Vance Stevens, Rita Zeinstejer, Jennifer Verschoor

Round-table discussions “Baffled in Cyberspace”
to be held,
August 9 and 10, 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina



Learn about exploring Internet tools and how to integrate them into Language Learning, from the expertise of the creator of Webheads in Action ( and, the Online Community of Practice (CoP) made up of educators from all over the world.


Vance Stevens will present on two occasions in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the work done at the PI and in online teacher professional development groups such as Webheads in Action on integrating technology into the curriculum, from the perspective of training both students and their teachers. The talks will be given in conjunction with two teachers in Argentina who are organizing the event (both long-standing participants in Webheads in Action), Jennifer Verschoor and Rita Zeinstejer.

Plan for the sessions:

  1. For the first 15 min we talk about the CoP through which we interact throughout the year: Webheads in Action.
  2. Join webheads:
  3. Chat live with Webheads any Sunday noon GMT (9:00 a.m. in Argentina and Brazil) until about 2:00 pm GMT or 11:00 a.m. at
  5. Slides 22 to 30 here:
  6. Webheads as a group, community, network:
  1. We discuss the importance of Web 2.0 tools with respect to our teaching situations, and how we are integrating them into the classroom.
  1. A written explanation:
  2. Our ‘teaser’ for the 2007 K-12 Online Conference
  1. We discuss some advantages and affordances of integrating technology. We show various web pages that illustrate how we supplement our English textbooks.
  1. audience thinks of a situation where they would like to integrate technology
  2. Vance and team try to think of a solution
  3. Problems and solutions are recorded here:
  1. At Pearson, Buenos Aires, the audience asked about:
  1. How to teach vocabulary. Suggested items
  1. spellingcity
  1. What to do for Listening Practice: Suggested items
  2. randall’s ESL Lab,
  3. Fodui,
  4. ESL Video,
  5. ESL-News,
  6. text to speech,
  1. for reading blogs,
  1. At SBS Martinez, audiene interactions can be recorded here
  1. Questions
  1. Solutions
  1. We focus on different Web 2.0 tools for different age and grade levels.
  1. Voki
  2. Glogster
  3. Voicethread
  4. Mixxbook
  5. Animoto
  1. Invite students to share project work with students  from other places
  1. Project with Buthaina Al-Othman in Kuwait on cultural differences
  2. Tandem project Rosario (learners of English) to Ohio (learners of Spanish) using
  3. Serendipity Project in 2007
  4. Writingmatrix
  5. Korea / Argentine project
  1. We conclude by raising issues in using social networks in education.
  1. Vance’s suggestions for starting your PLN on Twitter, Edmodo, etc:

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