San Pasqual Academy

English 9 & 10 - Ms. Priester

Autobiographical Narrative Topic Selection

Complete the following table organizer.  Then, embed it on your blog.  You may add details and customizations

What happened?  List actions in chronological order.

1. My cousin called the socail worker and told her that he didnt want us anymore.

2.She said that she wanted it for us.

3.My cousin lied to us

4. Isaac and me felt betrayed

English 9 only needs three steps.

Where did it happen?    Describe the setting.

  • city and state: Maywood, L.A, California
  • building: My house
  • room:living room
  • furniture: Couches, tables. ect.

Who was involved?  List and describe the characters present.


  • appearance:  Regular clothes, Jean, Tee-shirt
  • actions:Shocked
  • speech: Shocked. mad, upset, disappointed.

character A:Social Worker

  • appearance: Slacks, nice blouse
  • actions: Didn’t care about how we felt.
  • speech:”Its better for you and your brother to leave here and go into to a NA facility.”

character B: Cousin

  • appearance: Jeans, Shirt
  • actions: slouched on the couch, Had a blank look on his face.
  • speech:”?” Nothing

When did it happen? Explain how long ago it took place.

  • year:2009
  • month and/or season: Summer
  • time of day:  Afternoon.
  • your age:Thirteen.

Why did you select this event?

  • I selected this, because it was the worst thing that my so called “FAMILY” could have done to me.

How did it change you?

  • At first I thought why would someone who loved me would do this to me, but afterward I felt even worse.  I realized that all this time I never really had someone who cared for me.

                                                        N.Priester 7/7/2010