Conditional Release Moodle ISU


Conditional Release allows the teacher to restrict access to activities according to conditions such as grades, dates, or the completion of other activities.

This guide will help you to:

Apply Conditional Release to an Activity/Resource

  1. Turn Editing On. For more information please see Overview Moodle ISU.
  2. Locate the Activity/Resource that you want to conditionally release to the students.
  3. Click on theGear icon.  This will take you to the edit settings page for the activity/resource.
  4. Scroll down until you see the Restrict Access section.
  1. To restrict access to the activity based on dates and times
  1. Locate the Allow Access From and Allow Access Until options.
  2. Click on one or both of the Enable boxes.
  3. Click on the dropdown menus to select the day, month, year and time that you wish to use.

Note: When you click on the dropdown menus a calendar will appear.   You can also select the day, month, and year by clicking on a particular date on the calendar.

  1. To restrict access according to grades
  1. Select a grade item from the Grade Condition dropdown menu.
  1. Type the grade percentages for which you want to allow access to the activity into the Must Be At Least % and Less Than % text boxes.

Hot Tip: You can enter numbers into both boxes or into just one box.

  1. To add more grade conditions
  1. Click on the Add 2 Grade Conditions to Form button.
  2. Enter the grade conditions you wish to set.

Note: All grade conditions must be met in order for students to access the activity.

  1. To restrict access according to activity completion

Activity completion conditions are certain requirements that can be set in order to limit access to the new activity based on the student’s completion of past activities.

  1. Locate the Activity Completion Condition option located in the Restrict Access section.

Note: If you do not see this option you will need to turn Activity Completion on. See Turning Activity Completion On.

  1. Click on the first dropdown menu to Select an activity completion condition.
  2. Click on the second Dropdown menu to Select the restriction for the chosen activity. You have several options to pick from:

Make sure to use one of the two save options at the bottom of the screen to save your restrictions.

For more information, please see the help document at

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