Protest committee:  Tournament Director, Umpire in Chiefs, Field Director and area Region Director. At least 3 will be present to make the ruling.




  1. All protest must be made before next pitch.
  2. All protests must be based on misinterpretation of rule or failure of an umpire to apply the correct rule to a given situation or failure to impose the correct penalty for a given violation.
  3. Protests of umpire’s judgments are not allowed.
  4. All protests will be handled immediately and the clock will stop till the protest is settled.




  1. Coach or manager will ask for time after play has stopped.
  2. Coach or manager will go to umpire who made the call and discuss the call and ask him to seek help from partner.
  3. Coach or manager will tell home plate umpire that he wishes to file a PROTEST.
  4. Plate umpire will inform director.  Director will call for protest committee.
  5. Director will review these procedures with all concerned while committee arrives at field.
  6. The committee will proceed to second base and receive the details of the play from all parties.  Only one representative from each team will be allowed to talk.
  7. The committee will listen to all sides and if the committee agrees that the protest is valid and the answer is not evident to everyone the coach will be given 2 minutes to find the rule in the rule book.  Every effort should be made to get the situation correct.  If the rule can be quoted to the satisfaction of the committee and all agree that the interpretation and statement of rule is correct the manager will not be required to show rule.
  8. The committee will make a decision and the game will proceed.
  9. All decisions are final!!