunteer’s training and classroom

      needs such as tutoring, monitoring math assignments, listening to oral

      reading and others;

8.   Escorting students to vision and hearing testing, dental screening, and

      approved medical surveys;

9.   School activity supervision and playground supervision with at least one  

      certified staff member present;

10.  Mentoring under the business-education partnership program.


G. Receive volunteer orientation, including:

1.   General job responsibilities and limitations;

2.   Information about school facilities, routines, and procedures; including safety  

      and evaluation;

3.   Work schedule and place of work;

4.   Expected relationship to regular staff and students;


H. Receive appropriate training at the building level consistent with their tasks and

     existing District standards.  This training shall be developed under the leadership of  

     the Principal in consultation with the volunteer coordinator or the Superintendent’s



I.  Volunteers who mentor may receive specific training as determined by the Principal or          

    Superintendent’s designee. 


               J. On occasion, school staff may provide volunteers evaluative feedback about their

                    performance.  Volunteers should receive acknowledgement for their services and

                    commendations as appropriate.


               K. Be terminated when:

1.   Program and/or duties are no longer needed.

2.   They are replaced by paid staff, or

3.   In the sole judgment of the administration, their conduct does not meet the

                        standards of the district.



See Personnel 103




NHRSA 623-A:10

NHRSA 189:13-a


Revised from:  6/98, 3/99, 7/01, 7/02, 4/06, 3/18

First Reading Coordination:  2/13/2018

Second Reading and Adoption BOSC: 3/12/2018