2010 Johnson County Republican Party version of


as approved by the SD 22 Johnson County Convention

March 20, 2010

Resolutions Pertaining to County Issues

IN APPRECIATION OF OUR ELECTED COUNTY OFFICIALS – We wish to express our appreciation for our many Republican elected officials. They have proven to be fair, competent, businesslike servants of integrity, and this approach to government has gained them the respect of those in the Court House and the County. Such is the legacy that future Republican candidates can build upon, being glad to serve the citizens of Johnson County as Republicans.

IN APPRECIATION OF OUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE - We commend our State Representative, Rob Orr, for his conservative representation of our District.

IN APPRECIATION OF TFRW’S Legislative Day Initiative: We commend TFRW and all affiliates, especially our local ladies, for their Legislative Day Initiative and tireless efforts to educate the next generation concerning the Constitution.

VOTER REGISTRATION PRECINCT CLARIFICATION - We recommend that, when redistricting, our precinct numbering system become three digit numbers starting with “501” for voting precincts and designated “Voting Precinct Number” in large font on the voter registration card. We suggest keeping the current four single digit numbers for County Commissioners.  We demand that, when redistricting, the Commissioners ensure that in each voting precinct there is a public building “suitable for use as a polling place.”

CHARACTER BUILDING INITIATIVE – We strongly support the Character First program, which teaches character to children, thus building a better society. This program has benefited Johnson County for several years, and we urge those cities that have disbanded it to reinitiate this positive program.


Chairman: Henry Teich, 10+                Wynne Loveless, 10+                Marie Jackson, 10+        

Ken Cox, 8+                                Quannah Diffee, 2                Jason Efurd, 1

Baker Hughes, 1                        Wes Austin, 1


Secretary: Barry A. Schlech                 Robin Wilson                        Eber and Jill Gill        

Jack Guthrie                                Chad C. Kidder                Carroll & Maggie Wright

Angie Cox                                Pat Rodgers                        Jimmylene Andress                        

2010 Johnson County Republican Party version of



“We the People”, the citizens of these United States of America, believe that the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are the foundation of our country and should be strictly interpreted as our Founding Fathers intended.  The limited power of the federal government in our constitutional republic is derived from the people through their respective states.

The grassroots of this Party have properly written this platform with ideas and planks drawn from neighborhood precincts across our County. This platform is indeed the heart and soul and vision of our Party. We encourage all Republican candidates and officeholders to champion these critical issues clearly and forthrightly before the people of Texas and America.

  1. We believe that good government is based on the individual, and each person’s ability, dignity, freedom, and responsibility must be honored and recognized. We believe equal opportunity is a right and a privilege but equal outcome is not. We insist that our God-given rights are not negotiable and that individual freedom demands personal responsibility.
  2. We believe it is the responsibility, and one of the highest priorities, of all branches of the federal government to secure the borders of the United States.  Those agencies charged with this responsibility must have the authority and the resources to strictly enforce our laws concerning border security.
  3. We believe that a strong United States ensures a free people and its sovereignty must be vigorously protected.
  4. We vehemently support the fundamental constitutional right of the people to keep and bear arms to maintain a strong militia and guarantee the security of a free state.
  5. We take a principled stand to defend the citizens of the United States against all foes, foreign or domestic, whose goal is to destroy our American way of life. Freedom is never free, and we honor all those who have served our nation to protect our liberty, especially our men and women in uniform, who unselfishly and courageously defend our country.
  6. We believe all Americans have the right to be safe in their homes, on their streets, and in their communities. We support enforcement of the laws through the Courts imposing swift and sure justice with stiff penalties, truth in sentencing, and respecting the rights of law-abiding citizens, while opposing judicial activism.
  7. We believe that human life is sacred,   in the image of God. Life begins at the moment of fertilization and ends at the point of natural death. All innocent human life must be protected.
  8. We believe that traditional marriage is a legal and moral commitment between a natural man and a natural woman. We recognize that the family is the foundational unit of a healthy society and consists of those related by blood, marriage, or adoption. The family is responsible for its own welfare, education, moral training, conduct, and property.
  9. We believe that a well-educated population is fundamental to the continued success of our Republic; and that parents have the right, as well as the duty, to direct their children’s education. This right should include choices among public, private, home and religious schools. Competition improves education.
  10. We believe that government spending is out of control and needs to be reduced. We support fundamental, immediate tax reform that is simple, fair, and fully disclosed. We commend President George W. Bush’s principled stand to reduce taxes and stimulate the economy.
  11. We believe that the future of our country depends upon a strong and vibrant private sector unencumbered by excessive government regulation.

“We pray God Bless Texas. God Bless the U.S.A. God bless us all!”

Republican Party Symbol

Since the stars on the Republican logo are sometimes pointing upward and sometimes pointing downward, and upward is the proper orientation of stars on flags and most symbols, we urge the Republican Party of Texas, the National Republican Party, and all Republican Party affiliates to henceforth orient all stars on the elephant’s back upwards.

Socialized Medicine

We believe that the economic slavery brought upon the citizens through “Obamacare” is unconscionable.  If passed, it will constitute a premeditated, flagrant breach of the Constitution, the covenant between the states and the federal government, and is designed to dissolve our constitutional Republic.  If allowed to pass, it will destroy the wealth of our people, the structure of our society, and the God-given rights and liberties of every citizen of the United States.        

Preserving American Freedom

Limiting the Expanse of Government Power

Limited Federal Powers – We support state sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment, which reserves to the states or the people all powers not specifically delegated in the Constitution to the federal government, and oppose the institution of mandates that are beyond the scope of federal authority. We further support the abolition of federal agencies and offices not expressly delegated to the federal government under a strict interpretation of the Constitution, and the return of those duties to the several states and people. 

Texas Nullification of Unconstitutional Federal Laws -“We the People” of the State of Texas, do hereby demand and insist that the government of the State of Texas render null and void, defy or nullify any and all acts, laws, guidelines, policies, executive orders, doctrines, and regulations set forth by or from the federal government which do not strictly adhere to the guidelines, limitations, authority and powers enumerated in the Constitution of these United States of America. If elected officials of the State of Texas refuse to render said acts null and void, “We the People” of the Great State of Texas do hereby state and declare that we shall and do retain the right as free citizens to refuse to abide by, follow, obey, or participate with or in, such unlawful orders and acts which we shall deem violate States Rights as set forth in the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Tenth Amendment Enforced - We encourage the Attorney General of the Great State of Texas to file suit halting federal intrusion in the State whenever he believes the Tenth Amendment has been violated. We further call on elected officials at all levels of government to abide by their sworn oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States, especially the Tenth Amendment, and the right of Texas to retain its sovereignty, freedom and independence and every power, jurisdiction and right which is not expressly delegated to the federal government by the U.S. Constitution.

Unconstitutional Czars - We oppose the creation of powerful, unconstitutional bureaucratic “czars” appointed by any President without the advice and consent of Congress.  We demand existing czars be terminated and defunded by Congress.

Constitutional Citations on Legislation – We urge that all bills presented in Congress include citations to the constitutional provision that authorizes Congress to act on the matter under consideration, the cost to implement, and the impact on the family and the State

Law Enforcement – We:

1. Support the limitation of the criminal jurisdiction of federal law-enforcement agencies in accordance with                 Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution.

2. Understand most crime is local and the states, according to the Tenth Amendment, reserve law                                 enforcement authority.

3. Oppose the expansion of federal law-enforcement authority and the use of military personnel and                         equipment against American citizens;

4. Oppose the use of red light cameras on the grounds that it they infringe on citizens’ rights to face their                         accusers and ticket the car, not the driver.

Preserving National Security – We believe terrorism is the greatest external threat to international peace and to the safety of our own citizens. We therefore urge:

1. our national leadership, within the limits of protecting the Constitutional rights of American citizens, to         wage war on terrorists who threaten the United States and its citizens swiftly, deliberately, and         decisively wherever such terrorists are found.

2. Congress to immediately cut all foreign aid to any nation threatening our citizens and providing aid or                         comfort to terrorist organizations or providing arms to other nations hostile to the United States.

3. the Administration to set known standards of consequences and reprisals for terrorist activities and to                         publicly support other nations in their efforts to fight terrorists.

4. reasonable use of profiling as permitted by the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution to protect                         American lives and property.

5. full investigation and prosecution of any material breaches in national security.

6. review and revision of those portions of the USA Patriot Act, and related executive and military orders                         and directives that erode constitutional rights and essential liberties of citizens.

Continuity of Government – We oppose any mechanism to appoint members of the Congress if large numbers of vacancies in Congress occur and oppose any attempt to deprive the American people of their Constitutionally protected right to elect their own Representatives.

Emergency War Powers – A perpetual state of national emergency allows unrestricted growth of government. We charge the President to cancel the state of national emergency, and charge Congress to repeal the War Powers Act, and declare an end to the previously declared states of emergency.

Elimination of Executive Orders – We demand the elimination of presidential authority to issue executive orders, presidential decision directives, and other administrative mandates that do not have congressional approval. Further, we demand a repeal of all previous executive orders and administrative mandates.

Inter-jurisdictional Agreements – We oppose inter-jurisdictional agreements with any state that usurp or dilute the authority of the Governor to command and control the military, police, and emergency management personnel and resources of the State of Texas. We call for the repeal of all such measures that have already been enacted.

Puerto Rico – We urge the U.S. Congress to call for a clear vote of the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico to decide between statehood and independence, for the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

Washington D.C. - We strongly oppose all efforts to make the District of Columbia a state in the United States of America.

Census – We oppose any attempt by the United States Census Bureau to obtain any statistical data beyond the number of citizens residing in the dwelling in the required decennial census, and we oppose statistical sampling adjustments. The Republican Party of Texas calls upon its Federal legislators to repeal from Section 141 of Title 13 provisions authorizing the “mid-decade” census, of which the American Community Survey is an example. The Republican Party of Texas also calls upon its Federal legislators to amend the penalty provisions of Titles 13 and 18 so as to grant relief to U.S. citizens who, for reasons of religion or conscience, are compelled to withhold their full response to any census question.

Preservation of Republican Form of Government – We reaffirm our support for the provisions for a republican (representative) form of government, as set forth in the Texas Constitution and Texas Bill of Rights [Art. I, Sec. 2; Art. I, Sec 29; Art II, Sec. 1; and Art.XVII, Sec. 2(g)], and we oppose any attempt to introduce direct democracy (Initiative & Referendum) into our state constitution, thereby bypassing the legislative process and the checks and balances between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.

Germane Contents Requirement – We support a law that would require all sentences, paragraphs, sections, and any inclusion to legislation, continuing resolution, law or bill be germane to the title of the act.

Constitutional Convention – We oppose a Constitutional Convention or “Conference of the States” to rewrite the United States Constitution. Furthermore, we demand the Texas Legislature immediately rescind the State’s 1977 vote sent to the United States Congress calling for a Constitutional Convention. We also call upon other states to rescind their votes for a Constitutional Convention.

Affirmative Action – We believe every form of government discrimination based on race, color, creed, or national origin should be eliminated. We oppose affirmative action because it demotes merit to a position of bigotry by portraying those who believe in the principle of merit as being against minority advancement.

Reparations - We oppose any form of blanket or general reparation based upon discriminatory criteria.

Annexation – We support legislation protecting the interests of all parties in annexation proceedings by guaranteeing two binding referenda:

1. The residents of the area to be annexed must vote in the affirmative to accept annexation, and

2. The residents of the jurisdiction proposing annexation must vote in the affirmative for the annexation.

In addition, we oppose the concepts of Extra Territorial Jurisdictions and cities annexing via eminent domain.

Property Forfeiture – We support legislation that strengthens the present restrictions on the use of civil forfeiture laws and assesses penalties and fines to reimburse injured parties for attorney fees and costs accrued if the property is returned to its original owner.

Eminent Domain – We support limiting the definition of eminent domain to exclude seizing private property for public or private economic development or for increased tax revenues. We urge the Legislature to amend the Texas Property Code to protect the rights of private property owners by notification of their rights under law with regard to condemnation and to require the condemner to show the just need for the action by petitioning a court of jurisdiction with significant due process safeguards for the land owner. We believe that the taking of property should follow with immediate compensation to the property owner. We further ask that HB 2702 and HB 3588, and any other similar legislation be rescinded as unconstitutional.

Homestead Protection - We support the continuance of Texas’ constitutional homestead protection.

Environment, Property Ownership, and Natural Resources – We affirm ownership of property is the cornerstone of individual freedom. We reaffirm the belief in the fundamental constitutional concept of an individual’s right to own and use property without governmental interference. Further:

  1. We believe that the right of U.S. citizens to own and use property is the source of the nation’s wealth,                         jobs, and  individual economic security. We affirm that property rights and the free enterprise                         system form the foundation of our nation’s collective wealth. In turn, it is our collective wealth that                 supports a strong environmental ethic. Economic security is the foundation for secure, healthy                         families and the future of our children.

 2.  We believe in maintaining American sovereignty over our natural resources.

 3.  We believe in building our tax base through local conservation of our natural resources.

 4.  We believe in local stewardship of our natural resources for our children’s future freedom and use.

 5.  We believe that the taking of property includes the loss of proportionate value of property, loss of use,                         loss of access, and loss of marketability.

 6.  We believe that groundwater is an absolute, vested ownership right of the landowner. As the capture of                         and the competition for groundwater increases, we support voter-approved county ground water                         districts to address inequitable issues.

 7.  We believe that the state should neither make nor enforce any law that abridges or denies the inalienable

      constitutional rights of the citizens of Texas with respect to minerals, water, or property rights.

 8.  We support state control of state resources and oppose nationalization and control of lands and                         watersheds of the United States.

 9.  We oppose conservation easements on our natural resources administered by organizations                                 unaccountable to taxpayers and voters. For example, the efforts of the Caddo Lake Institute to act                         as a surrogate for the UN in gaining control of water rights of Caddo Lake.

10. We support repealing regulation and laws that prevent people from repairing and restoring their property,

      including riverfront, creek bank, and beachfront property, at their own expense.

11. We support regulations based on proven science and support congressional oversight over administrative                 edicts.

12. We oppose passage of any international treaty that overrides United States sovereignty, including the                         Kyoto Agreement and the Biodiversity Treaty.

13. We oppose the vast acquisition of Texas land by government agencies solely for the purpose of                         protecting endangered species.

14. We urge Congress to modify any environmental acts to allow the EPA to permit states to consider costs                 when comparing various emission control techniques.

15. We urge legislation providing for election of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)                 chairman.

16. We reaffirm belief in the fundamental constitutional right of a person to own property without undue                         governmental interference.

17. We oppose the Endangered Species Act.

18. We demand that government adhere to the Constitutions of the United States and Texas by immediately                 halting the seizure of private property without due process and just compensation.

19. We urge government management of public lands and resources be conducted based upon policies that                         prioritize human need over other considerations.

Protecting Bats - Since bats are extremely necessary pollinators and insectivores, we decry wanton destruction of bats of any kind. We urge the State Legislature and Congress to enact conservative measures to protect bats while ensuring property rights of citizens.  

Foreign Ownership of Property- We oppose any future sale of U.S. properties to foreign entities. All future sale of private property within the borders of the United States must be to a U.S. citizen or entity whose majority control belongs to U.S. citizens.  We demand that property that is currently foreign owned and the income it generates be subject to current U.S. tax laws and rates. We urge Congress to continuously survey the data on foreign land sales reported by the National Land Institute and to take action to eliminate the sale of land to foreign entities.

Livestock and Pet Locations - We oppose a mandatory national animal identification system, which requires the registration of all animals, the registration of animal owners, their properties, including GPS coordinates. We oppose the use of RFID technology in personal and animal identification systems. We call for the repeal of HB 1361.

Trans-Texas Corridor – Because there are issues of confiscation of private land, State sovereignty and other similar concerns, we urge the repeal of the Trans-Texas Corridor legislation. We demand that Texas voters make all decisions concerning the Trans-Texas Corridor.

Free Speech for the Clergy – We call for the Internal Revenue Code to be changed to allow a religious organization to address the vital issues of the day without fear of the organization losing its tax-exempt status. Further, we call for repeal of all provisions requiring religious organizations to send government any personal identification information about their contributors and on those receiving benevolence.        

Government Regulation of Religious Institutions – The state should have no power over the licensing of clergy or religious institutions for training clergy. The curriculum, faculty, and boards of religious institutions should be determined only by the institution. We call on the State to withdraw all imposed regulations.

Redistricting - We support an amendment to the Texas Constitution requiring that all electoral subdivisions within the State of Texas be geographically compact with approximately equal populations, and that due regard be given to maintaining existing communities of like interest without violating existing political boundaries (i.e., county lines, city and town limits, etc.)

Reforming the Judicial System

Direct Election of State Judges – We support our right to select our judges by a direct vote of the people and oppose all attempts to impose an appointment/retention process.

Judicial Confirmation - If the U.S. Senate fails to act within 60 days to confirm a federal justice, especially due to filibusters in committee, we support a change in the Senate rules to allow nominations from the floor of the Senate to begin the confirmation proceedings.

Visiting Judges – We support legislation prohibiting judges defeated by the electorate from serving as visiting judges, or acting as judges in any capacity, until such time they are reinstated by the electorate through a subsequent election.

Judicial Conduct – We affirm that judges should not express bias or prejudice in the discharge of their duties.

Jury Reform – We support legislation protecting the right to privacy and security of prospective jurors during the jury selection process. The courts must show the relevance of questions asked of jurors and perform a balancing test between the prospective juror’s right to privacy and the relevance of the lawyer’s need to know. We support legislation enabling either party in a criminal trial to inform the jurors of their right to determine the facts and to render a verdict according to conscience.

Qualified Juror Service – We urge the limitation of jury service to those who are registered voters.

Administrative Justice – We support the right of citizens to full and open participation in the state’s administrative law processes. We oppose any amendments to the Administrative Procedures and Texas Register Act or any other laws, regulations, and rules that unreasonably limit ordinary citizen input.

Judicial Restraint – We urge Congress to adopt the Constitutional Restoration Act and support the principle of judicial restraint, which requires judges to interpret and apply rather than make the law. We encourage the support of judges who strictly interpret the law based on the law’s original intent. We oppose judges abusing their constitutional authority by usurping jurisdiction organic to the States, assuming for themselves the legislative powers, or basing decisions on jurisprudence emanating from jurisdictions foreign to our Constitution and laws.

Remedies to Activist Judiciary – We call on the Congress and the President to use their constitutional powers to restrain activist judges.

1. Impeachment - We call on the Congress to adopt the Judicial Conduct Act of 2005 and exercise their                         authority to impeach and remove federal judges who abuse their constitutional authority or are                         no longer acting on good behavior.

2. Appellate Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court – Congress should be urged to exercise its authority under                 Article III, Sections 1 & 2 of the United States Constitution, and should withhold appellate                         jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in such cases involving abortion, religious freedom, and all rights                 guaranteed under the Bill of Rights.

Limiting Federal Judges - As federal justices retire, we recommend that limitations be implemented on their successors as follows: Each justice will be appointed for a term of twenty-one (21) years, with reconfirmation taking place every seven (7) years. If a replacement is appointed due to death or advancement, the replacement will finish the term and may be appointed for his own twenty-one (21) year term. Each court will have its own set calendar of confirmations, regardless of the turnover.

Judicial Nominees – We urge the Republican leadership in the Senate to take appropriate action to ensure that a record vote on the floor is taken on every judicial nominee.

State Bar Requirements - We call upon the Texas Legislature and the Supreme Court of Texas to remove the prohibition on out-of-state attorneys who obtain their law degree through distance learning (curriculum and coursework through electronic means or the mail) from taking the Texas Bar Exam.

Statutory Authority for Regulation – We believe defendants charged with violation of a governmental regulation have the right to demand to see the enabling legislative act upon which the regulation is based.

Restoring Integrity to Our Elections

Protecting Union Member’s Dues – We support banning the use of union dues for political purposes.

Candidate Eligibility –Before a person may run for a political office, he/she must be a landowner in that precinct, county, or district, who has resided in that district for a minimum of six (6) consecutive months. The representative must also maintain that residence during the term he is serving.

Voter Registration – We support needed legislation to restore integrity to the voter registration rolls and to reduce voter fraud. Furthermore, we support:

1. repeal of all Motor Voter laws;

2. re–registering all voters every four years;

3. requiring all registrants to produce photo identification;

4. proof of residency and citizenship, along with voter registration application;

5. retention of the 30-day registration deadline;

6. provide a federal or state government issued photo ID at the time of in-person voting;

7. shared voter information between states to eliminate multiple voting privileges.

Voting Rights – We support equal suffrage for all citizens of voting age who are not felons. We oppose any identification of citizens by race, origin, or creed and oppose the use of any such identification for purposes of creating voting districts. We support those provisions of the Voting Rights Act that achieve these essential ends and support necessary renewal of those provisions.

Felon Voting – We affirm the Constitutional authority of state legislatures to regulate voting, including authorizing the disenfranchisement of convicted and incarcerated felons of the right to vote. The Legislature should not relax or dilute these laws in any way.

Protecting Active Military Personnel’s Right to Vote – We urge the Texas Secretary of State and the U.S. Attorney General take necessary steps to ensure that the voting rights of our U.S. Armed Forces will never be denied or obstructed.

Election Forms –The current system of multiple copies is cumbersome, unreliable, inefficient and drives up cost.  The Secretary of State should redesign the form so that signatures are placed directly on one master voter registration list, and this list copied as needed for other purposes.

Student Election Workers – Public and private high school seniors who are registered voters and “A” students should be allowed an excused absence, free from academic penalty, to serve as election workers. These students may express a preference for where they work, but will be assigned according to the needs of the Elections Administrator. These students will also be paid the same as other election workers.

Filing Date for Primary Election – We urge Texas legislators to change the Election Code date of the filing for the March primary from January 2 to the second Monday in January.

Fair Election Procedures – We support ongoing modifications and strengthening of election laws to assure ballot integrity and fair and impartial elections at all levels of government. Specifically, we support:

1. increased scrutiny and security in balloting by mail;

2. prohibition of internet voting and any touch screen voting or other electronic voting which lacks a  voter verifiable paper trail;

3. prohibition of mobile voting;

4. vigorous criminal prosecution by district attorneys or county attorneys for election fraud, and use of jail sentences as a deterrent to violators;

5. repeal of the “Help America Vote Act” which unconstitutionally dictates to the states the manner of administrating elections;

6. efforts to ensure that each polling place has a distinctly marked and if possible separate location for Republican and Democratic primary voting so that in vulnerable precincts voter intimidation and coercion will be eliminated.

7.  We demand that paper or marked sense ballots be used in all elections.  All candidates and political parties are entitled to a watcher in the central counting room during counting.

Ballot Languages - Since the ability to speak, read and write basic English is a requirement to become a naturalized citizen and only U.S. citizens are eligible to vote, we call on Congress to abolish federal requirements to provide foreign-language ballots, voter registration applications, and election materials.

Residency Requirements - We support legislation that “determines residence in accordance with the common-law rules, as recognized by the courts of this state and of the United States, except as otherwise provided by the Texas Election Code.”

Electoral College – We support the Electoral College.

Inclusion in Party Conventions – We support the following Rules changes concerning Party Conventions: “Any election worker or campaign activist whose election day activities prevent them from being present at their Precinct Convention but who are otherwise qualified to serve will automatically be listed as either a Delegate or Alternate to their respective County Conventions. If allocated slots are limited, the Election Judge will be listed as Delegate, with all other volunteers being given priority as Alternates.”

Water Districts – We call on the Legislature to allow voters the ability to recall elected officials of an irrigation district, fresh water supply district, municipal utility district, or any other special purpose district.

Vetting Political Candidates - We demand that the Office of the Secretary of State of Texas and Republican Party of Texas officially verify that all political candidates prove their eligibility for positions for which they filed.  We demand that in order to be on the ballot in the Republican primary, a candidate must have voted in the last primary election as a Republican.

Enforcing the Platform – We believe it is the responsibility of the Republican State Chairman of Texas and county chairs to implement this platform by requiring party and public candidates (non-judicial) to indicate their support, opposition, or undecided position on each plank of the platform prior to their acceptance as a candidate on the Republican ticket and to make such information available on the Party website. We strongly expect the SREC Candidate Resource Committee to consider candidates’ support of the Party platform when granting financial or other support.

Campaign Finance Reform – We call for the immediate repeal of the McCain-Feingold Act. We oppose any so–called “campaign finance reform” that restricts free speech, the right to publicize the voting records or positions of public officials, and the amount of individual or Political Action Committee campaign contributions. We support full disclosure of the amounts and sources of these funds.

Conflicts of Interest – We promote the passage and/or strengthening of local, state, and federal legislation prohibiting the influencing or voting of any publicly elected official or appointee in any matter for which a conflict of interest exists respecting a personal benefit or benefit to a member of that official’s or appointee’s family by blood or marriage. No elected state official should be allowed to represent paying clients before a state agency.

Lobbying Limitation – We support legislation to prohibit former legislators, government employees, and officials from acting as lobbyists for a foreign government and/or any business for a period of five years immediately after leaving public service. We support legislation to prevent lobbying by any organization receiving federal grants except that relating to its tax status.

Legislative Accountability – We support permanent legislative rules requiring that all votes on bills cast in the Texas House and Texas Senate be record votes that are freely available to the electorate.

AWOL Legislators – We encourage the Texas House and Senate to formulate rules to compel the attendance of absent members, and provide effective penalties to those who attempt to bust the quorum by leaving the state or hiding within it, including consideration of expulsion for prolonged unexcused absences.

Public Integrity Unit – We call upon the Texas Legislature to immediately secure the impartiality and probity of the Travis County Public Integrity Unit, by transferring its powers and funding to an impartial statewide elected judicial entity such as the Office of the State Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Term Limits – We call upon the United States Congress, the Texas Legislature, and the Republican Party to establish reasonable term limits, preferably 12 years maximum time of service per office.

Filibuster - We support a return to the traditional form of Filibuster in the U.S. Senate.

Rosebush-Blocker Rule - We oppose the Rosebush-Blocker rule in the Texas Senate.

November Election – We believe that all public elections, except for primary elections, should be held in November.

Honoring the Symbols of Our American Heritage

Christian Heritage/Ten Commandments - The Supreme Court, in its 1892 case Church of the Holy Trinity v. U.S., ruled that America is a Christian nation, and that our basic freedoms are based on the concepts of Christianity and the tolerance we have for other beliefs. Therefore, we demand that the Ten Commandments be prominently posted in every Federal courtroom as the foundation on which our forefathers intended jurisprudence to be based. We also oppose any governmental action to restrict, prohibit, or remove public display of the Decalogue or other religious symbols.

Pledge of Allegiance – We support the adoption of the Pledge Protection Act. We decry any unconstitutional act of

judicial tyranny that would demand removal of the words “One Nation under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. We also demand that the National Motto “In God We Trust” and National Anthem be protected from legislative and judicial attack.

American English – We support the immediate adoption of American English as the official language of Texas and of the United States of America. While encouraging fluency in additional languages by all citizens, no governmental entity shall require any agency, contractor, business, or individual to publish public documents in a language other than English.

Flag Desecration – We view any form of desecration of the American flag as an act of disregard for our nation and its people and advocates penalties for such acts.

Symbols of American Heritage – We call upon governmental entities to protect monuments, national parks, waterways, cemeteries, and all other symbols of our American heritage from being altered, removed, or placed under international control. We call for restoration of the plaques honoring the Confederate Widow’s Pension Fund contribution that were illegally removed from the Texas Supreme Court and other state buildings.

Strengthening Families and Promoting a Freer Society

Celebrating Traditional Marriage

Family and Defense of Marriage - We support the traditional definition of marriage as a God–ordained, legal and moral commitment only between a natural man and a natural woman, which is the foundational unit of a healthy society, and we oppose the assault on marriage by judicial activists. We call on the President and Congress to take immediate action to defend the sanctity of traditional marriage. We urge Congress to exercise authority under the United States Constitution, and pass legislation which withholds jurisdiction from the Federal Courts in cases involving family law, especially any changes in the traditional definition of marriage. We further call on Congress to pass and the state legislatures to ratify a marriage amendment declaring that marriage in the United States shall consist of and be recognized only as the union of a natural man and a natural woman. Neither the United States nor any state shall recognize or grant to any unmarried person the legal rights or status of a spouse. We oppose the recognition of and granting of benefits to people who represent themselves as domestic partners without being legally married. Texas families have been strengthened by the passage by Governor Perry and the 78th Texas Legislature of the “Defense of Marriage Act”, which denies recognition by Texas of homosexual “unions” legitimized by other states or nations.

We urge the repeal of laws that place an unfair tax burden on families. We call upon Congress to completely remove the marriage penalty in the tax code, whereby a married couple receives a smaller standard deduction than their unmarried counterparts living together. The primary family unit consists of those related by blood, heterosexual marriage, or adoption. The family is responsible for its own welfare, education, moral training, conduct, and property.

Marriage and Divorce - We believe in the sanctity of marriage and that the integrity of this institution should be defended, protected, strengthened, and nurtured at all levels of government. No fault divorce laws have caused untold hardships on American families, by reducing their standard of living, and by harming the emotional and physical well–being of children. It has contributed to an increase in government assistance of all kinds. We call upon the Texas Legislature to rescind no–fault divorce laws. For these reasons we support Covenant Marriage, which has proven effective in stemming the tide of divorce. We recommend the following provisions in line with this concept: 1) pre-marital counseling and, 2) a pre-nuptial agreement that when problems arise within the marriage, both parties will agree to marriage counseling with the intent of restoring the marriage to its proper balance and harmony.

Divorce Education - Divorce and its emotional, social, and financial effects are devastating our society and our economy, however research-based marriage education (unlike traditional marriage counseling) has proven 85% effective in saving marriages and restoring marital satisfaction. Therefore, the Republican Party of Texas supports legislation requiring every couple who files for divorce in the State of Texas (for reasons other than cruelty including family violence, adultery, conviction of a felony, abandonment, living apart, or confinement to a mental hospital) take a marriage education course.

Marriage Licenses - We support legislation that would make it a felony to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple and for any civil official to perform a marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple.

Homosexuality - We believe that the practice of sodomy tears at the fabric of society, contributes to the breakdown of the family unit, and leads to the spread of dangerous, communicable diseases. Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental, unchanging truths that have been ordained by God, recognized by our country’s founders, and shared by the majority of Texans. Homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable “alternative” lifestyle in our public education and policy, nor should “family” be redefined to include homosexual “couples.” We are opposed to any granting of special legal entitlements, recognition, or privileges including, but not limited to, marriage between persons of the same sex, custody of children by homosexuals, homosexual partner insurance or retirement benefits. We oppose any criminal or civil penalties against those who oppose homosexuality out of faith, conviction, or belief in traditional values.

Texas Sodomy Statutes - We oppose the legalization of sodomy. We demand that Congress exercise its authority granted by the U.S. Constitution to withhold jurisdiction from the federal courts from cases involving sodomy.

Pornography - We believe, as do the vast majority of Texans, that pornography is repulsive, addictive and contributes to deviant criminal behavior. It exploits men, women, and children and degrades society as a whole. We call upon our governmental bodies to enforce existing laws regarding all forms of pornography. We must have more stringent legislation to prohibit access to and generation of pornography including virtual pornography and operation of sexually–oriented businesses. We demand that Congress exercise its constitutional authority to withhold jurisdiction from the federal courts from cases involving sexually-oriented businesses including pornography. We believe that licensing through a state regulatory commission is a legitimate means of accountability to ensure that operators of sexually oriented businesses comply with the strictest possible regulations and to ensure that operators do not allow their establishments to be used as places of crime and illegal sexual activity or solicitation. Neither the Federal nor State government should have authority to nullify locally enacted obscenity laws.

Ethics in Broadcasting - We call upon the Federal Communications Commission to revoke the broadcast licenses of stations that continue to air programs and advertisements in violation of existing laws and FCC guidelines.

Fairness Doctrine - We call on the U.S. and Texas governments to oppose the Fairness Doctrine, which primarily seeks to eliminate the freedom of religious and conservative broadcasting.

Protecting Innocent Human Life

Party Candidates and the Platform on Protecting Innocent Human Life - We urge the Republican Party of Texas to support, financially or with in-kind contributions, only those candidates or nominees of this party who support the entire platform on protecting innocent human life. We urge the members of the State Republican Executive Committee to make such changes to the by-laws of that committee to make this action binding on the Republican Party of Texas.

Partial Birth Abortion - The Republican Party of Texas commends President Bush and Congress for passing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban in 2003. We call on The Congress of the United States to eliminate from the jurisdiction of each and every federal court any and all cases involving challenges to state and federal laws banning Partial Birth Abortion.

Right To Life - All innocent human life must be respected and safeguarded from fertilization to natural death; therefore, the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life, which cannot be infringed. We affirm our support for a human life amendment to the Constitution and we endorse making clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protection applies to unborn children. We oppose the use of public revenues and/or facilities for abortion or abortion–related services. We support the elimination of public funding for organizations that advocate or support abortion. We urge the reversal of Roe v. Wade. We affirm our support for the appointment and election of judges at all levels of the judiciary who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of innocent human life. We are opposed to genocide, euthanasia, and assisted suicide. We oppose legislation allowing the withholding of nutrition and hydration to the terminally ill or handicapped. Until our final goal of total Constitutional rights for the unborn child is achieved, we urge the Texas Legislature in consideration of our state’s rights to enact laws that restrict and regulate abortion including:

1. parental and informed consent;

2. prohibition of abortion for gender selection;

3. prohibition of abortion due to the results of genetic diagnosis

4. licensing, liability, and malpractice insurance for abortionists and abortion facilities;

5. prohibition of financial kickbacks for abortion referrals;

6. prohibition of partial birth and late term abortions; and

7. enactment of any other laws which will advance the right to life for unborn children.

We support legislation that removes the question of abortion from the Supreme Court’s appellate jurisdiction and returns the question to the States where it belongs.

Choose Life - We ask the Texas legislature to pass legislation giving pro-life Texans the opportunity to purchase "Choose Life" license plates.

Parental Consent - We call for the electoral defeat of all judges who through raw judicial activism seek to nullify the Parental Consent Law by wantonly granting bypasses to minor girls seeking abortions, and thereby thwarting the will of the Texas Legislature and people. We support the addition of a legislative requirement for the reporting of judicial bypasses to parental consent on an annual basis to the Department of State Health Services and such reports shall be made available to the public. We call on the Legislature to require parental consent for emergency contraception (referred  to as the Morning After pill).

Protection of Women’s Health - Because of the personal and social pain caused by abortions, we call for the protection of both women and their unborn children from pressure for unwanted abortions. We commend the Texas Legislature for the passage of the Woman’s Right to Know Act, a law requiring abortion providers, prior to an abortion, to provide women full knowledge of the physical and psychological risks of abortion, the characteristics of the unborn child, and abortion alternatives. We urge the state government and the Department of State Health Services to ensure that all abortion providers are in compliance with this informed consent law and to ensure that all pregnancy centers and other entities assisting women in crisis pregnancies have equal access to the informational brochures created by the Department of State Health Services.

Alternatives to Abortion - We commend those who provide alternatives to abortion by meeting the needs of pregnant women and providing adoption services and support the government funding of such services. In order that all pregnant women may be aware of the alternatives to abortion in their community, we urge the Department of State Health Services to provide an adequate quantity of The Woman’s Right to Know Resource Directory to any organization or entity in the state that works with pregnant women.

RU 486 - We urge the FDA to suspend approval of RU-486 and oppose limiting the manufacturer and/or distributor’s liability because this abortifacient drug has proven to be physically dangerous to women.

Morning After Pill – We oppose the sale, use, and dispensing of the “Morning After Pill”, also known as emergency contraception, due to its potential to act as an abortifacient and its potential to endanger the life of the mother.

Gestational Contracts - We believe that commercial surrogacy is a legal and ethical free-fall and the rental of a woman’s womb makes child bearing a mere commodity to the highest bidder. We call upon the Texas Legislature to rescind House Bill 724 as passed by the 78th Texas Legislature.

Unborn Child Pain Protection - We support legislation that requires doctors to provide information to a woman who is twenty or more weeks pregnant about the nervous system development of her unborn child, information about the unborn child’s ability to feel pain, and to provide pain relief for her unborn child in the tragic circumstance that she wishes to continue with the abortion.

Unborn Victims of Violence Legislation - We commend the federal government and the Texas Legislature for the passage of laws that recognize unborn children as secondary victims in crimes committed against pregnant women. We urge the State to ensure that the Prenatal Protection Law is interpreted accurately.

Abortion Clinics - We call for legislation that holds abortion clinics to the same health and safety standards, regulations, and inspections as other medical facilities and that subjects the clinics to the same risks of malpractice.

Abortion Requirements for Hospitals - We ask that the Texas Legislature pass legislation giving hospitals in Texas authority to refuse to perform abortions and that all levels of government refrain from requiring any hospital to perform an abortion.

Conscience Clause - We believe that doctors, nurses, pharmacists, any employees of hospitals and insurance companies, health care organizations, medical and scientific research students, and any employee should be protected by Texas law if they conscientiously object to participate in practices that conflict with their moral or religious beliefs, including but not limited to abortion, the prescription for and dispensing of drugs with abortifacient potential, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, eugenic screenings, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and the withdrawal of nutrition and hydration. We call on the Texas Legislature to pass legislation to strengthen and clarify the current conscience clause in the Occupational Code to include the above-mentioned persons and practices.

Fetal Tissue Harvesting - We support legislation prohibiting experimentation with human fetal tissue and prohibiting the use of human fetal tissue or organs for experimentation or commercial sale. Until such time that fetal tissue harvesting is illegal, any product containing fetal tissue shall be so labeled.

Stem Cell Research - We commend the President for banning most government funding of human embryo stem cell harvesting. We oppose any legislation that would allow for the creation and/or killing of human embryos for medical research. We encourage stem cell research using cells from umbilical cords, from adults, and from any other means which does not kill human embryos. We oppose any state funding of research that destroys/kills human embryos. We encourage the adoption of existing embryos. We call for legislation to withhold state and/or federal funding from institutions that engage in scientific research involving the killing of human embryos or human cloning.

Human Cloning - Each human life, whether created naturally or through an artificial process, deserves protection. We confirm that somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) is the process by which a human being is cloned, and that SCNT creates a unique human being with the same properties of a human embryo created through the union of sperm and egg. We seek a ban on human cloning for reproductive purposes (where a cloned human embryo, created through SCNT, is implanted in a womb and the human clone is birthed). We also seek a ban on research cloning (where a cloned human embryo, created through SCNT, is created, grown in the laboratory, and then destroyed when its stem cells are extracted for research purposes). Furthermore, criminal penalties should be created and experimenters prosecuted who participate in the cloning of human beings. No government or state funding should be provided for any human cloning.

Patient Protection – We support patients’ rights by calling on the state legislature to amend the Advance Directive Act to establish due process of law and ensure that a physician’s decision to deny life saving treatment against the patient’s will or advance directive is not due to economic or racial discrimination or discrimination based on disability. We also support the passage of legislation to amend the Advance Directive Act by requiring hospitals intending or threatening to withdraw life-sustaining treatment against the patient’s wishes or their advance directive to continue all treatment and care for such patients pending transfer to another facility.

Gene Manufacturing – We support a ban on research that alters human DNA in living human beings at any stage of life, including the altering of artificial, manufactured, and natural genes and chromosomes.

Protecting Our Children

Parental Rights and Responsibilities - We believe that parental rights and responsibilities are inherent and protected by the United States Constitution. Local, state, or federal laws, regulations, or policies shall not be enacted that limit such rights in the rearing of both biological and adopted children, including: parental authority to discipline, choice of public or private education of children, parental right to observe their children’s public school classes, access to all materials distributed and made available to children at school, access to their children’s medical records, and parental notification or consent for any medical or surgical treatment including, but not limited to, contraception and abortion. We unequivocally oppose the United States Senate ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which would transfer jurisdiction over parental rights and responsibilities to international bureaucracies. The Party directs that legislation be introduced in the United States Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment that would elevate parental rights from a “reserved right” to an “express provision” that is unalterable by treaty.

Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA) – Due to abuses of the Texas Grandparent Access Statute, we support the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act to protect and restore the fundamental rights of parents to direct the upbringing of their children.

Support of Parental Authority - We support parental authority and the teaching of moral values in the home. We oppose school–based clinics and/or youth impact centers located at, sponsored by, or funded by any state agency or public school district, whether or not they dispense condoms and contraceptives or refer, aid, or advise minors to have abortions.

Age of Consent - We support raising the age of consent for consensual sex for all children to 18 years of age and oppose the lowering of the age of consent for any sexual activities.

Child Care - We oppose any government regulations that will adversely affect the availability, affordability, or the right of parents to choose childcare.

Child Support and Visitation - We support improvement and equity between responsible parents in child support, custody, and visitation, as well as the strengthening of laws designed to protect children from abuse. No parent/grandparent should be denied court ordered visitation, because of jurisdictional disputes between states. We also believe that no homosexual or any individual convicted of child abuse or molestation should have the right to custody or adoption of a minor child, and that visitation with minor children by such persons should be prohibited, but if ordered by the court, limited to supervised periods.

Adoption –We support reducing the time, bureaucratic interference with and cost of adoption in Texas. We support a law that assures the mother a choice of selecting a traditional home for her child at the time of terminating her rights for the purpose of adoption. We support private adoption agencies recruiting and training prospective adoptive parents and placing for adoption all children in the foster care system of Texas who are legally free for adoption. We oppose mandatory open adoption and adoption of children by homosexuals.

Foster Care - We support eliminating bureaucratic prohibitions on corporal discipline and home schooling in foster homes to help alleviate the shortage of foster parents.

Assisting Families to Self Sufficiency

Welfare Reform - We believe that the State of Texas should continue to take steps to reduce the number of people on welfare and state welfare spending by enacting tough welfare reforms. We believe the current welfare system encourages dependency on government and robs individuals of their motivation and self–esteem. We support welfare reforms designed to break the cycle of dependency by requiring welfare recipients to work, learn, or train in exchange for their benefits. We believe that welfare benefits to the able–bodied should be limited to a period not to exceed two years. We call for welfare rolls to be checked against all prison population rolls nationwide, and any prisoners should be removed from the welfare rolls while they are incarcerated. We urge the office of the Attorney General to continue its stepped up efforts to collect child support owed for children on welfare and to consider privatization of child support collection in Texas.

DFPS Accountability - We support the appointment of local elected officials to review charges of abuse of discretion by the Department of Family and Protective Services with respect to intervention into the family unit. It is imperative that this local board have the authority to recommend appropriate corrective and disciplinary action as needed. We believe that only law enforcement officers may remove a child from his or her home or school when

there is an immediate danger to the child’s physical health or safety. All other removals of a child shall be pursuant to a court order. No child may be interviewed by the state without video or audio recording of the interview, and the recording shall become evidence. DFPS/CPS will require the tipster to identify himself by name and contact information to the agency. This information will be kept confidential, and the tipster will be notified by the agency

 that false information will be prosecuted and that false tips will be subject to a fine. A family shall have the right to learn of their accuser with a judicial order. Only findings determined in open court and by trial may be retained by the State.

Social Security - We support an orderly transition to a system of private pensions based on the concept of individual retirement accounts, and gradually phasing out the Social Security tax. We insist that Social Security benefits be non–taxable. To protect the Social Security System, its funds should not be co–mingled or spent with general revenues or invested in private or public corporate stock. We support Americans being allowed to purchase directly, and hold directly as part of their tax-deferred retirement and educational savings plans, United States Treasury obligations, personally managed investment accounts, and tax-free equities. Individuals who qualify for Social Security benefits, including school teachers, should receive all of the benefits for which they are eligible, without penalty. We support the elimination of Social Security benefits to welfare recipients. We support elimination of penalties for working past the age at which a person chooses to draw benefits.

To protect freedom and privacy, government and private institutions should not require Social Security numbers as ID. Application for Social Security numbers should not be required before the age of majority.

Government–Sponsored Gambling - We continue to oppose government–sponsored gambling as a means of financing state government. Government–sponsored gambling has had a devastating impact on many Texas families. Moreover, we oppose any further legalization, government facilitation, or financial guarantees relating to any type of gambling including casino, riverboat, video lottery terminals (VLTs), slot machine, video keno, eight-liners, multi-state lotteries, and other games of chance including on Indian reservations. We support the repeal of the state lottery, and enforcement of

existing laws and regulations related to gambling.

Until rescinded, we demand a full accounting of all lottery revenues be made public quarterly at the expense of the lottery commission. We further demand that all revenues from the lottery be applied directly to education without reducing the current educational funding levels.  

Caring for our Citizens - We urge the Texas State Legislature to:

1. continue operation of any of the existing Texas State Schools for the mentally disabled;

2. continue state operation of these schools;

3. increase training standards of current Texas State School employees; and,

4. maintain oversight to ensure efficient use of funding and quality of service.

Empowering Families to Direct their Health Care

Health Care - We recognize that the United States has the ability to deliver the finest health care in the world, where no one should be denied access to health care.

  1. We vehemently oppose any national health care system.  
  2. We demand the exclusion of the State of Texas from any federally enforced health plan.  
  3. We support market-based, private sector initiatives to improve the portability, quality and affordability of healthcare.
  4. We support consumer choice of providers and oppose any fines or imprisonment imposed on citizens for not purchasing any product.
  5. We believe that free market principles and competition should be encouraged in the health care sector, especially allowing each trained health care professional to practice to the extent of their education and licensure.
  6. We encourage immediate expansion of medical savings accounts and other tax incentives that assist consumers.
  7.  We vehemently oppose any inclusion of taxpayer funds for abortion on demand for any reason.
  8.  We demand the phasing out of Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program.
  9. We support legislation that requires full disclosure of accepted treatments, procedures, tests and medications, as well as exclusions of the same items, for all health insurance companies, especially HMO/PPO's.  
  10. We deplore any governmental regulations of doctor/patient choices by economic or other means, and demand that they cease immediately.
  11. We support amending title XVIII of the Social Security Act to guarantee the right of Medicare beneficiaries and their providers to enter into private contracts for the provision of health services for which no payment is sought under the Medicare program.  This is in agreement with H.R. 2497.

12. We reaffirm the right of ambulance patients to determine which hospital they want to go to,                 regardless of an emergency provider’s contract with certain health care networks. Family                 members in the same ambulance should not be charged multiple transportation fees, but for services         and supplies. 

Special Legislative Session for Healthcare - We demand that the Honorable Governor of the Great State of Texas convene a special legislative session to pass legislation to protect the rights of the State of Texas and its citizens to their own healthcare and work with other like-minded states to retain rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Health Care and Nutritional Supplements - We deplore any efforts to mandate that vitamins and other natural supplements be on a prescription–only basis, and we oppose any efforts to remove vitamins and other nutritional supplements from public sale. We support the rights of all Texas adults to have the unfettered choice to use nutritional and dietary supplement products. We strongly favor legislation recognizing legitimate alternative health care choices.

AIDS / HIV - We recognize that the preventable diseases of AIDS and HIV infection represent a threat to human health. We view with compassion all people infected with HIV. We call for appropriate levels of research to find a cure for the disease and ask that the government give full disclosure of the causes. However, because AIDS represents such a severe threat to both the health and economic well–being of our citizens, we insist that the epidemic be de–politicized and that as a society, we take all appropriate steps to protect our citizens from this epidemic. All people, no matter what disease they may contract, are worthy of deep respect as humans; however, behavior has personal and social consequences. We call upon the United States Public Health Service and all states to declare HIV a “dangerous, yet preventable, infectious, communicable disease.” It should be legally reported in the same manner as any communicable disease. We oppose the needle exchange and bleach kit programs. We urge the return to the requirement of blood testing in order to obtain a marriage license with the previous reporting responsibilities to prevent the spread of dangerous, infectious, and communicable diseases.

Americans with Disabilities Act - We support amendment of the Americans with Disabilities Act to exclude from its definition those persons with infectious diseases, substance addiction, learning disabilities, behavior disorders, homosexual practices and mental stress, thereby reducing abuse of the Act. We recognize the need for veterans returning from combat to receive proper care in these areas, and do not intend this change to deprive them of necessary services.

Immunizations - We believe all adult citizens should have the legally protected right to conscientiously choose which vaccines are administered to themselves or their minor children without penalty or discrimination for refusing a vaccine. We oppose any medical record computer database or registry that would store personal identifiable records on citizens without their written consent.

Obesity - Obesity is not by definition a disease or handicap. We are vehemently opposed to government regulations of our diet.

Educating our Children

Parental Rights in Education – The right of parents to raise and educate their children is a fundamental right. Parents have the legal right to withdraw their child from a special education program or bilingual education at any time. We urge the Legislature to enact penalties for violation of parental rights in Chapter 26 of the Texas Education Code.

Local Control – The Party supports the concept of choice in public education and believes that quality education is best achieved by encouraging parental involvement, protecting parental rights, and maximizing local control of public schools. We believe district superintendents and their employees should be made solely accountable to their locally elected boards. We support sensible consolidation of local school districts.

State Board of Education – We support an elected State Board of Education (SBOE) with authority over the Texas Education Agency, selection and termination of the Commissioner of Education, and textbook adoption. The SBOE must retain constitutional authority over the governance of the Permanent School Fund. We urge the state to offer subject-area teacher certification without additional educational requirements for individuals who hold a baccalaureate in their field or professionals who have equivalent life experience in a field. We call on the Texas Legislature to repeal Article 5, Section 5.01; and that the legislature instead to work within the established framework of the Texas Education code and the authority of the State Board of Education to enact any academic changes sought by the Texas Legislature to develop a college readiness component in the required curriculum of the state’s essential knowledge and skills standards as developed and overseen by the elected SBOE.

Textbooks and Curricula – We believe the SBOE must have sole authority over textbook content and state adoption and that the process must include public participation through public hearings. We urge the Legislature to act to give the State Board of Education authority to establish textbook adoption standards.

Textbooks vs. Laptops – We do not support the total replacement of textbooks in the classroom with laptop computers due to the possibility of injection of unapproved, renegade material and misinformation into the curriculum.

Parental School Choice – We encourage the Governor and the Texas Legislature to enact child-centered school funding options – which fund the student, not schools or districts – to allow maximum freedom of choice in public, private or parochial education for all children. This measure could only be considered upon passage of a state constitutional amendment that prohibits imposition of state regulations on private and parochial schools.

Funding of Education – Educating Texans is a priority to Texas taxpayers. In order to prioritize education spending, it is necessary to maximize the percentage of school funds that are directed toward instructional purposes.

We urge the Texas Legislature to:

1. direct expenditures to academics first (books, desks, and teachers), with non-academic activities funded by                                 participants;

2. provide full funding for state imposed mandates on local school districts;

3. not increase state taxes for funding of schools;

4. phase out district-supplied bussing.

U.S. Department of Education – The Federal Government has no constitutional jurisdiction over education. We call for the abolition of the U. S. Department of Education and the prohibition of the transfer of any of its functions to any other federal agency.

Private Education – We believe that parents have the fundamental right and primary responsibility for educating their children, and the state should not have the power to force any parent or guardian to send their children to public school. We believe that parents or guardians may choose to educate their children in a private school without government interference of any type, be it through definition, regulation, accreditation, licensing or testing. Home education is legally recognized as private education. The courts of Texas have upheld the fundamental right of parents to teach their children at home (Leeper v. Arlington) without regulation, and we call on Texas legislators to oppose any restriction or regulation of this parental right.

We call on the Texas Legislature to adopt legislation that will require cities and counties to exempt private school students from daytime curfew ordinances, as they are exempt from the Compulsory Attendance Laws. We also call on the Texas Legislature to adopt legislation requiring University Interscholastic League (UIL) to open participation to private schools and move back to the original mission of the UIL to pursue those activities for the betterment of all the students of Texas.

Vouchers - We are totally opposed to private schools being included in any school voucher system, as that would give the government control over the private schools.

Government Regulation of Religious Institutions – The state should have no power over the licensing of clergy or religious institutions for training clergy. The curriculum, faculty, and boards of religious institutions should be determined only by the institution. We call on the State to withdraw all imposed regulations.

Sex Education – We recognize parental responsibility and authority regarding sex education. We support policies that mandate parental notification and consent before any sex education course or program is presented to their child. Parents must be given an opportunity to review the material prior to giving their consent. To build strong and lasting relationships, we support the requirement that schools teaching sex education must teach directive abstinence until heterosexual marriage with an uninfected person as the only safe and healthy means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies among unwed students. We believe programs should teach the physical and emotional risks of abortion specified in State law and rules. We oppose programs that advocate or legitimize pre-marital sexual activity, advocate condoms and birth control use by unmarried minors, advocate abortions, condone homosexual, bisexual, and transgender acts and/or lifestyles, and elevate minors’ rights to make sexual and health care decisions equivalent to their parents. Sex education classes, if conducted, should be separated by sex. We oppose the use of any materials from Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S (SIECUS).

Early Childhood Development –We believe that parents are best suited to train their children in their early development years (ages 0 through 5) and oppose mandatory pre-school and Kindergarten. We urge Congress to repeal government-sponsored programs that deal with early childhood development, and phase them out as soon as possible.

"No Child Left Behind" - The "No Child Left Behind" Education Bill adopts and funds the Center for Civics Education (CCE) curriculum, "We the People Program." Its standards circumvent local control, distort the true meaning of our founding documents, and undermine the meaning of national sovereignty. We demand that Congress immediately repeal financial support for the CCE.

Children with Special Needs – We advocate equal educational opportunity for all students and the requirement that children with special needs be educated commensurate with their abilities.

Classroom Discipline – We recognize that safety and order are prerequisites for an environment conducive to education for both the student and the teacher. We therefore recommend that local school boards and classroom teachers be given more authority to deal with disciplinary problems. We urge the Texas Legislature, Governor, Commissioner of Education and State Board of Education to remind administrators and school boards that corporal punishment is effective and legal in Texas.

Support for Classroom Teachers – We commend the many excellent teachers in Texas and continue to support quality education by:

1. recognizing the need to maintain and attract competent professional teachers in the classrooms of Texas                         public schools so that every student receives the best possible education;

2. recognizing the need for teacher involvement in educational planning and program development for the                         betterment of education at the local level;

3. recognizing the need to minimize administrative reports and excessive paperwork;

4. supporting teacher incentives through monetary and recognition rewards; and

5. empowering teachers and administrators to remove disruptive students from a classroom or campus for a                         first-time offense.

Traditional Principles in Education – We support school subjects with emphasis on the Judeo-Christian principles upon which America was founded and which form the basis of America’s legal and its political and economic systems.

Character Education - We strongly support the Character First program, which teaches character to children, thus building a better society.

Multiculturalism –We favor strengthening our common American identity and loyalty instead of multiculturalism that emphasizes differences between racial and ethnic groups.

Basic Standards – We favor improvements on the quality of education and a return to the traditional basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic with sufficient discipline to ensure learning. We support standardized testing to ensure minimal standards are met, but discourage the inordinate amount of time being forced upon teachers and students for state mandated standardized test preparation to the detriment of basic academic instruction.

Social Promotion –We believe the school children of Texas should master basic, minimum skills before advancing to the next grade level.

Knowledge-Based Education – We believe the primary purpose of public schools is knowledge-based education not job training. We support knowledge-based curriculum standards and tests. We support continuing current successful career and technology programs, such as those established by the Perkins Act that include youth leadership organizations. We oppose mandatory career training.

School Surveys and Testing – We believe that public schools should be required to obtain written parental consent for student participation in any test or questionnaire that surveys beliefs, feelings, or opinions in the areas of sexual activity, religion, political persuasion or other areas of morality. Public schools should be required to allow prior parental viewing of any test or materials to which their children are exposed.

Bilingual Education – We demand the abolition of bilingual education as it currently exists in Texas. We believe that the best method is an “English Immersion Program.” All students must pass recognized standard tests that verify each student’s English ability for their grade level before advancing.

Educational Entitlement – We encourage legislation that prohibits the enrollment and education of children whose parents are unlawful residents in the United States. We do not believe there is any entitlement for these children to receive pre-school, elementary, secondary, or post-secondary educational services paid for by American taxpayers.

Religious Freedom in Public Schools – We urge school administrators and officials to inform Texas school students specifically of their First Amendment rights to pray and engage in religious speech, individually or in groups, on school property without government interference. We support and strongly urge Congress to pass a Religious Freedom Amendment, which provides: “Neither the United States nor any State shall prohibit student–sponsored prayer in public schools, nor compose any official student prayer or compel joining therein.” We urge the Texas Legislature to pass legislation which ends censorship of the discussion of the role of religion in our founding documents, and encourage reading and discussing those documents in our public schools.

Theories of Origin – We support the objective teaching and equal treatment of scientific strengths and weaknesses of scientific theories, including Intelligent Design. We believe theories of life origins and environmental theories should be taught as scientific theory not scientific law; that social studies and other curriculum should not be based on any one theory.

Pledge of Allegiance in Public Schools – We believe that students should be taught flag etiquette and should be led on a daily basis in the Pledge of Allegiance, the Texas pledge, the national anthem and patriotic songs to ensure that the loyal and patriotic spirit of Texas’ and of America’s heritage is preserved.

Higher Education – We reaffirm support of local and regional institutions of higher learning (public, private and parochial). We oppose continued use of the “10% Rule” as an admission standard.  Texas students should be given acceptance priority to state-supported schools over out-of-state or foreign students. Illegal aliens should not be admitted! We call on the Texas Legislature to adopt legislation that will ensure the state-supported grants and scholarships be made available to all Texas high school students, including privately educated students.

Gambling and Education – We strongly oppose gambling, in any form, as a means to fund education.

School Health Care – We call upon Texas legislators to prohibit reproductive health care services, including counseling, referrals, and distribution of condoms and contraception through public schools. We support the parents’ right to choose, without penalty, which medications, including psychotropic and Ritalin, are administered to their minor children. We oppose medical clinics located on school property and their provision of healthcare to students without parental consent.

School Transportation Safety – We support the mandatory installation and use of seat belts and safety glass on school buses and any and all vehicles which transport children.


Promoting Individual Freedom and Personal Safety

Individual Freedom

Right To Keep and Bear Arms - The Party calls on the Legislature and the Congress to repeal the “Brady Law” and all other laws under their jurisdiction that infringe on the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and to reject any monitoring of gun ownership, excessive taxation or regulation of making and selling of guns and ammunition. Stiff penalties should be enacted for frivolous lawsuits against legitimate firearms manufacturers. We believe it is the responsibility of all gun owners to safely store and operate their firearms. We support the Right-To-Carry Reciprocity Act. We commend the Legislature and Governor Perry for enacting the Castle Doctrine, and demand continued vigilance on behalf of our Second Amendment rights.  

DC v. Heller – We demand that the Attorney General of the State of Texas closely monitor the Supreme Court case of DC v. Heller. If the court sides with DC, the State of Texas should follow the lead of Montana and declare our contract to become a state null and void.

Freedom of Access Act – We urge repeal of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Law. We insist that those who assault peaceful protesters acting under the Constitution be vigorously prosecuted. Picketing and literature distribution are not organized crimes and do not fall under the RICO Act.

Christian Nation – America is a Christian nation, founded on Judeo-Christian principles. We affirm the constitutional right of all individuals to worship in the religion of their choice.

Safeguarding Our Religious Liberties – We affirm that the public acknowledgement of God is undeniable in our history and is vital to our freedom, prosperity and strength as a nation. We pledge to exert our influence toward a return to the original intent of the First Amendment and dispel the myth of the separation of church and state.

Preserving Religious Engravings - We believe that scripture references engraved on all federal, state, county and other government buildings should remain permanently and not be removed. New engravings of scriptures could be approved by the appropriate entities building the facility.

Religious Institutions – The church is a God-ordained institution with authority separate from government. We call on to sanction any foreign government that persecutes its citizens for their religion.

Texas Capitol Chapel – The Republican Party of Texas urges the Governor, Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House as members of the five member Preservation Board, to make a motion and to vote to restore the Chapel in the Capitol as it existed before the restoration of the Capitol.

Faith-Based Opportunities – We encourage the Legislature to increase the ability of faith-based institutions and other organizations to assist needy individuals and families and to reduce the regulation of such organizations.

Electronic Privacy – We believe all law-abiding citizens should be free from government surveillance of their electronic communications except in cases directly involving national security. This includes any government mandate of trap door encryption standards. Except for non-citizens, we further oppose any government effort to implement a national ID program, including federalization of driver’s licenses.

Personal Confidentiality – The necessary dissemination of any personal information among government entities must be safeguarded as required by statute with the threat of criminal penalties. Legislation should provide redress to any individual denied service for refusing to provide such information.

Equality of All Citizens – We deplore all discrimination based on religion, race, color, national origin, gender, age or physical disablement. We also deplore forced sensitivity training and urge repeal of any mandate requiring it. We urge the immediate repeal of the Hate Crimes Law, which is unnecessary and unconstitutionally creates a special victims class. We believe all federal laws apply equally to all branches of government just as they apply to all citizens.

Protecting Citizens from Crime

Law of the Land – All those charged with crimes in the United States, whether citizens or not, are subject to the existing laws of the United States of America, not the laws of their culture or country.

Alien Laws vs. U.S. Legal Decisions - We forbid the use of any other laws or legal systems (international laws, secular or religious, e.g., Sharia Law) to decide on court cases in the United States.  Only U.S. law and its precedents should be used to determine adherence to the U.S. Constitution.  No parallel, secondary legal system under the auspices of a religious faction may exist.

Overreaching Laws - We decry the criminalization of law-abiding citizens through overly complex laws. All citizens should be able to understand the laws they are subject to, so they may associate and conduct their affairs without fear.

Prison Reform – We believe our prison systems should emphasize protection of society and punishment of offenders, ever mindful of their human rights. The state should assist offenders who desire reform. Prisoners should be required to perform meaningful work. Prisoners should not have access to private information of any citizen. We support alternative methods of prison administration. We support legislation prohibiting prisoners from initiating frivolous lawsuits. No extraordinary medical care, including organ transplants or body part replacement, should be performed on prisoners at taxpayer expense; nor should convicts be given preference over other people in medical care.

Sentencing Reform – We urge parole boards to administer punishment according to the intent of the sentencing courts. We also call for disclosure:

1. to juries of their rights and powers.

2. of prior convictions of the defendant.

3. About “truth in sentencing” by instructing juries on the actual time likely to be served before parole.

We believe punishment should be assessed in proportion to the crime and should be a deterrent. We support imprisonment for life without parole for habitual felons. We believe courts should be able to set minimum sentences and that any such minimum should not be altered by parole procedures. We believe convicted criminals should make restitution to their victims. Common justice dictates that testimony of these threatened parties be considered at any parole hearings. The victims, their families, and those instrumental in the criminal's conviction must be given notice of the prisoner's parole in writing a minimum of three months prior to the actual release.

We believe a minimum education level be established by law for all parolees. No inmate with a history of drug abuse should be eligible for parole until he has successfully completed a treatment program. We encourage law enforcement to root out sources of drug supply in addition to focusing on street dealings.

Crime Should Not Pay – No convicted criminal should be allowed to profit from the sale of rights to their story for books, movies, etc. while incarcerated, on parole, or on probation.  We support the use of profits for court ordered restitution to the victim or survivors.

Fraud/Bankruptcy - Due to the drastic increase in fraudulent investment companies robbing unsuspecting clients of life savings, while eluding restitution by hiding behind bankruptcy, we call for a change in Texas bankruptcy laws, making persons and/or companies which are under investigation for, or charged with, investment fraud ineligible to declare federal bankruptcy.

Capital Punishment – We believe that properly applied capital punishment is legitimate, is an effective deterrent, and should be swift and unencumbered. When applied to the crime of murder, it raises the value of human life.

Juvenile Justice – We encourage continuation of juvenile justice reforms, including private programs, “boot camps,” trying juveniles as adults when appropriate; consideration of a person’s juvenile conviction record in any prosecution of that person as an adult; and expansion of the determinate sentencing statute to include all aggravated offenses. We condemn incarcerating juveniles and adults in the same facility.

Daytime Curfews – We oppose juvenile daytime curfews as an infringement on parental rights and violating the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the 14th Amendment.

Child Abuse – We recognize the family as a sovereign authority over which the state has no right to intervene, unless a parent or legal guardian has committed criminal abuse. Child abusers should be severely prosecuted, however, we oppose actions of social agencies to classify traditional methods of discipline as child abuse. We support enactment of a homicide-by-abuse statute that provides punishment for abusing a child to death without intention of killing the child. We support requiring publicly funded private agencies to comply with laws requiring reporting of instances of any kind of abuse as a condition of receiving such funding.

Unborn Victims of Violence – We believe a person who injures or kills an unborn child should be subject to criminal and civil litigation, whether the child dies in the womb or is born alive.

Sexual Assault – We believe that rape is a heinous crime for which punishment options should include death. Adults convicted of sexual molestation of a minor should receive mandatory prison sentences without probation or parole. We support increasing the penalty for failure to report child sexual assault cases, and we urge district attorneys to vigorously prosecute such failure. We urge the Legislature to eliminate from the child sexual assault law the “affirmative defense” when there is less than 36 months of age difference.

Child Predators – We commend our Texas Legislature for enacting Jessica’s Law.

Addictive Behaviors – We recognize that addictive substances and pornography are dangerous and affect all of society, and that drug abuse is the primary cause of crime and jail and prison overcrowding. We encourage state and federal governments to severely prosecute illegal dealers and manufacturers. We urge Congress to discourage foreign export of such substances into our country. Faith based rehabilitation programs should be utilized in place of incarceration when possible. We oppose legalization of illegal drugs. We support an effective abstinence-based educational program for children. We oppose any “needle exchange” program. We call for vigorous enforcement of our DUI laws, whether intoxication is by alcohol or other drugs, and mandatory jail sentences for repeat offenders. We also demand that no perpetrator picked up while under the influence of drugs be allowed to bond out until the drugs are out of his system.

Property Seizure Without Due Process – We oppose confiscation or seizure of private property without due process. Furthermore, to discourage institutional greed and a false sense of fiscal independence from the citizenry, neither law enforcement agencies nor their parent organizations should be allowed to reap any financial benefit from such seizures.

Speed Limits – We support highway speed limits based on safety standards only.

Strengthening the Economy of Texas and America

Government Spending

Stop Government Spending - We demand that the Executive and Legislative Branches stop driving our nation into bankruptcy with their stimulus packages, bailouts and government expansions, and drastically cut the size of the federal government, decrease our national debt and restore our financial strength.

Fiscal Responsibility – The State Legislature has consistently spent surplus revenues on new programs and services rather than returning excess tax revenues back to the taxpayers. The Party urges our state and federal legislators to exercise fiscal responsibility by reducing spending. We endorse the appointment of a commission comprised of Texas citizens and business owners to identify cost savings and reductions in state government. The Party also supports a “cap” on government spending at all levels (local, state, and federal), adjustable based only on average family income and population growth or decreases.

Unfunded Mandates –We oppose all unfunded mandates by the federal and state governments. Mandating services without funding creates a tax increase for local government.

Downsizing the Federal Government – We support the downsizing of the federal government in order to re-establish states’ rights guaranteed by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. We further support the abolition of all federal agencies and offices not expressly delegated to the federal government under a strict interpretation of Constitution, and return these duties to the several states and people. These include, but are not limited to the Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Agriculture, and FEMA. Furthermore, any bill or joint resolution that is passed by Congress that provides for the establishment of a new Federal program should contain a provision that eliminates one or more current Federal programs of equal or greater cost.

Balanced Budget – We support full disclosure of all “on” and “off” budget spending. We demand that our federal legislators vote only for balanced budgets, and that the Social Security Fund never be used to balance the budget. In case of a budget surplus, it should never be used to increase spending. We also support zero-based budgeting.  We demand that the Republican Party support a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

No Government Funding of Anarchist, Marxist or Anti-Capitalist Groups - We oppose any U.S. Government support, grants or stimulus monies to fund organizations intent on undermining or circumventing the U.S. Constitution or destroying the Republic.

Anti-Theists - We believe anti-theistic beliefs are in contradiction to the spirit and intent of the Declaration of Independence.  We demand that federally funded institutions or individuals be barred from the taxpayers funds where they promote anti-theistic beliefs, this is in keeping with the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

Taxes and Debt -We believe that all elected U.S. legislators should pledge neither to increase taxes nor to raise the national debt ceiling.  Legislators should cut spending and eliminate unconstitutional Federal programs.

Congressional Conduct as it pertains to Unconstitutional Spending

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career.  The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators who would serve their terms, then go home and back to work.  Therefore:

Limitations of Congressional Sessions - We believe that Congress is passing too many, unnecessary, burdensome laws and regulations.  Since the U.S. Constitution only specifies that Congress must meet at least once every year, we support shorter annual session lengths.

Congressmen and Senators to Read ALL Bills Under Discussion - We demand that every legislator read and understand every bill proposed before voting on it, and so swear.

Congressional Retirement System – We recommend that the current Congressional retirement system be abolished.

Congressional Social Security-We assert that Congressmen should participate in the same Social Security system as all other citizens, and demand that all funds currently in the Congressional retirement fund be moved to the Social Security system immediately.

Congressional Pay Raises – We support the elimination of the independent pay raise committee and recommend that all pay raises must be passed independent of all other bills. No Congressman or Senator may receive the pay increase voted on during his tenure. We support the separation of congressional pay raises from the pay raises of all other government officials in order that they be voted on as separate bills with a recorded roll call vote.

The Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution - Congress shall make NO law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply EQUALLY to the members of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches.  Congress shall make no law that applies to the members of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches that does not apply EQUALLY to ALL of the citizens of the United States of America. Congress must abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

Congressional Censure - We demand that Congress censure and prosecute its members when they violate, circumvent or abrogate their oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution or aid and abet enemies of the United States. Members found guilty of the above should suffer appropriate constitutional penalties as prescribed in 5 USC 7311 [Walker vs. Members of Congress].

Congressional Health Care -We demand that Congress be subject to the same health care system imposed on the American people.

Miscellaneous Federal Spending

Federal Funds to the Arts – We abhor the use of federal, state, or local tax monies for the arts. We believe that all forms of art should be supported solely by private funding, and encourage corporate sponsorship through favorable tax treatment under the existing code. We demand that the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) be abolished immediately.

Department of Treasury - We insist that the Department of Treasury be funded directly from the budget of the United States and not through the World Bank. We also insist that this department be totally under the control of the Constitutional checks and balances. We also demand that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) be abolished, and UN and World Bank controls of the agency be superseded.

Federal Reserve – We call for the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act, the abolishment of the Federal Reserve System, and a return to a commodity-backed currency as soon as is practical. We also call for the immediate legalization of competing currencies and the repeal of all taxation and regulation on voluntary transactions between citizens using alternate currencies such as gold and silver. We further call for the immediate publication and dissemination to the People of all records and data relating to the actions and decisions of the Federal Reserve Board, its related agencies, and the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets.

Abolition of OSHA - We demand the immediate repeal of the Occupational Safety and Hazards Act and dissolution of any bureaucracies created to enforce it.

Elimination of Riders - We support the passage of legislation in Congress which would prohibit the attachment of irrelevant "riders" and earmarks to bills as they go through Congress. All provisions of a bill should directly pertain to the subject matter of the given bill.

Line-item Veto – We support a line-item veto for the President of the United States.

Government Services – We support privatization of most government services. Public funds should not be used to fund or implement any private projects such as high–speed rail, sports stadiums or space exploration.

Waste and Fraud in Government Contracts – We are opposed to waste and fraud in government contracts and recommend the Attorney General of the United States investigate fraud and misuse of government funds in government contracts prosecuting those found to be responsible. We also believe that all government contracts should be awarded by competitive bids. We also support the repeal of the Davis Bacon Act. We encourage the government to follow fair business practices.

Faith-Based Charities – We oppose any restrictions by the IRS or any other government rules on taxpayer contributions to faith-based charities. We support new incentives to encourage more faith-based charitable contributions from all U.S. taxpayers, corporate and individual.

Charity vs. Welfare - We believe that the ability of individuals to provide charity and do charitable acts to their fellow man is critical to healthy communities and individual well-being.  The co-opting of charitable acts in the local community by government welfare programs has damaged communities and individuals and constitutes “theft”. We encourage all levels of government to return tax money to its citizens instead of using these moneys to support government welfare programs.  It is the right of citizens to determine how, when and where they dispense charity.  We assert that services provided to our treasured veterans are not aid, but rightful payment for services rendered for their country.

Aid to Foreign Nations – We oppose aid to any foreign nation that denies its citizens’ religious freedoms.

Repeal of Fee Award Act – We support the repeal of the Civil Rights Attorneys’ Fee Awards Act, which pays attorneys fees to sue the government and to suppress freedom of religion.

Government Takeover of Industries – We are vehemently opposed to the federal government take-over of any commercial or private enterprise and demand the divestiture of any current holdings

Corporate Welfare/Business Subsidies – We oppose all governmental subsidies, tariffs, bailouts, or other forms of corporate welfare that are used to protect and preserve businesses or industries that have failed to remain relevant, competitive, and efficient over time. The cost of such corporate welfare becomes the burden of the tax-paying public. We encourage our government to allow a free market economy to prevail both domestically and internationally.

Sunset Laws – We support a mandatory sunset law for the State of Texas that would automatically terminate all agencies or programs if they are not re-enacted by the Legislature every ten years. We also support the establishment of a sunset policy for federal agencies patterned after the Texas Sunset Law.

Teacher Insurance Funding – We oppose the state’s taking over the responsibility of providing insurance for public school employees. These employees are not employees of the state, but of the local school districts. The benefits and the costs of providing those benefits should be determined and paid for by the employer of those employees, the local school district, which ultimately is responsible to the local community for its actions.  We do, however, urge the Legislature to allow Texas teachers to be considered a "group" for the purpose of securing better insurance benefits.

Government Lobbying – We support legislation that opposes the hiring of lobbyists paid for by any tax dollars.

Budget And Appropriations Process – We believe that much of the tax and spend problem in our country is the unethical manner in which the budgeting and appropriations processes are mismanaged. We demand that Congress institute reforms that eliminate the unethical politicization of appropriations. We are opposed to the trading of votes based on pork sharing and promises of financial and other help during reelection campaigns. We oppose the awarding of funds by state government departments to programs of their choice without legislative approval and call for the Public Health Committee of the Texas Legislature to reevaluate and closely monitor the state and federal funds awarded by the Texas Department of Health.

Rural and Volunteer Fire Departments – We call upon the Texas Commission on Fire Protection to recognize the need for, and contributions of, rural fire departments, and to refrain from limiting their effectiveness by imposing unreasonable and unfunded mandates upon them. We also call upon Congress to overturn the rules of the U. S. Department of Labor restricting volunteerism by paid firefighters and emergency medical technician personnel.

Tax Burden

Federal Tax Reform – Federal tax reform is required and any reform should support free enterprise, economic growth, be simple and fair and support job retention in the United States. The Internal Revenue Service is unacceptable to U. S. taxpayers! We urge that the IRS be abolished and the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution be repealed. We further urge that the personal income tax, inheritance (death) tax, gift tax, capital gains, corporate income tax, and payroll tax be eliminated. We recommend the implementation of a national retail sales tax, with the provision that a two-thirds majority of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate is required to raise the rate. Such reforms will encourage investment and economic growth. Such a sales tax plan must ensure that no one in America pays taxes of any kind on the necessities of life, ensuring opportunity and quality of life for low- and fixed-income Americans. We believe every tax at every level should be a separate and clearly visible billing to the taxpayer, regardless of type of tax, and of calculation method, so we support tax visibility in all forms.

Tax deduction for private, parochial and home school – We support a Federal Tax deduction for expenses incurred for private, parochial and home schooling.

Maintain Home Mortgage Deduction – We support the unlimited deduction of home mortgage interest for Federal Income Taxes.

Permanent Tax Cuts – We urge Congress to make permanent the recent income tax reductions. We further commend Congress for extending the tax reductions.

Telecommunications – We support the removal of regulatory roadblocks to greater investment in telecommunications infrastructure that would better serve Texas consumers and businesses and enable Texas consumers and businesses and enable Texas to compete with other states.

State Tax Reform –We believe that Texans are overtaxed and strongly urge the legislature not to create any new tax or to increase any current taxes or fees. Specifically, we strongly oppose the creation of a state income tax or a state property tax – even to pay for education. We support a constitutional amendment providing a two thirds (2/3) super majority of both houses before any taxes or fees could be increased. We recommend the implementation of a limited [e.g., excluding groceries and medicines] consumption tax, coupled with the elimination of all other property taxes.

Business Tax - We demand elimination of the state business tax as written on the grounds that it violates the Texas Constitution provision against business income tax.

Sales Tax and Tax Visibility – We believe every tax at every level should be a separate and clearly visible billing to the taxpayer regardless of the tax type or calculation method. We believe that a sales tax is the most visible, the most stable, the most equitable and the most simple for the taxpayer.

Property Taxes – The Republican Party of Texas is in favor of abolishing property taxes through alternative taxing methods. We recommend that property valuations be fixed for a period of not less than three years following each revaluation. We believe that the Appraisal Boards should be elected by the people, and call for four board members to be elected by Commissioners Court precinct and one board member elected county-wide. The Chief Appraiser for each local Appraisal District in Texas shall be elected for a term of four (4) years, with a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms being allowed. All increases in either tax rate or appraisal value must be approved by the Commissioners' Court by a roll-call vote.

Appraisal Cap – We support capping the annual increase in property appraisals at 3%.

Internet Taxation – We oppose any taxation of the internet or internet services.

Tolls on Existing Roads - We oppose tolls charged for traversing previously toll free roadways and disallow continued tolls except for maintenance on existing toll roads already paid for.

Domestic Energy

Support of the Domestic Energy Industry – Recognizing the importance of energy to the national security of the United States of America, the foundation of our National Energy Strategy must be a competitive domestic oil and gas industry. Federal tax and regulatory policies are destroying the independent sector of this industry. Regulation and rulemaking must be done on a cooperative, rather than an adversarial basis, preserving jobs and the economy while promoting environmental preservation. We encourage the Congress to:

1. repeal all provisions of the alternative minimum tax that treat intangible drilling costs as a tax preference                         item;

2. repeal the crude oil and gas severance and production taxes to help stimulate the Texas economy and                         enhance Texas production;

3. stop the promulgation of unnecessary environmental legislation or regulation that prevents domestic oil         production from being economically feasible or disrespects private property rights;

4. support technological development of environmentally safe uses of nuclear, coal and biomass for our                         national energy needs; and

5. promote all forms of domestic energy production including ANWAR, offshore California, and the East                         Coast, while minimizing environmental impact and significantly reducing our dependence on                         foreign sources.

Limit Department of Energy - Until the Department of Energy is abolished as recommended previously, we propose the limitation of the Department of Energy to federal and international energy issues. We prohibit involvement with local and state energy decisions.

Alternative Energy Sources – We recognize the value of alternative energy sources and support continued private research and development of such sources, including space-based solar power.

Energy vs. Radical Environmentalism - We support cooperative regulation and rulemaking that preserves jobs and the economy while promoting responsible conservation of our natural resources. We support policies that will clean the air and water of Texas, using technology that provides smarter and cheaper pollution control.

No Cap and Trade -We oppose any “cap and trade” legislation, regulation, trade agreement or treaty. Such legislation is unprecedented and represents an unconstitutional federal power grab based on the hoax of man-made global warming.  This will result in economic damage to industry and higher taxes. We disagree with the EPA’s false premise that CO2 is a pollutant.

Business and the Economy

Tort/Civil Justice Reform - We strongly support continuation of common sense tort reform that puts justice back into our civil justice system and discourages frivolous lawsuits. We support abolishing joint and several liabilities that forces people to pay for damages they did not cause. We oppose the abusive use of class action lawsuits. We oppose lawsuits against manufacturers and dealers whose products or property have been misused.

Right-to-Work - An individual should have the freedom to work in the job he/she desires without being forced to join or pay dues to any organization. The Texas Right-to-Work Law, while providing this freedom, also has provided a good climate for industrial expansion, higher employment, and a stable management-labor relationship. To this end, we applaud the Texas Right-to-Work Law and encourage our legislators to call for a referendum to make this law a constitutional amendment. We encourage the adoption of a National Right-to-Work Act providing the same kind of protection for all citizens from labor unions as is enjoyed by Texans under the State Right-to-Work laws.

No Card Checks for Unions – We oppose the misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” that 1) eliminates private ballots in union elections, 2) introduces government arbitration and control of private and public enterprises, and

3) applies penalties to enterprises and not to unions.

Elimination of EEOC - We demand the immediate abolition of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Small Business - We urge Texas legislators to find ways to mitigate the impact of governmental regulations on small businesses and to ensure that small businesses are adequately represented in the regulatory process.

Workers’ Compensation - We call on our Texas legislators to resist any efforts to make Workers’ Compensation mandatory for all Texas employers.

Minimum Wage - We believe the Minimum Wage Law should be repealed and that wages should be determined by the free market conditions prevalent in each individual market.

Prevailing Wage Law - We urge our Texas legislators to repeal the Prevailing Wage Law.

Incentives for Retention of Domestic Operations - We support, incentives and deregulation with the goal of encouraging capital investment to spur retention and creation of jobs in America.

Restoring American Sovereignty and Leadership

National Sovereignty

National Sovereignty Reclaimed - We reassert our national sovereignty as established by the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America. We demand immediate cancellation of any treaty (hereafter recognized to include and be interchangeable with the terms “agreement”, “ resolution,” “ pact,”  “plan,” and/or “treaty”) that infringes upon our national sovereignty. These include, but are not limited to: WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, NAU/SPP, FTAA; SALT; LOST; IMF; SEATO; & CAP. We demand that any treaty must be ratified by a ¾ vote of the Senate.

Treaties - The practice of implementing provisions of a negotiated treaty as legislation instead of abiding by the Constitutionally required Senate approval makes these treaties unilateral. We demand that no provision of any treaty be handled outside the Senate approval procedure. Also, since important treaties have come to the floor of the Senate of the United States with as few as three (3) members present, we propose an amendment to the Constitution to require 3/4 of the Senators to be present to ratify any treaty under consideration. Until such time as this amendment is ratified, we demand a change in the Senate rules to require ¾ of Senators be present to ratify any treaty.  We also recommend a Constitutional amendment preventing any treaty or resolution from superseding any provision of the United States Constitution or Bill of Rights.

NAU/SPP – Due to national sovereignty and security issues associated with the Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and its goal of a North American Union (NAU), we demand that:

1) these United States should rescind all past actions and refuse to allow the Security and Prosperity Partnership to implement further regulations that would create the proposed North American Union with Mexico and Canada, and return those regulations that have been changed back to their original wording and intent;

2) These United States should not engage in the construction of a NAU Superhighway System (such as the

    Trans-Texas Corridor);

3) the President and Congress of these United States should indicate strong opposition to these acts or any other proposals that threaten the sovereignty of these United States; and

4) that a copy of this resolution be sent to our Texas Senators, Texas House delegation, the President and the U.S. Senate and House leaders.


Border Security – We agree with the overwhelming majority of the American people who support “order on the border” as the primary principle in tackling the complex issues created by illegal immigration. We believe that all necessary physical, financial, legal, and technological means must be deployed immediately to stop the flow of illegal aliens, organized crime and potential terrorists across our borders.

The Texas Office of Homeland Security and Federal Drug Enforcement officials report Texas has become the number one drug trans-shipment center in the nation and that powerful and ruthless Mexican organized crime groups now dominate the lucrative US drug and human smuggling market. In at least one documented instance the Mexican military entered Texas in support of organized drug trafficking operations. Therefore, we urge immediate and substantial increase of staffing and funding of the United States Border Patrol to secure our borders and protect our citizens. We encourage the expansion of Operations Strong Safety and Linebacker to reduce crime and increase security along the Texas border, and Operation Rio Grande, which increases and coordinates law enforcement assets along the forty-five border counties.

We further urge the President to:

1. build a physical barrier along the entire length of our country’s border with Mexico, beginning with urban interface locations and appropriate monitoring

2. deploy the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (I.C.E.) within the U.S. to locate and secure all illegal who have previously entered our country and expedite their return to their source country and

3. expand the use of the National Guard to secure our border.

Should the federal government fail to uphold its constitutionally mandated obligation to protect the border of Texas, we call upon the Governor and Legislature of Texas to take action.

Civil Defense – In World War I, America had a strong grassroots civil defense system comprised of and administered by volunteers from each county’s citizenry. We support the restoration of our civil defense system. A non–partisan effort should be made to organize communication and emergency response training for citizens to assist in times of emergency, and the local county government should appoint a civilian defense coordinator. Elected county officials should be in charge of decisions affecting the local community. We urge Congress to remove any and all gun laws that infringe upon the U.S. constitutional rights of the citizens to protect their homes and communities.

Federalization of Police – We applaud the efforts of peace officers who maintain public order with minimal use of force. We oppose the federalization and militarization of local police forces.

Foreign Military Bases on American Soil – We oppose any foreign or international military base on American soil. We oppose relinquishing United States supremacy to any foreign powers on United States soil. We encourage Congress to prohibit all foreign or international military bases from the United States.

Protection of U.S. Soldiers – It is our view that according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and more importantly, the Constitution of the United States, it is unlawful for a United States soldier, sailor, airman, or marine to be placed under the command of any foreign power. We call on the United States Supreme Court to hear and rule on the Michael New case, admitting the evidence of “lawfulness of order.” We also demand that the United States Army restore the good name of this American patriot.

Foreign Control of U.S. Interests – We oppose the sale, transfer, management and/or ownership of critical U.S. interests by foreign or international entities such as our: infrastructure, ports, transportation facilities, defense industries, utilities, generating facilities, and/or mineral interests on public lands. Foreign owned properties and the income they generate should be subject to current US tax laws and rates.

Homeland Security – We urge the Homeland Security Department to:

  1. revitalize and adequately fund our national intelligence gathering capabilities;

  2. continue to enhance the coordination of information and intelligence between various local, state, and federal agencies, but with no controlling authority over state and local entities.

  3. pass the information on to the local or state agency(s) to prepare to deter and defend against a risk once  identified;

  4. not violate the constitutional rights of the citizens of the United States;

  5. provide for the adequate protection of high profile targets, such as refineries, nuclear power plants and national         monuments;

  6. enhance the security in use at our airports, navigable ports of entry, and other transportation terminals to prevent the use of  transportation vehicles as a weapon against the United States;

  7. use random selection and terrorist profiling as a criteria for determining persons to be searched at U.S. airports

  8. establish and maintain the presence of armed guards and armed pilots on all commercial aircraft and the immediate authorization of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard to board and search all vessels entering U.S. waters from foreign ports. We urge Congress to order the immediate training of airline pilots by qualified firearms instructors at reasonable fees for the protection of their aircraft against terrorist attack.

9. thoroughly inspect the contents of vehicles and containers coming across our borders using rapid and accurate         technology.

10. increased funding for the Federal Air Marshal Program. We urge the Department of Homeland Security to offer incentives for pilots to enroll in the Federal Flight Deck Officers Program, which is currently a voluntary program, and decrease the onerous paperwork requirements and make training more accessible to pilots. We also support incentives to encourage airlines to support this program.

National Defense – We continue to encourage and support:

1. funding for a strong national defense, which guarantees maintaining a military which stands ready to defend our nation and increases combat readiness;

2. continued funding and development of the Strategic Defense Initiative

3. disengagement from countries in which we have no clear national defense interest;

4. “America First” priority in protecting the citizens and borders of the United States;

5. not entering into any new arms control agreements with any nation that is not currently complying with previous agreements;

6. the military never being deployed except to defend against an invasion or in protection of the United States’ direct, vital interests; and which may include pre-emptive action

7. maintaining our military’s effective combat strength sufficient to defend our nation’s borders and its strategic interests;

8. expiration of the special emergency war powers of the executive branch unless renewed by Congress in 6 month intervals; and,

9. the immediate deployment of the United States of America’s Military Forces to secure America’s borders using all necessary means.

Legal Immigration – We believe that America has greatly benefited from immigrants who have legally come to this country to work and begin a new life reflecting American values and traditions.

We support:

  1. systematic assimilation of legal immigrants into the American culture; baseline requirements for citizenship to include proficiency in the English language, study of American history and of the American form of government;

  2. development of a practical, limited, and temporary worker program that does not serve as an automatic path to citizenship;

  3. firm and consistent enforcement of all existing immigration laws;

  4. an immediate end to the practice of “chain migration”;

  5. aggressive locating and deporting of aliens who have overstayed their visas;

  6. reducing immigration quotas;

  7. an immediate end to the practice of allowing aliens “adjust status” by requiring them to “adjust” in the U.S. Embassy of  their home country; and further, a waiver of the unlawful presence inadmissibility for those illegal aliens who register on their return trip to their home country while they legally wait for an immigrant visa.

  8. the cessation of the issuance of visas to individuals from foreign countries that sponsor terrorism;

  9. screening potential immigrants for communicable diseases;

10. withholding federal funds from universities that give lower in-state tuition rates to immigrants on student visas, or         refuse to cooperate with the foreign student tracking system;

11. designating Non-Citizens as such on their driver’s license to prevent voter fraud and that their driver’s licenses expire on the same date of any visa;

12. requiring naturalized citizens to renounce their native citizenship and surrender their foreign passport; and

13. a tamper-proof identification and tracking system for all aliens, i.e. non-citizens and their dependents that would protect Hispanic, and other naturalized US citizens from job discrimination and unburden American businesses from the job of verification.

Illegal Immigration – No amnesty! No how. No way.

With growing impatience, the American people in overwhelming numbers have asked our government to secure our borders. They now demand it and we as a Party agree with the American people. Illegal aliens have, by definition, committed a criminal act. We oppose illegal immigration, amnesty in any form, or legal status for illegal immigrants. The American people remember the broken promises of 1986 and will not be misled again.

We support:

  1. an immediate end to the current “catch and release” policy of Homeland Security;

  2. stiffer fines, criminal penalties, and an aggressive enforcement policy for those who knowingly employ illegal workers;

  3. expeditious hearings on deporting non-violent illegal immigrants held in prisons or jails;

  4. adding language to the US Constitution to address the problem of “anchor babies” and “chain immigration” created by misuse of the 14th amendment.

5. We believe that citizens with multiple citizenship should renounce their non-U.S. citizenship(s) or lose their U.S. citizenship.

  6. elimination of federal funding to cities that have “sanctuary” laws prohibiting local police from identifying and         reporting illegal immigrants to federal authorities;

  7. empowering state and local law enforcement agencies with the authority, responsibility and resources needed to detain illegal immigrants within the course of their regular duties;

  8. the rejection of non-verifiable foreign-issued cards, such as matricula consular as valid identification for official documentation purposes;

  9. investigation and strict prosecution of agencies, businesses or persons involved in the production, distribution or acceptance of phony identification documents;

10. elimination of day labor work centers;

11. elimination of all laws requiring hospitals to give non-emergency medical care to illegal immigrants;

12. elimination of social security benefits or government funding to illegal immigrants for education, housing and business loans.

13. legislation to prevent any foreign country and/or its citizens from using the judicial system of the United States to gain entrance to the U.S.;

14. strong document verification prior to the issuance of a Texas drivers license to anyone;

15. the withholding of federal highway funds from any state that issues drivers licenses to illegal aliens;

16. aggressive prosecution of persons involved in smuggling humans across our borders.

Enforcement of Immigration Law – We support the genuine strict and immediate enforcement of all immigration laws.

NASA – We support appropriate funding for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Texas Aerospace Commission. We strongly urge the utilization of private research and design for the purpose of replacing or supplementing the current “shuttle system” with a “completely reusable vehicle”, which would be more cost effective in getting to and from space; for the purpose of maintaining and establishing space stations, communications and surveillance satellites, solar-generating systems, and enhancing national defense.

Support of Our Armed Forces – We salute those who serve in all branches of our armed forces, in particular those who have and are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq and encourage all Americans to support these brave and patriotic men and women. Our armed forces should be paid a sufficient wage to prevent them from ever being eligible for, or in need of, food stamp assistance. Our armed forces should be paid a reasonable wage that encourages retention of these highly trained personnel. In support of our armed forces, we recommend:

  1. that all United States forces remain under the command and control of only the Commander-in-Chief and American officers and commanders;

  2. the disqualification of homosexuals from military service;

  3. the immediate discharge of HIV positive individuals from service;

  4. the exclusion of women from combat roles;

  5. members of our armed forces retain their freedom to refuse vaccines not certified as safe by the FDA and the Surgeon General;

  6. the open admission to the military of citizens with a General Equivalency Diploma (GED);

  7. restoration of full military honors for the burial of deceased veterans;

  8. restoration of all veteran benefits including retirement pay and disability pay, without an offset for disability pay, as         well as appropriate medical and dental care;

  9. health and disability benefits equal to active military for national guard and military reserves if injured while on active duty;

10. restoration of promised full lifetime medical health benefits to retired military personnel and their families;

11. separation of men and women in basic training, as is the practice of the Marine Corps;

12. not requiring members of United States forces to swear allegiance to or wear any item of uniform, other than that of the United States, or being required to serve in any capacity under an officer of the United Nations or other foreign state;

13. upgrading, modernizing and maintaining the equipment, weapons and vehicles for the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of our armed forces;

14. striving to limit combat tours of duty for all branches of the military to twelve (12) consecutive months with a minimum of six (6) consecutive months furlough  between tours;

15. military and civilian citizens displaced by service to our country be afforded the opportunity and given special consideration and ample time for their vote to be counted in the election day results;

16. the continuation of the all volunteer armed forces, the recruitment and advancement of military personnel based on the needs of the military and the qualifications of the person, and not for the purpose of social engineering;

17. the expeditious construction of a Veterans Museum in Texas.

18. support of our troops with packages from home and call upon Congress to greatly reduce the cost or completely waive the cost of mailing packages to APO/FPO addresses.

International Relations

Foreign Policy – We support the spread of a representative form of government and a free market enterprise. We also support and encourage private humanitarian aid to developing countries. We support the continued favorable treatment of proven allies, and the censure of adversaries like the “Axis of Evil” countries and groups that seek the destruction of other countries and/or harbor terrorists. We oppose the unrestrained use of foreign aid. Any government or entity that consistently votes against U.S. interests or is openly hostile to the U.S. shall not receive U.S. aid. We also believe that no treaty entered into by the United States shall authorize or permit any foreign power or any international organization to supervise, control, or adjudicate rights of citizens of the United States or any other matter essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of the United States or the several states.

MIA’s and POW’s – We urge the President and Congress to continue all measures necessary to seek and act upon all information concerning our service personnel and citizens Missing in Action and Prisoners of War.

China – We strongly recommend the removal of Permanent Normal Trade Relations with Communist China (formerly “Most Favored Nation” status) until such time when:

1. there is a formal peace treaty between North and South Korea;

2. there is significant improvement in their government policies on human rights;

3. there is freedom of religion, specifically that China ceases their persecution of Christians.

4. China ceases its aggressive behavior toward its neighbors, particularly Taiwan; and

5. China ceases transferring nuclear, biological, and chemical technology to Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, etc.

We further urge the imposition of trade sanctions against communist China for interfering in United States political campaigns.

Cuba – We support strengthening the Cuban embargo. We urge Congress to continue to defend human rights for Cubans and to not prop up any Cuban dictator.

Taiwan – We recognize Taiwan as a long-time ally of the United States and as an independent and sovereign nation. In order to support its self–defense, we call upon the President, Congress, and the State Department to recognize the democratic government of Taiwan, thus assuming a “One China, One Taiwan Policy”.

Israel – We believe that the United States and Israel share a special long-standing relationship based on shared values, a mutual commitment to a republican form of government, and a strategic alliance that benefits both nations. Our foreign policy with Israel should reflect the special nature of this relationship through continued military and economic assistance and recognition that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and should remain an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths. We believe that the US Embassy in Israel should immediately become located in the capital city of Jerusalem. In our diplomatic dealings with Israel, we encourage the continuation of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, but oppose pressuring Israel to make concessions it believes would jeopardize its security, including the trading of land for the recognition of its right to exist. We call on the U.S. to continue non-recognition of terrorist nations and organizations. In summary, our policy is based on God’s biblical promise to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel

and we further invite other nations and organizations to enjoy the benefits of that promise.

Hamas – Because Hamas is a terrorist organization and does not recognize the right of Israel to exist, the Palestinian people shall not receive US aid as long as Hamas is the elected government. We believe the United States should withdraw all financial support to Hamas and other elected terrorists within the Palestinian Territory. We urge the U.S. to not pressure Israel to negotiate with terrorists, which refuse to recognize Israel’s legitimate right to exist as a Jewish state. We believe that rewarding the terrorists and enemies of America with the creation of a Palestinian state is rewarding terrorism and is fundamentally wrong. We believe the U.S. should not reward terrorism by allowing a Palestinian state carved out of land within the historical borders of Israel.

Iraq – We commend President George W. Bush, his administration, and the U.S. Armed Forces in their strategy and execution of the War in Iraq. We support the establishment of a representative form of government for the people of Iraq to protect them from the tyranny of dictatorial regimes and as a stabilizing force in the Middle East in the greater war against terrorism. We support the continuation of economic and security assistance to Iraq as it rebuilds its country, establishes its government, secures its country from terrorism, and solidifies its new found economic and individual freedoms.

Iran – Because the State Department identifies Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism and the Iranian president has repeatedly called for the complete destruction of Israel, and because a nuclear armed Iran would destabilize the entire Middle East, we encourage the President to do whatever is necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring or developing atomic weapons.

Afghanistan – Because America has sacrificed her children to bring democracy to Afghanistan, we admonish that country to uphold the fundamental human rights of her own people including freedom of religious conviction.

Pakistan – We support giving Pakistan Permanent Normal Trade Relations status in all its trade with the United States for all products. We believe that economic partnership will strengthen the moderate leaders in the country who are American allies.

Kashmir – The Party acknowledges that both India and Pakistan seek a strong friendship with the United States. The Party encourages both India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir dispute in the best interest of the Kashmiri people.

One World Government Organizations – We oppose a one-world government, which is in direct opposition to the basic principles of the United States of America eroding our sovereignty and our goals for leadership in world affairs.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) – We urge Congress to stop funding the IMF and any other international financing agencies, because such agencies give American taxpayers’ money to international bankers. We believe these funding agencies should be eliminated. We demand full disclosure concerning members of their respective tribunals and bureaucracies, including their allegiances, backgrounds, goals, and the companies/organizations they represent.

International Trade– We favor fair and reciprocal trade and competition in the international market place. We oppose excessive regulation of American industry, which makes American products uncompetitive in world markets. We oppose the expansion of free trade at the expense of national security and national sovereignty of the United States, and calls for the immediate withdrawal of the United States from any agreements that compromise national sovereignty, independence, self-sufficiency, and national security. Likewise, we urge sanctions against nations that:

1. disrupt free trade by subsidizing agricultural exports or other goods to the United States;

2. bar or excessively tax American products or services;

3. enslave their own citizens, or violate human rights; and

4. engage in technological espionage.

We urge the repeal of any international trade agreements that do not promote free trade, withdrawal from membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), and cessation of further negotiations of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) agreement.

We urge Congress to authorize fund expenditures and audit measures on research and development of alternative fuels to reduce the United States dependency on foreign oil producers and ensure no financial support of terrorist sponsoring nations.

We urge the use and purchase of finished goods and materials with parts made and assembled in the United States.

We require that all trucks entering and operating on American roads meet all current American standards for safety and operations.

We urge Congress to investigate the issue of outsourcing jobs overseas and U.S. corporations moving their corporate headquarters overseas to avoid taxation, and make corrections to address any identified issues. Additionally, we demand that all government entities be banned from overseas job outsourcing, and that no personal information pertaining to U.S. citizens be handled by non-U.S. citizens.

Agricultural Import Restrictions – We urge Congress to establish policies, systems, and measures to regulate imported agricultural products and their by-products to conform to the same standards imposed on the United States agricultural industry by the United States Department of Agricultural, Environmental Protection Agency and any other government agency.

American Patent Rights – We support protecting our inventors, maintaining and enforcing our current patent laws, and strengthening penalties for violations of patent laws by foreign entities.

Sudan – We call on the US government to censure the Sudanese government for supporting atrocities against ethnic minorities in Darfur including rape, pillaging, and genocide.

United Nations – We believe it is in the best interest of the citizens of the United States that we immediately rescind our membership in, as well as all financial and military contributions to, the United Nations. We will:

1. support HR 1146, “The American Sovereignty Restoration Act”, which would remove the United States                         entirely from the control of the UN;

2. demand that Congress ratify no more, and rescind all existing resolutions and treaties that compromise the                 United States Constitution;

3. support immediate recall of our military forces from UN initiated engagements, and restore them to their                         traditional mission of defending the liberty and freedom of the people of the United States of                         America;

4. support an amendment to the United States Constitution stating, “a treaty that conflicts with  any                         provisions of the Constitution shall not be of any force or effect”;

5. urge our Texas Senators to unalterably oppose any treaty that seeks to establish an International Criminal Court (ICC), make the United  States a participatory party to such a court; recognize the jurisdiction of such a court within the United States or  upon any native-born or naturalized citizen of the United States; and

6. demand a full audit and disclosure of the Iraqi Food for Oil program.

We oppose:

1. UN control of any United States land or natural resources;

2. the use of Presidential Executive Orders to implement UN treaties, thereby circumventing our elected                         Congress;

3. any attempt by the federal government, or the UN, to directly or indirectly tax United States citizens for                         UN support;

4. a UN resolution  that would force the United States to adopt gun control measures;

5. the placement of the UN flag and emblem on public property or in government facilities or on any U.S.                         military property or personnel;

6. payment of any debt allegedly owed to the UN;

7. Any attempt to grant veto power over the sovereignty of the United States to set national defense                         priorities, wage effective war, and negotiate peace in terms favorable to our vital interests; and

8. Ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).

We urge Congress to evict the United Nations from the United States and eliminate any further participation and funding.