3-Play is stopped for no gain but that is on Bradshaw. Hole isn’t huge but it is right there in front of him needs to pick up a few at least there. A very solid 0 for the o-line across the board there, including the pulling Boothe.


5-Solid pass pro across the board through play five. Eli got the ball out in 3-step (quick passes) and plenty of time when he dropped back.


6-Diehl gives away line of scrimmage on front side AND gets beat across his face (takes a false step inside at the snap and he is BEAT). Baas too!!! Same exact thing..just beat across his face.


11- Locklear beautiful job faking his opponent with pass set gets him upfield- SAVVY. Diehl gets beat across his face and almost ruins the hard work of the other four. Classic example of how the o-line is only as good as the sum of its parts, especially in the run game.


12- Tough defense for a counter. The d-linemen are a long reach for all of the blockers who are blocking down to the right (Locklear, Boothe, Baas) to compensate for Snee pulling left. Snee does a great job on the pull. Diehl doesn’t even get a piece of his guy.


14-Catch the ball Beatty!!!

15.5- Beatty can’t get that penalty ever, inside the 5 no less.


16-Diehl out, Boothe at RT for one play does an awesome job in pass pro, option at RT if Locklear doesn’t pan out? Good feet in pass pro. The rest of the plays Boothe is back at LG and Beatty is in at LT with Locklear at RT.


21-That is the kind of drive we need to see out of Baas in the run game.


24-Snee—fires off, gets push, pancakes DT. Well done.


29- Eli gets blasted because of Beatty. Not good.


40-Locklear pancake in pass-pro, well done. DE tries to go across his face and he flattens him.


52- All game long Locklear did a great job blocking on draw plays from both the left and the right side. Does a great job of selling the pass set to get the rusher up field. On this one the rusher didn’t bite but he adjusted and was still able to seal off the rusher. Also great drive by Beatty and way to finish the play finding another guy to put on the ground.


56- Beatty good in pass pro up to this point, really handling anyone coming his way one-on-one, Tampa isn’t the toughest challenge he will face all year regardless it is a good sign.


57- Baas actually got off the ball pretty well on this play too bad Eli fumbled.


60- Tampa continues to send three or four rushers until this point, I guess because they had success with it earlier in the game. Still, Eli owns this.


72- plays like this are tricky because even though these are zeros, the oline stoned the dline and Eli easily got rid of the throw. More often than not it just means that he got rid of it quickly.


77- Locklear again so effective on the draw, doesn’t even have to do any blocking on these for the most part. Snee does it on this one also. Boothe and Baas great DT block up to second level, Boothe squares up LB. Great job by Beatty also squaring up a LB at the second level. Well done by the entire o-line.