I have dedicated  2 years of free weekly journaling prompts. I am passionate about continuing this sharing with you and examples of artwork to inspire you to create your own art from the weekly prompts. You can find precious journal prompts in the freebies page. I will be publishing monthly updates on a new link soon. I am in the process of setting up a group where you can post your journal art work from these prompts. If you feel so inclined as tipping the jar to help me with the expenses of paint and time It takes to create these pages for sharing thank you ten fold.

I look forward to having a place we can all share our work together and we can expand our creativity and lives. I highly encourage you to try journaling even if you start by using images from magazines by doing collages.. I hope to create some video tutorials soon and share those with you also.

Remember you can be the artist you want, whether by writing your thoughts, drawing, painting or using images in collage to convey your feelings. A Journal is meant to be for your eyes. To see your own growth. I just happen to share many pages of mine. I have plenty of pages I paint over or don’t share. That is part of the process, but it is important to remember the more you journal play the more you grow.

Thank you for all your support whether it be grabbing a blog button to share, telling a friend about my blog, a feature you do, tipping in the jar or purchasing from my shop. This is how I can continue my journey of art. Have a creative and wonderful day, Theresa