SS  307: Challenge Course II

Fall 2012

Instructors                        Anne Morse

Credits                                3

Prerequisite                        SS 207

Required Texts:        Adventure Therapy-Gass 

        Challenge Course Standards- ACCT

                                Practitioner Standards-  ACCT

                                Sterling College Challenge Course Manual

The Guide for Challenge Course Operations-PA

Supplementary                Processing the Experience-Nadler & Luckner

Readings                        Adventure Programming- Miles & Priest


Course Objectives:        Students will build upon skills learned in SS 207 Challenge Course Practicum, and use them as a springboard for exploration of the theoretical and historical bases for challenge course programming.   Students will become familiar with ACCT standards, learn how to conduct an inspection, and explore the range of possibilities for challenge course application by visiting and hearing presentations about other challenge courses.  Students will further refine their skills in program design, briefing, group and individual assessment, and debriefing.  Students will also refine their ability to facilitate transfer of learning and understand both educational and therapeutic applications of challenge course use.  

Format:        This class will meet in the field and classroom for presentations, discussions, and hands-on experiences.  Students will conduct a challenge course inspection, visit another challenge course, facilitate and document programs, and mentor other students on the challenge course.

Evaluation:                        1) Portfolio (15%)                

                                2) Facilitation of in-class programs (15%)

                                3) Facilitation of out-of-class programs (25%)

                                4) Presentation on special population (10%)

                                5) Visit to another Challenge Course (15%)

                                6) Review of research article (10%)

                                7) In class co-instruction (10%)

                8) Professionalism: Any unexcused absence will mean at                         least 5% deduction from overall course grade.