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Domestic Violence in the Workplace Seminar

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Why is domestic violence your business?  Do you know how domestic violence affects your business’ bottom-line?  Do you have policies in place to address security concerns as a result of employing domestic violence victims and/or abusers?

Businesses lose $3-5 billion dollars a year due to the effect of domestic violence.  Over half of domestic violence victims miss work at least 3 days a month.  Seventy-five percent (75%) of women killed at work are killed by their ex-partners.  Many employers do not know how to proactively address these delicate situations.

 (Taskforce agencies) have joined together to provide a full day symposium workshop on Domestic Violence in the Workplace to help employers effectively deal with these concerns. (List speakers) and other experts will share their knowledge on employment law, program development and security in the workplace.  In addition you will receive a toolkit of model policies, support and security checklists, and other resources.

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