MINUTES — June 4, 2011

ATTENDING: Alex Wishlow, Linda Tarasoff, Bill Plotnikoff, Pete Stoopnikoff, Larry Ewashen, Beth Terriff, Mary and Bill Loukianow. Netta Zeberoff could not attend.

The meeting was held at the Doukhobour Bistro in Castlegar commencing at 11 a.m.

  1. Welcome and prayers
  2. Reading of the minutes. Correction:  Peter’s Day is on June 26th!
  3. The SHEAF will be coming out early and should be already in the mail. Mae is hoping to avoid the mail strike. It should be noted that Mae has worked very hard to make this an excellent issue. Her work should be applauded.
  4. Alex gave the Treasurer’s Report the balance being just over $2,000 as it was last meeting. It should be noted that $1,500 of this came from Salmo’s contribution
  5. Alex’s letter in the SHEAF relays our problem of low participation and low annual membership donations. Our low funds will not allow us to give bursaries this year. Still it is important for CDS to promote Doukhobour unity and Peace. It is important to raise our profile in the community by showing what a positive force our forefathers had in developing the areas that they settled. It was agreed that all organisations are having problems attracting young members and it is crucial for our group to find others that are willing to carry on the society.
  6. Discussions about Peter’s Day included offers by the directors to approach singers that they know and offered what they, personally, would do for the afternoon entertainment.  Linda will try to secure food donations from Safeway and has most of the supplies she will need. The tent will be $250 and a donation of $100 will be made to USCC. Pete suggested that some levity and fun be added to the day.
  7. A sketch of the program goes as follows:

11:00 — Prayers at Verigin Memorial Park

12 noon — Pot-luck Lunch at at Discovery Centre                                                        

1:00 pm  —  Afternoon Draft Programme

  1.  Date for a meeting in the Fall will depend on the success of the Peter’s Day Celebrations and the status          

 of the CDS to see if continuing the society is viable.  Adjournment at 1:15 .                                                                                                                                                  

Beth Terriff, Secretary

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