Introduction to Jewelry Design                                       CCA Extension                                                

Tool kit deposit: each student is required to submit a check in the amount of $140, payable to CCA, at the first session. Checks will be returned to students on the last day of class upon the return of tool kits.


Materials List

many of these items can be purchased at your local hardware store or Home Depot


Extras that you may find helpful...But not a necessity

*apron (will get dusty/dirty..)

*a rag

*steel wool

*small tweezers

*solder pick (available through jewelry supply...)

*brass brush (soft bristle, available through jewelry supply...I recommend this purchase)

                *these items are to be purchased at a jewelry supplier, listed below


I’ll describe these choices in class, but you can buy them in advance if you like:

-1-2 sheets DAFT paper (transparent & sticky on one side. available @ art stores. I highly recommend buying this for class)


-Tracing paper or card-stock type paper and glue stick or double stick tape


* Recommended jewelry suppliers:

*Rio Grande–good for tools and metal (silver), good selection, good prices, but pay shipping. this is a jeweler's standard supplier. It may be good idea to set up an account and get catalogue (all free) for future supplies.



Otto Frei –good for tools, alright prices, convenient and don’t pay shipping if picked up

126 Second St

Oakland, Ca 94604

(800) 772-3456

760 Market St

Room # 900

SF, Ca 94677

(415) 421-8133                


 ** Students should be also prepared to purchase approximately $30 in additional supplies and materials from the instructor.  This will include materials for projects in sterling silver, copper, and small jewelry-specific tools and disposable items.