Datch Haven · eCommerce Builder

tel. 905·999·5226 | datchhaven@gmail.com

In Brief

Offers ten years of experience and success in eCommerce, both as a manager and business owner.

Summary of Technical Skills


I began as a graphic designer for a company that sold heavily on eBay and its own site in 2001. Within a year I took over management of their eBay channel and reversed hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly losses to hundreds of thousands in profit.

With this experience I co-founded a company to provide the same service for other businesses looking to sell their wares online. Our first client sold trade show displays, and we had such immediate, tremendous success with it we essentially became a trade show display seller overnight.

We have since become an online leader and example within the industry, and in 2007 were recognized as Canada's 9th fastest growing company.


Looking for a company/entrepreneur that can use someone with extensive experience with online selling strategies and tactics with a proven track record.

If your company wants someone passionate about what they do, understands how best to contribute, and works with near-obsession for its success, and has a great singing voice -- then please contact me.


I live just outside of Toronto but am willing to move or telecommute.


I am not a programmer beyond web presentation coding (HTML, CSS, Javascript). Also, I do not have a great singing voice; I just said that to impress you.