RORA Beginner’s League Rules and Regs

I. Introductory Items

        1. My XBL GT is XxT3rM1n80RxX. Add me to participate. Feel free to add Th3

                Dynamic Uno as well. He is very interested in helping out with this series

                and will likely host if I miss a race.

        2. The Beginner’s League is intended to develop new racers for major RORA


                a. As such, either one of us will be willing to host practice sessions, and even

                        down to a one on one level if you want us to.

        3. Tunes will be issued. Drivers are not allowed to create their own. This is

                to ensure total car equality. The only exception to this rule is during forced stock                           events, in which case it is not necessary to issue tunes.

        4. Equal cars are for drivers to learn how to race one another and proper technique.

        5. Liveries would be nice but are not required.

                a. All that is required is a number on both sides and hood, and the RORA decal.

                        These will both be gifted to you.

II. General

        1. The Beginner’s League will run a six (6) event schedule. All events will include two

                heats. Heat one will be determined by qualifying order, heat two will be reverse

                grid order.

        2. All races will first have a three (3) lap qualifying session followed by two races

                of approximately 15-25 miles each.

3. All races will begin from a standing start.

4. Points will be awarded in a variety of ways. See Scoring below.

5. Two groups of cars will be run. PRO and AM, similar to LeMans. See Car

        Groupings below.

III. Schedule

        1. The schedule will be divided into three (3) sections.

                a. Section I: Introductory Race Craft. Forced stock Radicals with a 50% power


                b. Section II: Sports Car Driving. BMW Z4 v Audi TT RS.

                c. Section III: High Performance Driving. Cars to be determined.

        2. Each section will include two events. Each event will feature two heats. Therefore, a

                total of 12 heats will be run. Depending on driver interest, this can be run with one

                event per week, or, we can run two events per week.


        3. The Schedule: TBD

        4. Date and Time remains to be determined.

IV The Cars

        1. Cars were carefully selected to be driver friendly, cost effective, and ultra competitive

with one another.

a. Radical SR-8

b. Audi vs. BMW

        i. 2010 Audi TT RS Coupe        $48,000

        ii. 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is        $52,000

c. Viper v. Corvette                        

i. 2013 SRT Viper                $95,000

ii. 2009 Corvette ZR-1                $100,000


V. Scoring

1. Scoring is intended to award a dominant performance, but not really punish a bad day.

This is a semi-competitive beginner’s league, not a serious league. Therefore,

parity will be minimized so that struggling drives are encouraged to continue on.

a. Two (2) points will be awarded for qualifying pole.

b. One (1) point will be awarded for qualifying second.

c. One (1) point will be awarded for leading a lap.

d. One (1) point will be awarded for leading the most laps.

e. One (1) point will be awarded for running the fastest lap of the race. Clean

        laps are considered faster.

f. Points scale

i. First place will be awarded 20 points.

ii. Second place will be awarded 18 points.

iii. Third place will be awarded 16 points.

iv. Fourth place will be awarded 14 points.

v. All subsequent positions will be awarded points at one point intervals.

        Last place is guaranteed eight (8) points in the spirit of competition.

g. The lowest one heat score from each section will be dropped.

        2. The one or one rule used in last series may be implemented, but it is preferred not to

                be. It essentially is:


VI. Racing

        1. Drivers are expected to know and practice driver etiquette to the best of their ability. As

                this is a beginner’s series, I expect incidents and mistakes, but try to drive cleanly.

        2. Reviews will be done by myself and the other moderators of RORA.

                a. If you are involved in an incident that you believe is the result of aggressive

                        driving, report it to me or any of the moderators within 48 hours of the


        3. As host, I have to race. I will run the same cars as you, but in a separate class.

                Therefore, I will not be racing for position, just lapping the track. If other

                moderators are present, they will run in the separate class with me. We may race

                within the pack, but will not take risks. We will surrender the line or back off in

                a risky situation. If we cause an incident, it will be automatically reviewed and

                involved drivers awarded properly.


                a. Allowing myself and other mods to race is a justifiable risk. By racing faster

                        cars, you will improve more quickly.

VII. Car Groupings

        1. AM

                a. The AM (amateur) division will be the vast majority of the cars on track. It will

                        consist of all rookie/beginner drives.

                b. This class will be filled first, no exception.

        2. PRO

                a. The PRO (“professional”) division will be much smaller and consist of

                        experienced drivers such as myself.         

                b. All cars competing in this class are required to run GREEN stripes on their

                        rear bumper. These stripes should be similar in appearance to

                        NASCAR’s yellow rookie stripes.

                c. This class will only grow due to absence in the AM class. If there are available

                        places, I will invite other drivers similar in skill to myself to keep a full,

                        more intense room.

                d. PRO drivers are expected to help and aid AM drivers to the best of their ability

                        before, during, and after the race. This can consist of answering

                        questions to trailing an AM driver to give tips on driving style. PRO drivers

                        are essentially present as mentors BEFORE competitors.

                        i. Trailing may not be done mid-pack or as a form of gamesmanship.

                e. This class will always consist of a host. Ideally, there would be another

                        advanced driver for a minimum of two (2) PRO cars in each race.


        3. PRO and AM

                a. Will run the exact same cars with the exact same tunes. PRO’s only

                        advantage is driver skill.

                b. PRO class is to concede to AM in all risky situations. This is about AM, not

                        PRO. PRO is not racing AM for position.

                c. Incidents caused by PRO class drivers will be reviewed more harshly, with

                        involved AM class cars being potentially awarded points retroactively.

VIII. Two Room Procedure

        1. Given high sign up numbers, two rooms is on the table.

        2. I will host one room, and another (probably) moderator will host the other in PRO


        3. Eighteen (18) drivers must be present to start two rooms; nine (9) per room. This

                includes two (2) PRO drivers.

        4. Scoring will not be equal.

                a. Tiebreaker will be total race time.

                        i. Therefore first with the fastest time will win 20 points.

                        ii. The winner with the slower time will win 19 points.

                        iii. This will be applied down the line to every position.

        5. Two rooms do not have to be at the same time. Given the hopefully high participation,

                one race could be held Monday, with the other on Thursday. (Or some other

                combination of days.)

                a. In such a scenario,  AM Drivers are not allowed to participate in both races.

                        PRO drivers may participate in both as they are not points racing.

                b. As above, nine (9) drivers (including 2 PRO) must commit to being present

                        to justify two rooms.

                c. Preference if to one large room. Do not abuse this policy to increase

                        points gains. This is an experimental idea, let’s try to make it a success

                        and use it minimally.


VII. Final Comments

        1. I know this looks official, but this will be fun and I’m no Nazi. This is basically a draft for

                RSCCS Rules.

        2. In a way, I’m just as much a beginner as you guys. This is my first series hosting.

        3. Good luck and have fun!