Frugal Innovations

“Bookmarks” for Collegial Sharing

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What is the least we can do to make a difference soon?

I.  Shareworthy Improvements

Discuss a few improvements (low-threshold, personal commitment) and select one.

II.  Favorable, Unfavorable Factors for Collegial Sharing
Discuss what could impede or prevent sharing this improvement.  What could help?

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III.  Specific Resources for Collegial Sharing

Think of 2 or 3 colleagues who might be receptive in the next few days or weeks...  

A.  Brainstorm, Discuss

What are some low-threshold ways of helping an individual faculty member to share a course improvement with two or three colleagues?  Better yet, some ways that can also encourage and enable those two or three beneficiaries each to share that improvement with two or three additional colleagues in the next few days or weeks?  And so on... Nanovation!

B.  Plan a Bookmark;  Prepare a “Mock-up”

Use the “notetaking bookmark.”  See: Can also use notetaking bookmark to share info about this or other conference sessions.

IV.  Extra Credit: Programmatic Support

Discuss inter-institutional, institutional or programmatic resources to support more of the kind of specific sharing identified above.

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TLT Group's Offline Planning Nanovation Worksheet

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