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DBT Peer Group

Join us for a Peer-run DBT skills group.  

Share materials, advice, information and activities in a casual, fun environment.

Sundays, at 4 pm in the

Recreation room at

1 Mineral Street, Springfield, VT  (The Whitcomb Building)

Meetings start Sunday, September 23, 2012

Open to all who are now or have been in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

$1 suggested donation per meeting for supplies etc.

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Each meeting will last 1 to 2 hours.  There will be a short break in the middle of 2 hour meetings to get up, walk around, get a snack or drink etc.

Some of the topics addressed will include but are not limited to:  DBT Skills and their applications.  Other helpful skills not in the DBT manual.  Discussion of how DBT has impacted our lives.  Occasional videos, music, or other activities.

Each meeting will have a mindfulness exercise in the beginning, a brief check-in with each member present, material and discussion regarding the topic that week, and a brief check-out where each member discusses their impressions and ideas about that meeting.  Members are always encouraged to participate and share material and anecdotes they feel will benefit the others present.

The first meeting will be mostly organizational, where we will discuss what we feel the rules of the group are and the rights of the group members.

Participation in this group is voluntary and confidential, and group members do not need to give their full names, though we request they share their first names with us.  By attending this group each member expresses that they will respect the confidentiality rights of other group members and not discuss personal information shared in the group setting with anyone who is not in the group.

This group was started by Elysia, aka E, who has been through a DBT Lite course, and is now finishing her second full DBT course at the Windham Center.  She, Jill and Mason are acting leaders of the group at present, but that is apt to change as time goes on.

Please contact Elysia at if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you, and make a great day!

Rules For DBT Peer Group

Please sign in with your first name only. We ask that you sign in so we can track how many people attend group, but to preserve your anonymity we only ask you to use your first name during peer group meetings unless you wish to do otherwise.

Donations, while welcome, are strictly optional.  They go to purchase supplies and copies for handouts, other group materials, and refreshments if and when we can afford them.  Suggested donation is $1 per member per meeting, but feel free to give less, more, or nothing but your time if you can’t afford that.

Please turn off your cell phones before peer group meetings.  If you are expecting an important call or text, you may turn your ringer to silent, but please let the group know you are expecting a call, and step out before answering any call or replying to messages.

You may eat and drink in the recreation room but please clean up after yourself.  Your mother does not run this group, and the co-leaders are not maids who get paid to clean up afterward.

No Smoking on the Whitcomb Building Grounds

All participants must keep group members and happenings confidential.  What happens in group stays in group.

While we are not mandated reporters, co-leaders will break the confidentiality rule if needed if an individual is harming or plans to harm his or herself or another.

While we all want to be able to identify with one another here, we request that group participants do not go into detailed or graphic accounts of past trauma as it could be triggering to other members.  If you feel you must refer to something traumatic, keep it as nondescript as possible to avoid causing other participants to have issues.

If you are drunk or high, skip group that week because others in group are struggling with their own addictions and we need to keep this a safe, substance free environment.  If you attend a group meeting and are obviously under the influence you will be requested to leave, and further steps will be taken if you don't willingly do so.

Be respectful of group co-leaders and members.  That includes being gentle with your tone and language when discussing topics with eachother.

This group is made of individuals of many cultures, backgrounds, genders, sexualities, religions, political views, and so on.  Be respectful of eachothers' opinions and lifestyles.

If you have any further rules you would like to suggest, please tell a co-leader and we will discuss it with the group.