Applied Piano Syllabus        Dr. Michael Rushing

2014-2015        601-925-3230


The study of applied piano is designed to further the student’s ability in the art of playing the piano,understanding that keyboard skills are a necessity in all music-related careers. It includes broad-based coverage of all aspects of proficiency, including keyboard theory and technique, a variety of style in repertoire, and preparation for the Mississippi College exam in piano proficiency. Each student is required to practice daily and diligently to instill a regular process of improvement from any previous level of development, whether elementary or advanced. Each student may be required to accompany voice students as assigned by the instructor and the coordinator of accompanying.


  1. For each hour of credit, the student will learn 400 measures of music. This literature will be chosen by the teacher.
  2. The teacher may require the student to perform for another teacher at any time in order to assess the progress of the student.
  3. At the end of the semester, each student will play an examination. A minimum of one piece must be played from memory. Piano majors may play longer examinations. There will be three teachers present and the examiners will select what is to be played from the student’s literature. The teacher of the student being examined will not grade the student, but will be present.
  4. Attendance at Solo Hour is required. See the Music Department Handbook for the effects on your final grade for missing Solo Hour.
  5. To receive credit, the student must not be absent, excused or unexcused, for more than 3 half-hour lessons for 1 hour of credit, or 6 hour lessons for more than 1 hours credit.
  6. Absences will be made up by the teacher only when the teacher deems it appropriate. This may be decided in consultation with the coordinator of the division.
  7. Scales and exercises are required in addition to assigned literature.
  8. Students may be required to attend studio class on occasional or regular basis. All performance majors, beginning with the second semester of the freshman year must perform each semester on Solo Hour.


  1. Make-up lessons will not be granted except in unavoidable circumstances such as illness family emergency.
  2. Grades will be determined by occasional playing exams that take place throughout the semester and the quality of the student’s final jury examination.
  1. 6-week exam
  2. 12-week exam
  3. Jury
  4. Attendance/general progress
  1. Daily practice is required. Failure to maintain adequate progress will ultimately affect the final grade.
  2. All music will be memorized for completion for any assignment, unless otherwise specified by the instructor.
  3. Scales should be included in every practice session.
  4. A practice journal and up-to-date repertoire list must be maintained throughout the semester.
  5. Attendance at piano studio is required. Each unexcused absence will result in the lowering of the student’s grade by one letter.
  6. Memorization is required. All music must be memorized by a date agreed upon by the student and teacher within the first two weeks of lessons.