Lewisham Maternity Services Liaison Committee

Draft Workplan Aims and Objectives 2010


        Lewisham MSLC was re-established in March 2008.  At meetings since then, members have discussed what the work priorities for the Committee should be.  Committee members have agreed that although the Committee should attempt to fulfil all its terms of reference, certain aims should be a priority, and should serve as a focus for the work of the Committee.  In 2008, the MSLC agreed a workplan for the following year.  Much has been achieved in terms of delivering that workplan.  However, many items remain as issues that need to be addressed.  This paper summarises suggested aims and objectives for the Committee in 2010.  Much of its content is based on what was agreed for 2009.  

The aims which the MSLC wishes to have as its continued priorities are:


Information available to users is patchy, and incomplete  or contradictory for many.   Little has been achieved on this priority in the last year, and this issue remains as a major gap that needs to be filled. Women need information on:

A variety of means of providing information have been discussed by the MSLC, including various forms of written information.  Members have also discussed the possibility of placing MSLC-endorsed information on various websites, as well as the possibility of establishing the MSLC’s own website.  The emphasiswill focus on the Committee informing and advising on the  comprehensive information in a variety of media, including  the websites of others.

The following are proposed objectives:


The MSLC was re-established in response to a report by the Healthcare Commission, which identified the lack of an MSLC as an important gap in maternity services arrangements in Lewisham.  This same report documented users’ dissatisfaction with various elements of local maternity services.  Members feel strongly that a very important part of their role is to ensure that feedback from users is gathered and used as effectively as possible so as to improve services locally.

In 2010, members visited Lewisham Hospital to meet with midwives there, and to discuss with them some of the feedback already received.  Members have also worked with the Head of Midwifery at Lewisham Hospital who has ensured considerable improvements in the level of feedback received.  Members also launched a major initiative, “walking the patch”.   One member in particular led on this initiative, with some success.   Members now hope to agree with Lewisham Hospital, and with other providers, if possible, what further action is necessary to achieve the MSLC’s aim on feedback.  Again, a variety of possibilities have been discussed at committee meetings.  The following are proposed objectives for the MSLC in relation to its aim on feedback:


Influencing commissioning of maternity services is one of the most important ways available to the MSLC of helping to shape these services in future.  The PCT, UHL and the MSLC have embarked on a three year programme of investment and improvement through commissioning.  MSLC members, contribution to this continued work can be expressed in the following objectives:


Members of the MSLC have welcomed the establishment of the Lewisham Breastfeeding Working Group, and the proposal of the group that Lewisham apply for UNICEF Baby Friendly status.  The committee will support the working group’s efforts through the following objectives:


Members of Lewisham MSLC are asked to consider and agree the content of this paper.  It is important that members are clear as to what they hope to achieve in 2010 and what form their contribution will take in improving maternity services locally.

Penny Phillips

Donal O’Sullivan                                                                05/02/2010