October 2017

 Congrats to Dr. Mehdi Mostajeran who successfully defended his PhD thesis! Thanks to external examiner Dr. Tom Autrey from the Pacific Northwest National Lab in Washington State, USA.

Prof. Baker gives talks on base metal SNS complexes at Erlangen, Germany and base metal organofluorine chemistry at Würzburg and Humboldt University, Berlin.

September 2017

 Prof. Baker gives talks on BioAmber project at Renewable Plant Resources conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, hydrogen storage using BN compounds at the Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Chemistry in Moscow and base metal organofluorine chemistry at Moscow State University.

August 2017

 Congrats to Dr. Kaitie Giffin who successfully defended her PhD thesis! Thanks to external examiner Prof. David Vicic from Lehigh University.

Congrats to Dr. Graham Lee who successfully defended his PhD thesis! Thanks to external examiner Prof. Davit Zargarian from Université de Montréal.

Welcome to new PhD student Matthew Elsby who will lead our M-SNS chemistry and catalysis project.

At Washington ACS meeting Prof. Baker presented highlights of his research with CENTC which wraps up after 13 years of multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional catalysis research. Congrats to Karen Goldberg, the executive committee, organizing staff, advisory board, PIs and their student and postdoc co-workers for a job well done!

July 2017

 Welcome to Aubin Charvieux, visiting PhD student from the Métay group at the Université Claude Bernard in Lyon, France.


Congrats to Nicholas Andrella who was awarded the Michael Smith Fellowship to perform research in the labs of Prof. Sensuke Ogoshi in Osaka, Japan.

Welcome to new PhD student Yahya Albkuri who joins us from the University of Arkansas.

June 2017

 Congrats to Alexandre Sicard who earned his Masters degree in Engineering Management!


Congrats to Dr. Matthew Leclerc who successfully defended his PhD thesis! Thanks to external examiner Prof. Jean-Francois Paquin from Laval University.


Prof. Baker was recognized as a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Chemistry (FCIC) at the 100th CSC conference in Toronto.

May 2017

Congrats to Karine Ghostine for award of a FQRNT graduate scholarship!


Welcome to Torsten Rinesch, PhD student visiting from Carsten Bolm’s group in Aachen, Germany.


Welcome back to second year summer undergrad Jason Da Gama from Queens.


Welcome to our new summer undergrads, second year Nancy Xu and first years Therese Chan, Ahmed Musa and Angeli Reyes.


Welcome to CENTC summer undergraduate researcher Cullen Walsh from Rochester.


Welcome to Mike Organ’s first uOttawa grad student, Philip Eckert, who will work in our labs until the Organ labs are finished this Fall.

April 2017

At the San Francisco ACS meeting Prof. Baker presented our M(N2S2) chemistry at a symposium honouring past ACS president Bruce Bursten.  His talk on metal organofluorine chemistry was included in the Antonio Togni ACS award symposium and his bio-based C6 diacids talk in the Catalysis division’s symposium on “Catalytic Conversion of Lignocellulose to Fuels, Chemicals, and Materials.”

February 2017

Prof. Baker was recognized as a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK).


The FUNCAT LIA with CNRS and Université de Lyon that sponsors personnel exchange between uOttawa and ENS Lyon was renewed for 4 more years.

December 2016

 Prof. Baker joins the editorial board of Chemical Society Reviews.


Prof. Baker presented his “Beyond Fossil Fuels” lecture to the University of Toronto’s student-run Green Chemistry Initiative.

October 2016

Professor Baker will present a lecture titled Beyond Fossil Fuels: Turning Renewable Resources into Consumer Products through Catalysis" to the Ottawa Public Library on Metcalfe St. at 1:30 pm on October 6th organized by Safe Environments Directorate (SED), Health Canada.

September 2016

-Congrats to Chris Díaz-Urrutia who was awarded the second year Teaching Assistant Award 2015-2016 from the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences.

-Welcome to Ms. Racquel Edjoc who will be doing her Honour’s research with Alex Daniels on metal-complex-mediated fluoroalkene oligomerization.

August 2016

-PhD candidate Xinnan Lu has returned from ENS Lyon for a 6 week research stay using the CCRI rapid throughput facility.


July 2016

-Welcome to PhD candidate Mr. Andrea Cingolani, Domus Erasmus scholar from the University of Bologna, Italy who will join us for a six month internship working on Fe NHC bifunctional catalysts.

-Congrats to Chris Díaz-Urrutia who was awarded the PhD degree in Chemistry from the University of Ottawa! Many thanks for Prof. Mahdi Abu-Omar from UC Santa Barbara who served as external examiner.

-Prof. Baker is back from his sabbatical leave at UC Santa Barbara and the Universitat Rovira I Virgili and ICIQ national lab in Tarragona, Spain 

June 2016

-Congrats to former Bakergroup Postdoc Timo Ott who is part of the Grillo team that developed a new process for methanesulfonic acid from methane! (see C&EN News, June 27, 2016)

-Welcome to Hawa Keita from University of Wisconsin who joins the group as a CENTC summer researcher

-Welcome to Chris Godwin from University of Alberta who joins the group in August for his MSc studies

-Uttam Das won second poster prize at the 24th Canadian Catalysis Symposium in Ottawa

-Mehdi Mostajeran gave an oral presentation and Uttam Das presented a poster at the international BORAM conference in Kingston

-Nicholas Andrella wins 1st place in the Inorganic Chemistry Graduate Student Poster Competition, at the Halifax CSC2016

-Uttam Das presented a poster at the Inorganic Chemistry Gordon Research Seminar and Conference in the University of New England, Maine

May 2016

-Jennifer Daccache wins Hypercube award for best Honour’s thesis with computational component

-Karine Ghostine and Brandon Fitchett both receive an honourable mention for their Honour’s project poster

-Alex Daniels is awarded NSERC PGSD

-Congrats to Alex Sicard who was awarded the MSc degree in Chemistry from the University of Ottawa!

December 2015

-Prof. Baker co-organized two symposia at Pacifichem 2015 on Bridging Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis in Methodologies for the Upgrading of Biomass-Derived Molecules.

September-November 2015

-Xinnan Lu and Dawei Zhang were both welcomed to the group as visiting scientists from ENS Lyon as part of our LIA with the CNRS and Université de Lyon.

July 2015

-The Baker group welcomes visiting scientist Andreia Nunes from Veronique Dufaud’s group at ICPE in Lyon.

June 2015

-Congratulations to Matt, Uttam, and Cassandra for being selected to participate in the 2015 CENTC Summer School!


April 2015

-Congratulations Kaitie for winning the OGS award.

-Jennifer Daccache received ‘uOttawa Women in Science Summer research scholarship’. Congratulations!

-Nick has been selected to attend ACS Green Chemistry Summer School in Golden, CO.

-Kaitie has been selected to attend Organometallic Gordon Research Conference in Newport, RI.

-Uttam will continue his collaboration on high throughput catalysis screening with Dr. Howard Jong from ICES/SBIC, Singapore.

-Mehdi will collaborate with Prof. Laurent Bonneviot from ENS Lyon on mesoporous solid-supported Mn catalysts for lignin oxidation.

-Prof. Baker will give a plenary lecture on Biorefinery Catalysis at the ChemCon 2015 undergraduate conference in Fredericton, NB.

-CSC 2015 opening ceremony on June 13 in Ottawa will include a welcome from Algonquin Elder, Ms. Annie Smith-St Georges.

-Yardley Cuthbert and Thomas MacFarland were granted NSERC-USRA awards, and will join Baker group in summer 2015. Yardley will work on metal organofluorine chemistry and Thomas will work on new lignin oxidation catalysts.

March 2015

-NSERC-PhD awards were granted to Graham, Matt, and Nick; Alex Daniels received NSERC-MSc award; Chris Díaz-Urrutia received Dr. Yu Scholarship; Congratulations to all!

-Chris Díaz-Urrutia will spend May, 2015 working in the lab of Prof. Alexandre Martinez at ENS Lyon, France. 

-Jennifer Daccache will spend May, 2015 working with Prof. Paul Fleurat-Lessard at ENS Lyon, France. 

February 2015

-Mehdi received ‘Professor Hans Baer International Student Scholarship’ 2015 from the chemistry department, uOttawa. Congratulations!

January 2015

-Graham Lee is doing a one-year internship with Dr. Don Bierer from Bayer in Wuppertal, Germany.

December 2014

-Professor Baker will present the lecture titled “Turning Renewable Resources into Consumer Products through Catalysis" to the uOttawa Alumni on Dec 9th. See alumni

October 2014

-Professor Baker will teach Master classes on Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis and Chemistry for Renewable Energy at ENS Lyon, France.

September 2014

-Welcome to new Postdoctoral Fellow Rima Isaifan and MSc student Alex Daniel!

August 2014

-Uttam and Nicholas attended the SACIQ 2014 conference, where Uttam won a 1st place poster prize, and Nicholas won a 1st place oral presentation prize.  Congratulations!

-Congratulations to Chris for receiving a ACS Industrial & Engineering Division Graduate Student award for symposium at the San Francisco ACS meeting, and thank you to CENTC for Chris’ travel scholarship!

July 2014

-Congratulations Kaitie Giffin on winning a UofO teaching assistant award!

-Kaitie, Graham, Chris, Matt and Mehdi volunteered at the 19th International Symposium on Homogeneous Catalysis in Ottawa.

June 2014

-Chris was awarded a Lignoworks graduate student travel fellowship to attend the 22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany!

-Mehdi Mostajeran won a CSCID graduate poster prize at the 97th Canadian Chemistry Conference,  Congrats Mehdi!

May 2014

-NSERC awards granted to Graham, Matt, and Nick.

June 2013

-Steve Maguire won the 2013 Flame Challenge (visual category). Congratulation Steve!

see the link for details:Flame

-Congratulations to Christian Diaz-Urrutia on being awarded a Scaiano International Scholarship!

-Welcome to new student Logan Shepard!

May 2013

-Congratulations to Kaitie and Uttam for winning poster prizes at CSC in Quebec City

-Congratulations to Graham and Kaitie for winning prizes at the OCCI day conference

-Welcome to new students Lisa Wallis and Alicia Leung!