Cold Oil Spherification


1-3 cups of strong hot chocolate, (recommend atleast 2 packs per cup)

1 gram agar agar (an algae extract, can be purchased at Whole Foods or Choices)

1.5 cups vegetable oil (cold from being in the freezer at least 1 hour)


In a small pan Mix the water & coco powder and bring to a boil,  add the agar agar stir until dissolved, boil one minute longer. and turn off heat.  

Place the cold oil in a shallow and deep container, and place the liquid into a dropper. Slowly squeeze droplets into the cold oil and let form into spheres, about 2 minutes. Strain the spheres out of the oil and rinse under cold water. These can be stored in a sealed container in cold water for up to a day or two before use.

Serving suggestion,  place some whipped cream in a martini glass, cover with perls.  sprinkle some coco powder and or cinnamon  garnish with a small strip of ginger and a nilla wafer or two.

Why This works:  The Agar works like gelatin (although it is vegetarian),  its protines denature into long chain polymers and when chilled they bind up holding in them whatever liquid you had them dissolved in.   The cold oil works to make the droplets pull into a sphere and chill them as they sink.  Many flavors can be made into spheres!  

Also look into Alginate Spherification, and Reverse Spherification. (a little more technical, but can make for even more amazing flavor bursting results!