Scratch Team Challenges

Pick one of the following projects (or come up with a better one). See how far you get!

  1. Bouncing ball. Draw a Ball. When you press a key, get it to move. When it hits a wall, make it bounce back the opposite direction.
  1. Bouncing Ball and Bat game. Add a batbat. If you miss the ball you lose;.
  2. Breakout game. add bricks that disappear if you hit them.
  3. Add a scoring system
  4. Add three lives.
  1. Scratch chooses a number between 1 and 100, then asks you to guess. It tells you if your guess is too high or too low, of if you guessed correctly.

  1. Pretty pictures. Get Sprites to move around the screen leaving a trails of different colours.

  1. Piano. Draw a piano on screen (hint use a new sprite for each of the keys). When the key is pressed play a note.
  2. Draw a race track. Drive a car around it.
  1. Put a 2nd car on the race track. Write a program to let the computer control it. Add a scoring System to it.
  1. Fighting monsters. Draw a monster. Make it run away or chase other monsters and see who wins
  1. Swap one of your monsters with a friend - which monster wins.

  1. Cartoon; Tell a story in scratch. Use different characters, costumes, sounds and speech bubbles. Show it to your friends and see who has the best one.
  2. Pool / Snooker game

  1. Painting Game. Have boxes on one side to pick colours. Have Brushes on the other size to pick sizes

  1. Draw a road. Have cars on it with a traffic light. Click on the traffic light to change colours. Green = cars move. Red = cars stop.

Credits; © , tested at CoderDojo Drogheda. Feel free to reuse (but mention where you got it from - MIT License) Cover image fro