The Purple Thistle
August 18-19 2012

Arisaig, Lochaber, Scotland

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It is with great pleasure we welcome you back to another instalment of the Purple Thistle, and back to our roots where it all began on Arisaig where you can expect a warm west coast welcome.

While it isn’t a new area, Arisaig is sadly rarely used, having only seen action in 2001 with the Scottish 6 Days and 2005 when we started the Purple Thistle. So we're delighted that many of you are making the journey once again from across the UK, Europe and the World to join us for some barebones orienteering, and we hope the weather is kinder than last time we were here!

The barebones concept is all about taking the fuss out of event organisation as much as possible, while still providing an event of the highest quality, with a great atmosphere and enjoyment for all - including the organisers! So whats left for you is all that matters for quality orienteering (maps, courses, controls and electronic punching) and a bunch of likeminded people out to enjoy a weekend away from it all in a beautiful part of the country.

In light of this, the barebones concept stipulates that there can be no complaining throughout the weekend, but hopefully there will be nothing to complain about so this won't be a problem! However, please remember that this event has been put on by a bare minimum of people, a busy planning & organising team who are based across the UK (the organiser soon to be leaving for the other side of the world), along with a handful of dedicated people without whom this event wouldn't occur. 

We would like to doff our caps to all those who lend a hand in staging the event, especially to the following people who have made the event possible:

Results will be on the website as soon as possible after the event, although we're staying in the area for a while afterwards so it'll depend on internet access! There should also be a report, photos, route analysis and discussion appearing on as soon after the event as possible. We hope you enjoy your weekend on the west coast and have a delightful couple of days orienteering.

General Information:

Organising Club: Auld Reekie Orienteering Society

Organiser/Controller: Andrew Brown

Planners: James & Jess Tullie

Areas: Arisaig

Punching: SportIdent

Queries: By e-mail, or 07917 821602 if urgent.

Please note: Competitors take part at their own risk!

Event Centre & Camping 

The event centre and camping will be at Kinloid Farm, just north of Arisaig.


Parking & Camping:

Toilets & Showers:



Day 1 & 2: Arisaig

Directions: See general directions to the Event and Car parking

Registration & Download:


Start Procedure:

Map & Course Details:


Day 1 Distance

Day 2 Distance


Baby Thistle




Small Thistle




Medium Thistle




Big Thistle




Mighty Thistle




Finish - Courses Close at 17.00 on Saturday, 14:30 on Sunday:

Important: You must return to assembly to sign back in and to download, even if you have retired etc. If you do not do this we will assume you are still out on the area!

Terrain & Planners comments:



Social & Prizegiving

On Saturday evening, once we've moved some controls around for Sunday's race, come and join us for a well earned pint at the Arisaig Hotel, we'll try and get the prizegiving done around 20:00.

On Sunday we’ll try and dish out some prizes around 14:30.

We hope you enjoy the event.

 All profits from the event will be going to support the Scottish Elite Development Squad