To: Editor(s) of the LA Weekly

From: Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

While we are excited whenever bicycling gains visibility and legitimacy, we want to clear up some misunderstandings about the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) that may arise from the Feb. 10th LA Weekly cover story "Bikeroots."  While writer Hillel Aron briefly mentions some of the accomplishments of LACBC (incorrectly called Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition throughout the story), we'd like to provide some clarifications.

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition is the only bike advocacy organization working for the entire County of Los Angeles, a county made up of 88 municipalities.  LACBC is deeply involved with some of the campaigns and events mentioned such as CicLAvia, the 7.5 miles of open streets for biking, walking, and playing that Aron calls “amazing”;  LACBC provided the incubation and fiscal support to get the event off the ground.  LACBC also co-initiated the partnership with L.A. City Hall and Midnight Ridazz that installed the “Give Me 3” posters which contributed to 2010 being a watershed year for cyclists.  LACBC’s achievements span a wide range--from opening a storefront space where day laborer cyclists can fix their bikes to campaigning (for years) for the first sharrows (shared use arrows) in the City of Los Angeles.

LACBC financial data is available to all who wish to review it; our annual report is available online.  We do not have any current grant or contract with LADOT.   LACBC has executed government contracts, but only those that advance our mission. For example, LACBC has received grants from the LA County Department of Public Health to work on comprehensive bicycling and walking plans in Glendale, Culver City, and the South Bay region.

Presently, LACBC has more than 1,100 members, seven regional chapters, and 12 staff members, all committed to positive change for bicyclists. LACBC is a proud partner with many local, regional, and national bike advocacy organizations, including the Bicycle Kitchen, Bike Oven, Streetsblog, C.I.C.L.E., Safe Routes to School National Partnership, Valley Bikery, UCLA Bicycle Coalition, and Bikerowave.  We hope LA Weekly readers will join us in a unified, inclusive front that is fighting for a better, more bike-able LA.


Jennifer Klausner

Executive Director