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Chef's Report

Christina Graves Reporting


1a) Today was a cooking day.

1b) Was today a special day celebrated at the main meal with special

food or activity?

Yes - St. Patrick's Day!

2) List the foods served at today's main meal (usually the evening

meal), giving full names of each.

Shepherd's Pie

3) List any main meal foods not finished by the crew (leftovers stored

for later use or discarded)


4) Recipes for anything more complicated than following package

directions exactly, or rehydrating.


1 1/2 c. diced potatoes

1/2 c. milk

1tbl. butter

salt and pepper to taste

2 heaping tbl. mayonaise

Beef and Vegetables

1 c. dehydrated beef (you can use a different type of meat, if you prefer)

1 cube beef or vegetable bouillon

1/4 c. celery

1/4 c. carrots

1/4 c. onion

1 c. peas

1 tsp. pepper

1 tsp. oil or crisco

1/4 tsp. salt (or to taste)

1/4 tsp. dill

Rehydration - do this 2-3 hours prior to cooking

In separate containers, rehydrate:

1. beef with bouillon

2. peas, onions, carrots, celery

3. diced potatoes

Cooking beef and vegetables

1.  heat oil or crisco in pan

2. add beef with bouillon; heat until thoroughly cooked

3. Season with pepper, dill, and salt to taste

4. add vegetables and cook again until thoroughly heated


In a separate pot:

1. add water to rehydrated potatoes, and hard boil until very soft

2. drain

3. add mayonnaise and milk, mashing with a fork (you can also use a hand mixer if available)

4. add salt and pepper to taste

In a baking dish, layer bottom of dish with meat and vegetables.

Cover the meat and vegetable layer with potatoes.

Bake at 350F (in oven) until thoroughly cooked. Top mashed potatoes with melted butter to brown.

5) Lessons learned (if any)

ketchup would be a good condiment with this dish.

6) Comments/questions for Kim and Jean, the food study investigators


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