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  Instructor Career Program

Class 1- Intro, Expectations and Ethics



Why we teach

Differences in SL & RL, similiarities, possibilities for SL 

TIC Textures

Textures: TRU or LFOX

Expectations and Overview of the program 

CS Textures

Poses:  BitsandBobs

Resources in Second Life 

TIC Script Pack

2) Attend a class in SL 

Ethics & Copyright in relationship to teaching in SL  


3) Brainstorm 4 class ideas 




Class 2-Lesson Planning for SL classes




Homework review & Show n Tell

Copy of class notes (for level 1, and for a level 2 with comments)

Select a topic for your 10 Minute class

Key Components of a successful class (brief)/Teaching Formats (brief)

Lesson Plan Outline

Download GIMP (if needed)

Picking a class topic/ Choosing what to teach & how to teach it

Class Level Notecard

Begin lesson plans and class notes for class choice #1

Class Leveling for Second Life


Select supplies for  the class and have in a folder.

Lesson Planning- from start to finish 



The fine art of note writing for SL classes


Preliminary notes and lesson plan

Writing the first part of class


Chosen topic for 10 minute class

Homework Assignment for next class



Bonus Topic-Torture (prim torture!)



Class 3-Teaching Techniques



 Q & A

Photo Board

1) Revise notes and mock them with a friend

1) Visual Aids for SL using GIMP or PPT

Supply Manager & Directions

2) Have supply jar filled with supplies.

2) Permissions


3) Work on classroom setup and visual aids for Class #1.

3) Uploading and loading in photo board

Note card Giver

4) Prepare a 10 minute presentation on a cool tool or tip for teachers

4) Supply Jars

Rotation visual


5) Note Giver

20x20 Prim

Turn In:


Class folder with Notes, sample and supplies.

Class Presentations


10 minute presentation notes

Samples/Themes/etc. (the classroom setup class?)









Class 4 - Teaching Tools



Taught by students- 5-10 minute class on a topic of their choice.  

Copies of tools or notecard with landmarks of where to obtain (provided by students)

1) Begin writing notes for Class #2 and put together class supplies.



2) Complete Classroom setup


3) Mock class #1 with friends or group mates




Class discussion after each presentation and final wrap up

Evaluations submitted by each student- 3 things done well, 3 areas to consider for next time.

Pick a topic for the full class / Expo and have an outline on what they will teach

Turn in:

Emphasize the components to

successful classes/Formats/Teaching


Class #2 Lesson Plan Draft

Class 5- Advertising & Teaching




Posting Template

1) Events postings for classes

Advertising & Scheduling: Creating an ad, posting in SL events, group posting

Voice Setup Visual

2) Plans Post-TIC (app for TUi if applying)

 Money Matters/Sponsorship

Group Info Notecard

3) Revise and Mock Lesson #2

Video: Basic Group Management Information - Group IM's & making a group. 

TUi App

4) Prepare visuals for Lesson #2

Pro's and con's of Using Voice-  notes should be involved too. 



Getting a job in SL



Homework & Wrapup





Class 6- Classroom Management/ Troubleshooting in classes



Griefing and SL Issues

Landmark and note on Mystitool

Mock class that will be taught at expo

Hands on Practice in off campus classroom 


Make final class adjustments

-Poofers, shouting prims, orbiting, using land tools



Problem students (disruptions and those that are behind - 2 types of problems)






List of SL topics 

Course Prerequisites

Interface (client menu, etc) 

3 months (90 days) in SL & 6 SL classes attended, RL teaching could reduce those? but still need some SL experience; Contact TIC staff for questions and possible exceptions? Knowledge needed includes: basic building skills (able to complete a level 2 class), 

Editing a script 

Editing a particle script 

Prim torture 

Tiny prims 


Poseballs/Poseball Scripts

Texturing- using  repeats and offsthe bets (perhaps briefly touch on Planar mapping and bumpiness too) 


Building Axis/Grid 

Adjusting preferences for good experiences 

Expanded Group Info 

Expanded Land management 

Utilizing profiles 

Notecard Readers 

Inventory Management 

Megaprims (use and how to change them) 

Texture animation 


Texturing Sculpties (unless included in the general sculpties above) 

Organizing, scripting, edit pane