Spring 2012 Text Book List

Spring 2012 Text List

BI 191 Bible Introduction

CE 311 Sunday School/Summer Ministries

CE 322 Media Ministries

No text required.

CE 422 Practice of Spiritual Discipline

Keith Drury, With Unveiled Faces: Experience Intimacy with God Through Spiritual Disciplines,  Indianapolis, In.: Wesleyan Publishing House, 2005. ISBN-13: 978-0898272987

David C. Sutherland, Together in Love: Covenant Discipleship for Youth, Nashville, Tn.: Discipleship Resources, 1999. ISBN-13: 978-0881772715

CE 451 Christian Counseling/MT 451 Pastoral Counseling

Powlison David.   Seeing Through New Eyes: Counseling the Human Condition through the Lens of Scripture Phillipsburg NJ P and R Publishing, 2005.  ISBN    0-87552-608-X

Yalom Irvin D.   Love’s Executioner and other Tales of Psychotherapy New York: Basic Books Inc, 1989. ISBN #0-465-04280

Wright, H. Norman. The Complete Guide to Crisis and Trauma Counseling: What To Do and Say When It Matters Most. isbn 0830758402

CO 302 Persuasive Speaking/MT 302 Persuasive Preaching

Campbell, Karlyn Kohrs & Huxman, Susan Schultz (2008).  The Rhetorical Act, 4th  edition.  Wadsworth Publishing Company.  ISBN-10: 0495091723

Course Packet

CO 322 Media Ministries

No Text

CO 451 Communication Theory

Griffin, Em (2011).  A First Look at Communication Theory, sixth edition.  McGraw Hill: Boston, MA.  Eighth edition.  ISBN-10: 0073534307

 ED 451 Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Schools

David A. Welton, Children and Their World:  Strategies for Teaching Social  Studies, 7th ed. (Boston:  Houghton Mifflin, 2001)  

ISBN:  061811646X

Benscooter, Dee, Social Studies Activities that Kids Can’t Resist! (Teaching Resources (October 1, 2002)  ISBN-10: 0439297036

 Supplemental Text: (not required but recommended as a great resource)

Balantic, Jeanette, et al. Every Book Is A Social Studies Book:  How to Meet Standards with Picture Books (Libraries Unlimited; 1 edition (February 1, 2011)ISBN-10: 1598845209

EN 101 English Grammar

Handbook of Grammar & Composition (Fourth Edition or latest) by James A. Chapman

Pensacola Christian College


College Grammar and Composition Workshop (latest edition) by James A. Chapman

Pensacola Christian College


EN 102 English Composition

College Composition Workshop by James A. Chapman

Abeka Books (latest copyright)


Using Sources Effectively by Robert A. Harris


Pyrczak Publishing

(latest copyright)

ISBN 1-884585-57-4

HI 112 History of Civilization II

Robert R. Edger, Civilizations Past and Present, Twelfth Edition. Pearson Longman: New York, 2008. ISBN: 0205574300

MT 110 Use of Technology Bible Study


MT 112 Evangelism

Text:  One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven [Paperback]

Author: Mark Cahill

Publisher: Genesis Publications (May 25, 2004)

ISBN-10: 0974930008

ISBN-13: 978-0974930008

Basic Bible Studies for New Christians

Author:  “Chic” Shaver           Beacon Hill Press

ISBN: none found

 MT 331 Worship

Segler, Franklin M., and Randall Bradley. Christian Worship: Its Theology And Practice. 3rd         ed. Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group, 2006.

Hustad, Donald P., True Worship: Reclaiming the Wonder & Majesty. Wheaton, IL: Harold         Shaw Publishers; Carol Stream, IL: Hope Publishing Company, 1998

MU 382 Survey of Music for Christian Worship

Reynolds, William J. and Milburn Price.  A Survey of Christian Hymnody. Fourth Edition by         David W. Music and Milburn Price.  Carol Stream, IL: Hope Publishing, 1999.

Hustad, Donald P., ed.  The Worshiping Church:  A Hymnal.  Carol Stream, IL: Hope         Publishing, 1990.

NT 221 Gospels

TEXT:  The Bible and a harmony of your choosing

Recommended but not required Bible-

Smith, F. LaGard, The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order, Harvest House: Eugene OR

ISBN – 0-7369-0239-2

NT 322 Romans and Galatians

     Clarke, Adam: Romans  note- this commentary is available in many formats on line and in the library – no need to stock this volume

 Text: NBBC, Romans 2-Volume Set - A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition

Author: George Lyons, Dr. William Greathouse

Publisher: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City

ISBN: ?  083-412-3622 and 083-412-3630

NT 422 Pauline Epistles

OT 212 Pentateuch

Victor P. Hamilton. Handbook on the Pentateuch, 2nd edition. Grand Rapids, Mi: Baker Book House, 2005. ISBN: 0801027160

Polisar, Barry Louis. Telling the Story: A Passover Haggadah Explained. Silver Springs, Md.: Rainbow Morning Music, 2007. ISBN: 0938663518

OT 332 Psalms/Wisdom Literature

Bullock, C. Hassell.  An Introduction to the Old Testament Poetic Books.  Chicago: Moody, 1988. ISBN #0-8024-4141-6

 OT 432 Isaiah/Jeremiah

No Text Required

OT 442 Daniel/Revelation

John F. Walvoord. Every Prophecy of the Bible. Isbn 9781564767585

PH 382 Intro to Philosophy

"Life's Ultimate Questions - An Introduction to Philosophy" by Ronald H. Nash ISBN: 0-310-22364-4

“Worldviews in Conflict" by Ronald H. Nash. ISBN: 0-310-57771-3

"The Universe Next Door" the fifth edition, 2009,  by James W. Sire. ISBN: 978-0-8308-3850-9

PH 400 Senior Seminar

Noeble, David A.  Understanding the Times Revised 2nd Edition.  Manitou Springs:

        Summit Press, 2006    ISBN: 0-936163-00-3.

Noebel, David & Chuck Edwards.  Countering Culture.  Nashville: Broadman &

         Holman Publishers, 2004    ISBN: 080545888-3.

TH 112 Theology of Holiness

Yocum, Dale.  The Holy Way.  Salem, OH: Schmul Publishing Co., Inc., 1984. ISBN: 0-88019-070-1.


Lorimer, Thomas.  If There is a God.  Shoals, IN: Country Pines, 2009 ISBN: 978-1-934447-28-4.

TH 272 Cults

Text: Kingdom of the Cults.

Author: Walter Martin, Ravi Zacharias

isbn 0764228218

TH 322 Systematic Theology

Text: Profiles in Wesleyan Theology (Vol 1-3)

Author: Leslie D. Wilcox