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Wimba Classroom is web-based virtual classroom used to communicate with students and participants over the internet in a synchronous environment. It can be used to collaborate via chat, microphone, or webcam and share applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Entire sessions can be archived for distribution at a later time. This guide will help instructors create, manage and share archived recordings.











Create an Archive Recording

Archiving a Wimba classroom will record audio, video, text chat and the content being shared. The only things an archive will not record is private chat* (if it is enabled) and Breakout Rooms*.

Beginning an archive is very simple. You must be inside a wimba classroom as a presenter. To enter your Wimba classroom as a presenter, see this guide.

Once inside a Wimba classroom, it does not matter if there are other live students or not. Some instructors use Wimba to record lectures or material without having any synchronous students at all.

1. To begin recording your Wimba classroom, select the Archive button in the top-right of the window.

2. A dialog box will open asking if you are sure you want to archive this presentation. Select OK to continue.

3. You are now archiving your Wimba classroom. You can tell a classroom is being recorded when the gray Archive button is red and the text will say "Archive: Started".

4. To stop recording an archive, push the red button.

There is no way to pause an archive. Stopping an archive and then starting again will result in two separate recordings.

Manage Archives

Log into the Administration Tools Page

1. Open a web browser. Wimba supports Internet ExplorerFirefox and Safari

2. Type this URL into the address bar or click on the link:

3. This is the Administration Tools Login screen. Here you will enter your Wimba username and password.

Your Wimba username and your ETSU username should be the same. However, your passwords are not linked and are not necessarily the same.

If you cannot remember your username or password, contact Academic Technology for help. | 439-8611

4. Once you have logged in, you will see a list of classes you have administrative control over. At the top of this screen, select the Archives tab.

The Archive Management Page is where you can control, delete, download or hide your recorded archives. Any archive that you have made in a Wimba classroom in which you are a presenter will show up in this list.


Clicking the Open/Close icon which looks like a closed door (or open door if the archive is open) will make the archive available to students and others who have the launcher link.

Archives are 'Closed' by default. This option must be set to 'Open' before students will be able to view the archives. The presenter of the classroom can view the archive at any time.

Students with the information to enter the Wimba Classroom will be able to access any archive you have 'Opened.' If students need help retrieving the archives, use this guide.

Get Info

The Get Info button will display information about the Archive, including the Launcher Link, which is the URL address you can share with others so they can view your archive. (The archive must be 'Open' for others to view it.) You can past this launcher link in D2L, emails, or however else you would like to share it with others.

View Archive

Selecting the View Archive icon will launch the recorded video for you to see.


Selecting the Invite icon will open a new, blank email using your default email program (ie Outlook) and automatically fill the body with information needed to access the wimba archive.


Downloading the archive will save the files associated with the archive in a zip folder. This allows you to store the archive on your computer and reupload it to Wimba at a later date. However, this does not save the video to your harddrive in a watchable format. To do that, see the next section: Viewing and Downloading Archive Recordings.

Manage and Delete Multiple Files

It is easy to open, close, or delete multiple archives by selecting the box to the left of the title and using the dropdown box in the bottom-left of the screen.

Viewing and Downloading Archives

When you view an archive, whether from the View Archive icon in the Administration Tools page (see above) or from a launcher link, a new window will launch very similar to a live Wimba Classroom.

This new window will have an Archive Navigation section on the right side, and the media bar will be replaced by a play/stop button and a Downloads option.

Selecting the small camera on the media bar will open up the webcam stream if one was archived with the recording.

Downloading Archive Recordings

The Downloads option located on the media bar will allow you to download an MP3 audio or MP4 video copy of the archive to save on your own computer. You can watch or listen to this downloaded copy without the need for an internet connection.

If You Need Help

Guides, contact information and other help can be found at ETSU's Wimba page:

A more in-depth presenter guide can be found at this URL, explaining the Wimba classroom with its tools and options in greater detail:


Wimba’s support center can be located here:


Wimba offers 24/7 support by phone: (877) 382-2293.

Instructor: Anthony Kiech  |  423.439.8611  |  |