We have more to share about antecedents to peace, but I hope this suffices for now. Email me if you want more. --BJ Fogg Oct 2009

Top Antecedents To Peace

April 30, 2008

"Peace Innovation" - A new course at Stanford University

The results below come from a survey on people who belong to our Facebook group on "Peace Innovation." At least 50% of the 131 people who responded rated the items below as "extremely important" for achieving peace. In total, the survey asked about over 400 items.

These items came from suggestions people made in previous weeks, leading to a big list (again, over 400 items). We did not edit or cluster the items before the survey.

We still have many other ways to analyze the data. But this is a good, first cut of the top "Antecedents To Peace" (ATPs), as viewed by the people in our Facebook group.

Next, we will try to achieve some of these ATPs by using Web 2.0 technology in what we're calling "Peace Innovation Trials." These are experiments with measured results. Not all the items listed below can be addressed with Web 2.0, but some can be. Learning how to do this well is a big part of our course.

BJ Fogg