St. Mary’s School Board Minutes

February 9, 2011

Board President Gene Soukup called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m.  The meeting was opened with prayer led by Susie Kramer.  Members present included: Jill Everitt, Merri Schneider, LuAnn Shields, Dorothy Tomjack, Shad Thompson, Jim Sibbel, Susie Kramer, Principal Mr. Walter Dupre and Father Francis Nigli.  Sharon Spencer was absent.  Shad Thompson moved to approve the January 12, 2011, Jim Sibbel seconded the motion. Motion carried.  Merri Schneider moved to approve the February agenda, Dorothy Tomjack seconded.  Motion carried.

New Business

Basketball Scoreboard/Advertising Signs – The advertising signs have been shipped and will hopefully be installed next week.  The booster club picked up the remainder of the costs of the scoreboards.  Twenty-two spots of gymnasium advertising have been sold with only two more left to sell.  The school is looking into putting additional signs near the locker room entrances.  

Fund Raiser Update:  

Beast Feast – We made about half as much as last year’s amount due to the snow storm and the late start on selling the beef raffle tickets.  Herdco Feedlot donated this year’s beef and hopefully will consider this again each year.  Next year will look into how to keep the food warm throughout the evening.  

Raffle – The raffle will have a similar format of last year’s raffle.  We will look at increasing the dollar amount of the first ticket pulled in the drawing. This year’s committee will be Walt Dupre, Gene Soukup, Susie Kramer, Merri Schneider and Luann Shields.  The raffle will be held on April 29, 2011 at the KC Hall.  We will plan a different location for the Tia Zia nacho bar and will decrease the amount of food we ordered since we had food leftover last year.  Once again, Danny Leger and Fr. Lorig will provide entertainment.  

Sharon Spencer arrived at 5:55 p.m.

Activity Passes – It was decided that instead of making a determination on who to give a pass you, criteria would be established and whoever meets this criteria will be provided a pass.  Mr. Dupre will develop some criteria and distribute via email.  Please communicate any additional ideas or criteria to Mr. Dupre.

Home Sporting Events – Next year we will look at highlighting different grade school classes at home games.  Students in that grade will get complimentary passes to the event.

Pastor Report

Salary Scale – Father reviewed the salary scale for 2011-2012.  A comparison of salaries was done of O’Neill Public School and the schools in the NVC conference.  It was found that St. Mary’s base salary is comparable to O’Neill and NVC Conference.  

Tuition – There are currently 40 families who pay full tuition, 10 staff families who pay no tuition, 55 families who pay tuition with a special arrangement, 13 who have not paid but with their past payment history will probably pay, and 8 families who have not paid.  One student receives a full scholarship and nine receive partial scholarships.

Budget – A discussion was held on the different line items of the budget.  It was decided to increase the pop vending machine price to be comparable with concession stand price.  Mr. Dupre will have Mr. Allen check into if the NVC allows for admission to be charged at junior high games.   The concession stand profits have increased due to Mr. Dupre running the stand during junior high ball games and because of the daily break period.  This year the yearbook will be produced through a different company.  It will feature the K-12 students which will hopefully increase sales.  The finance council will thoroughly review the budget.  

Shuttle Van – Transportation costs are very expense when we use contracted busing.  Examples were given on what it costs to hire a bus to transport teams to Santee and Stuart.  We will look into a vehicle that will transport 20-25 people.  It would be ideal to purchase something that could transport this many without needing a special license to drive.  This size of vehicle would help with the transportation of band students and hopefully eliminate the need to hire an additional bus when both girls and boys teams are traveling together.  If a new vehicle is pursued, the transportation fees will need to be increased for junior high and high school.  We are looking at transportation fee increase for high school even if a new vehicle is not pursued.  

Technology – A plan will be developed to stagger the updating of computers within the school.  Approximately two to three dozen computers need to be replaced each year so our technology is continually and consistently being updated.  Currently, we need computers that handle Windows 7.    

Adopt-A-Student – We will look into people who would be interested in adopting families who are getting breaks on tuition so they can continue to come to St. Mary’s.  

Projects – A list of proposed projects was distributed.  The projects list need to be prioritized.  Three projects that need consideration are roofing on both buildings, a restroom on the main floor of the high school, and the front entrance of the grade school.

Jill Everitt left at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting was closed with prayer.   The next meeting will be on March 16, 2011.