SPRING 2016 Text Book List

Fall 2015

Pastoral Ministries

  Maxey, I. Parker. Ministerial Ethics and Etiquette.  Salem, OH:

Schmul Publishing Co., Inc. 1987

      ISBN 0-88019-222-4

This book may be downloaded in pdf format  from KMBC's electronic

library at


or from http://wesley.nnu.edu/wesleyctr/books/0101-0200/HDM0128.pdf or from


Peterson, Bruce.  Foundations of Pastoral Care, Kansas City:  Beacon

Hill Press, 2007    ISBN 978-0-8341-2305-2 or 0-8341-2305-3


General Epistles

The Holy Bible - New King James Version

Inductive Senior Seminar

The Holy Bible

Educational Psychology

Created to Learn,  2nd ed., by William R. Yount. Nashville, TN: B&H Pub. Group, 2010.

ISBN:  978-8054-4727-9

Classroom Management Texts:    

1.  Comprehensive Classroom Management: Creating Communities of Support and Solving Problems, 9th edition by Vern Jones and Louise Jones; PearsonEducation, Inc., 2010.  ISBN: 13:978-0-205-62548-2 or 10:0-205-62548-7  

2. The Classroom Management Book by Harry K. and Rosemary T. Wong; Harry Wong Publications, Inc., 2014; ISBN: 978-0-9764233-3-1

3.  With All Due Respect: Keys for building effective school discipline by Ronald G. Morrish; Woodstream Pub., 2000. ISBN: 0-9681131-2-5

MA 001 (Math)

Beginning Algebra With Applications, 7th Edition,

Richard N. Aufmann, Vernon C. Barker, & Joanne S. Lockwood;

Hardcover, 2007.  ISBN: 978-0-618-80359-0

PS 171 General Psychology


Meier, Paul D.  Frank B. Minirth, Frank B. Wichern, Donald E. Ratcliff.  Introduction to

                Psychology and Counseling.  Second edition.  Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book

                House, 1996.  ISBN:  0-8010-6275-6.



TH 442 Life and Theology of John Wesley


Burtner, Robert W. and Chiles, Robert E.  John Wesley’s Theology. Nashville, Tennessee:  Abingdon Press, 1982. ISBN:  0-687-20529-8.


Telford, John.  The Life Story of John Wesley. Salem, Ohio: Schmul Publishing Company, Inc.,  n. d. ISBN: 0-88019-320-4.

MT 391 Advanced Homiletics


Braga, James. How to Prepare Bible Messages. Portland, Oregon: Multnomah Press, 2005.  ISBN: 978-59052-451-0


Recommended but not required:


Kinlaw, Dennis F.  Preaching in the Spirit.  Grand Rapids, Michigan:  Francis Asbury Press of  Zondervan Publishing House, 1985.  ISBN: 0-310-75091-1.



NT 281 Pastoral Epistles


- no text book required

Foundations of Faith  TH 1121

Text: I Believe: Fundamentals of the Christian Faith

 Authors: Mark Bird, Allan Brown, Philip Brown

Publisher: Revivalist Press

ISBN=  0974918636


Text: A Book to Die For: a practical study guide on how our Bible came to us

Author: William J. McRae

Publisher: Clements Publishing

ISBN-10: 1894667131

ISBN-13: 978-1894667135

 Systematic Theology TH 322

Text: Profiles in Wesleyan Theology (Volumes 1- 3)

Author: Leslie D. Wilcox

Publisher: Schmul Publishing Co., Inc. Salem, OH / 1984

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For all other information or requests, call: 859-858-0325

ISBN: - none recorded

Postal address: P.O. Box 776 Nicholasville, KY 40340


Text:.  Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine.          

Author: House, H. Wayne

Zondervan: Grand Rapids, 1992.

ISBN: 0310416612

Introduction to Missions MI 141

            Perspectives on the World Christian Movement –

                 Reader, 4th Ed.

                 William Carey Library, 2009

                 Paperback, 804 Pages

ISBN: 9780878083909


Basic Public Speaking ( CO 102)

                 Text: The Art of Public Speaking, 11e  Stephen E. Lucas

                 Author: Stephen E. Lucas            McGraw-Hill

                 ISBN-13: 978-0073406732


Text: The Books of History

                 Author: James E. Smith

                 Publisher: College Press

                 ISBN: 0899004245

                     Those w/ Logos Bible Software it is available for Logos


United States History:


Harrell, David Edwin, Jr. and et. al. Unto a Good Land: A History of the American People. (Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans) 2005.  ISBN-13: 978-0802837189


Church History:


Early, Joseph, Jr. A History of Christianity: An Introductory Survey. B&H Academic: Nashville, Tn, 2015.  ISBN-13: 978-1-4336-7221-7


English Bible Survey:




Colson, Joseph, Treasure the Word: A Laypaerson’s Guide to Interpreting Scripture, Indianapolis, In: Wesleyan Publishing House, 2009.  ISBN: 9780898274127




Fee, Gordon and Douglas Stuart, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth: A Guide to Understanding the Bible, Third Edition, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2003.   ISBN-13: 978-0310246046



The Acts of the Apostles by Carter and Earle, ISBN # 0-88019-050-7

Beginning Greek

New Testament Greek for Beginners by Machen, ISBN 002373480-9