Tins of Zombies!

Curiously Strong Zombies

Co-opitive game where you must survive the zombie horde and each other!



Game pieces are stored in a mint-tin.        

Each player's token is their die. When it is not a player's turn, their die is their position marker as well as their health score counter.


Get your zombie tokens from wherever you can. Make lots of them. As many as you can cram into the tin.

Locations/Stuff Cards

The locations and stuff are on opposite sides of the same card. They are shuffled random order up so sometimes you know what the next place is, and sometimes the next thing is.

Upon a players turn, they draw the top card and place the location on the card onto the game board, adjacent to another tile. They can place the card anywhere that ‘makes sense’ i.e. roads need to match up with other roads as do sidewalks. They then roll to determine how many zombies are placed. There are modifiers that affect this zombie count roll on the location card.

The player then draws cards from the top of the deck until they are holding 5 cards. These are  the player's 'stuff'. If there are no cards to draw on their turn or they have more than 5 cards, they don't get any cards.

The cards can be downloaded at http://mike.creuzer.com/tinsofzombiesgame/ Print the first half, flip the paper, print the 2nd half so the cards are printed on both sides. Location on one side, stuff on the other.



Guns have a melee attack modifier and when used for melee have a chance to 'break' - a one rolled on the die. Gun card is discarded when a 1 is rolled on the die.  

Ammunition is needed for a gun to work. Add the ammo modifier to the roll. Ammo is discarded when used. Guns can attack at range when used with ammunition. 1 tiles for even numbered ammo modifiers, and 2 for odd numbered ammo modifiers. They also work within the same tile.

Melee weapons are used until discarded or a 1 is rolled.                                                                                                                                                    

Golf clubs and baseball bats can be used as a melee weapon and used with a ball as a projectile weapon at a range of 1 tile.                                                                                                                                                    

Molotov Cocktails and Dynamite can be tossed one tile or placed before a player moves. Deployment is one action, movement is another action - so it’s two actions to light it and run away. They do the damage modifier and also the number of zombies equal to the modifier. If all zombies are killed, the structure is also destroyed and is removed from the game board and placed in the discard pile. If a player is on that tile, they can roll a saving roll, if they roll equals or betters the un-modified attack roll, they may move to an adjacent tile, or they died in the explosion.                                                                                                                                            

Gas cans are used to double the effectiveness of explosives and guns in both body count and damage dealt. Gas cans can be tossed 1 tile or placed before a player moves at a cost of 1 action.           


Bikes allow 1 player to move any number of road or sidewalk squares until they try to pass a square with a zombie(s) at which point they are stopped by the zombie(s) and enter that tile.                                                    

Cars allow a player and all assistants to move any number of spaces along roads passing any squares occupied by zombies by rolling higher than the number of zombies in the blocking squares. Once blocked by zombies, car movement stops.          


Health cards allow a player to heal themselves or another player on the same tile by the amount listed on the card at the end of a the turn for self healing or immediately for cross healing.

Some tiles have health bonuses which are gained by spending a full turn on that tile with no zombies on that tile during that turn.

Health between turns is tracked by facing the ‘token die’ up with the correct value. E.G. if the red die player has 5 health, the red die is to be reading 5.

A player starts the game with 4 health.


Gas Station

If you can cause a gas station to blow up (do enough explosive damage to cause it to be removed from the board) all adjacent tiles are blown up as well and removed from the board.

Corner Store

This place has lots of cool stuff. If you end your turn on this location cleared of zombies draw 1 card at the end of the turn regardless of current card count.


  1. Place tile
  2. Populate tile with zombies
  3. Pick up ‘stuff’ cards
  4. Roll die for number of actions
  5. Perform actions (an attack or space moved is 1 action)
  6. Discard unwanted ‘stuff’ cards
  7. Adjust health from healing
  8. Perform any location based special actions

Solo Play

See how long you survive! You win if you kill all the zombies on the map.

Cooperative play                  

Upon a players turn, they can invite any player(s) on adjacent tiles to assist. The total attack is the combination of all involved players rolls. The player gets a count kill for every zombie killed while assistants get a kill count for every other zombie kill ie 1&2 zombies killed = 1 point, 2&3 zombies killed = 2 points. (Pull assistants kills from un-placed zombies or dead players zombies if available)

For every full 6 points of damage dealt per role, the excess damage rolls onto another zombie e.g. 10 points is the minimum needed to kill 2 zombies.                                                                                                                                                  

Invited players who agree can move into the same square is the current player, and 'tag along' with the player for his turn. If a player follows, they will follow for that entire turn.

If an invited player chooses not to directly assist, they can still perform ranged attacks during that turn.

Players can share items with any player that are on the same tile as them at any time in the game.

Competitive Play                                                                                                                                                    

The last player standing or the player with the most kills wins when there are no more cards to be played or no more zombies on the board whichever comes first.                                                                                                    

Mugging and Murder                                            

A player may attempt to mug one other player per turn on the same square before they move. Both parties roll, if attacker's roll is higher than the mugged players, the attacker gets to draw one card from the mugged player.                                                                                                                                                    

A player may choose to use a weapon to mug another player. The mugged player may choose to use a weapon in defense. If the two modified rolls are equal, the mugging occurs. If the attacker's roll is higher, the mugged player takes the damage inflicted by the modified roll and has been mugged.                                                                                                                                          


Death is death. When a player dies, they died. Their cards are discarded.  


Upon their next turn, if there is a location tile to be placed, they can start over at that placed card's location. Game proceeds as if the very start of the game for that player.  

Game start

  1. Place 1 tile on the table. Do not add zombies on initial tile.
  2. Each player’s die is placed on that tile showing a health of 4 (The zombies are curiously strong, remember?)
  3. Pick a first player and an order of play. Suggestions could be:
  1. PLAY!


Reason for creating this game.

This is designed to be a lunch-time game. Not much thinking is needed to play, but there could be a lot of strategy to end the game with the most zombies. Quick setup, quick clean up. Spill a drink on the game, and it’s not a big deal, just print a new copy.

I like games where there is game play even when it isn’t your turn. You can choose to help the current turn’s player with one hand still on your sandwich or fork. Or you can skip your turn entirely without a significant impact on the game (do this in the corner store, so you can collect more loot!).