Entering Grades for a Gradable Item

In this document you will learn about:

Using inline grading

Needs Grading Page

When an assignment is created, a column is added automatically added to the Grade Center.  An assignment that has been submitted, but not graded, is indicated with an exclamation mark.

Inline assignment grading now allows you to grade Word files, Powerpoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and PDFs right in the browser, without downloading any files. You no longer have to download a student’s file before grading, commenting, highlighting or annotating.  You can now complete all of these actions within the browser without leaving Blackboard, and this means faster grading with fewer clicks, and no more sorting through dozens of file attachments in your downloads folder.  

Using inline grading

  1. Click the Grade Center link on the Control Panel, then select Full Grade Center on the expanded menu.

  1. Select the options button within a cell that needs grading, then choose the attempt to be graded on the expanded menu.

  1. The student’s submitted file should now be displayed within the browser.

  1. Click the Comment button to expand the commenting and annotation tools available.

The tools available include:

  • Comment:  Add comments to the margin of the document.  Similar to the commenting features of Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

  • Draw: Draw annotations, underline or circle key areas.

  • Highlight:  Highlight passages of text.

  • Text:  Insert comments in a text box.

  • Strikeout:  Strikeout text.

  1. Enter the student’s score in the grey Attempt box in the right-side column.

  1. If you would prefer to download the document and insert comments offline, click the download button to the right of the file name.

  1. Enter additional comments, if desired, in the Grader Feedback text box.

  1. If you opted to enter comments offline within the original file, upload the modified file using the Insert File button.

  1. Once grading is complete, click the Submit button.

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Needs Grading Page

For courses with many enrolled students and gradable items, the Needs Grading page can help you determine which assignments need grading first.  For example, you can sort by the date submitted to provide feedback to the earliest submitters first.

  1. Click Needs Grading on the expanded Grade Center menu on the Control Panel.

  1. Use the Filter drop-down lists to narrow the list of items by Category, Item, User, and Date Submitted.  For example, make selections in both the Category and User drop-down lists to display assignments submitted by a particular user.

  1. Click Go.  The filtered items appear on the Needs Grading page.

  1. Click any column heading to sort the assignments.  For example, sort the assignments by Date Submitted to view assignments in chronological or reverse chronological order.

  1. Click Grade All on the action bar to begin grading all assignment attempts completed by the students.  

  1. To grade only the submissions for a specific assignment, click the options button to the right of the assignment name, then choose Grade All Users on the drop-menu.

Note. Cells in the grade center that contain a dash symbol do not contain a user submission.

For empty cells, such as those associated with assignments submitted in the classroom, simply click within the cell to gain a cursor, then manually enter the grade.

Press Enter on your keyboard or click away from the cell to save changes.

Press the down arrow on your keyboard to move to the cell below for grading.

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