the yaan


I’m taking another break today. Its night now and all is quiet. Not even a cow lowing. I went to Bello today. I was enjoying the heritage nature of our town. Regretted the huge fence that Bellingen Solar has built around their premises where the gardens and walkway used to be and wondering how they got permission to have an industrial site fair smack in our soon to be flash and upwardly mobile urban precint when the Men’s Shed was struggling to be allowed to build model ships and coffee tables in Short Street. I was calmer than usual about it and took a walk through the alleyway near the Federal Hotel and the excellent Hearthfire Bakery. The verandah post atmosphere was bringing smiles back all round and I walked down Hyde Street, crossed in the familar zebra  crossing and walked up the other side of the road to the Chemist. I was looking forward to the Chemist. Barbara Moore restored it about 20 years back with timbers and old bottles. Something special it was. In I go to erase memories of the cedar bar that the Federal proudly eliminated in 2005 or so. Dagnab it. The Chemist is now a proud offshoot of Amcal. Stripped and demolished. They did offer a free mask to save me from the dust of  renovation. Why did they come to Bellingen? Why not go to another generic town? A rather nice lady came up to me and asked what I thought.

“Hideous” - says I. Still calmer than usual - but nonetheless - “hideous.”  

I went back out and down the street to Vintage Clothing. They have carefully taken their shop back in time and are totally retro. On Purpose. Then again, they are also a church organisation disguised as a clothing and coffee shop.

Life doesn’t always make sense to me. Best be going for acceptance of things precisely as they are or I shall develop into a querulous old woman.

Guess the thing is this - I like one thing - and someone else - likes another thing.