Handout for Zed:

While watching Triex pray at the temple, you see a flowing script written along the top of the walls along the circumference of the inner sanctum of the temple.  You read it, mumbling the words to yourself: "Then the Gods Old and New saw that Sigmar was not just a man, and upon his death elevated his spirit to the Devine.  And when trying times would befall the Empire again, Sigmar vowed he would return in spirit, to unite all and set the wrongs to right."  

When you finish reading this, your knees feel weak, you slump forward, and the world turns black. You see a vision of Sigmar, a fearsome bearded warrior wearing a flowing red cape over his armor.  He wields a most mighty warhammer. He speaks to you in a low powerful voice:

"I do not often seek help from those who would steal as a way of life, nor those who would rather hide in the shadows than fight.  But desperate times cause for matching measures, and I seek help from all those who would give it.  I sense in you someone who knows the dangers that are befalling the Empire. If you can follow my signs and heed my messages, you can aid the realm and be part of our efforts. This is no small task, and if you should stray or fail our cause -- my wrath will be strong.

But as I ask for your faith in me, I will in turn provide my faith to you.  Your dwarven companion is attuned to the Empire’s cause, and aiding him will bring my favor upon you."

After you come back to your senses, you see that the elderly priest is watching you intently.  He then points at you, points at Triex and gives you a knowing nod.  When you approach him to clarify this gesture, he shakes his head sternly and motions you away.