« We the undersigned, as citizens of the European Union, believe that the current legal framework for tobacco products is discriminatory against Swedish oral tobacco, a.k.a. snus.

« Snus being traditionally used in Northern Europe is attracting consumers also in other parts of EU based on its efficient nicotine delivery effects combined with its relative low risk profile. The current European ban hinders European citizens their right to access a viable, non combustion tobacco product. Furthermore, today’s EU Directive governing the tobacco products market strips EU citizens of our right to access the right of free movement of goods, which is a fundamental right for European citizens. As long as all other tobacco products are allowed, there is no reason, nor justification for the European Union to retain the current ban on snus in the next Tobacco Products Directive. Granting snus the same treatment as other tobacco products would address the current discrimination on the internal market for tobacco products in EU. »