e-Learning Classroom Walk Through

Saturday 14 March 2011

Please answer the following questions about your experiences on the e-Learning Classroom Walk Through


Your answers

What did you see in another classroom that you could do in your classroom in the short term?

Dave says … Create some management boards for curriculum specific areas

I will be doing this too.  Steph

Create individual wikis for my special needs children. I love what Kimberley has done for hers.


Set self-managing activities with management sheet to guide students. Shaun

Develop some self-management boards for my children who are ready for this ~ Kimberley

Put up key competency board - maybe use as a praise system - kids could id in others. Sara

Use google docs for writing- Maureen

Develop a management system

What did you see in another classroom that you could do in your classroom in the long term?

Dave says … Move towards the next level of eLearning physical spaces integration by developing curriculum specific spaces within the class

Continue to develop my wiki as an important part of the our class learning, but also the students developing their own so that they can take it with them next year and beyond.  Steph

Use Google Docs Lynne

Develop my classroom spaces. Shaun

Build more transparency in my planning and assessment through the wiki/ePortfolios~Kimberley

Use the wiki more for the kids to refer to to find their work but we are going to get google docs working as an everyday tool first. Sara

Use my wiki my as a tool to showcase learning Maureen

Develop more classroom spaces and move towards reducing/eliminating the teacher desk - Rachel

What was the most valuable part of the day to you?

Dave says … Meeting like minded people

Nice answer Dave (Jane)√

I agree with Dave, it makes you feel less alone being involved in the PLN and makes you want to do even more with your own class.  Also I enjoyed Jane’s perspective and honesty as a Principal of a new school and a parent .  Steph

Absolutely had to be meeting everyone from the PLN and receiving positive feedback about what we were all doing and the directions in which we are heading. Lynne

Sharing experiences and as Dave said, “meeting

like minded people.” Shaun

Loved the opportunity to talk, discuss ideas as well as the chance to SEE in each others’ rooms/spaces; the sharing was awesome~Kimberley

Great to get ideas and hear people are struggling with the same things we are. I feel I’d be more likely now to contact others for ideas/support. Sara

Visiting others and talking with others Maureen

Speaking with other teachers, seeing in person what I had read in their wiki pages about their journey with classroom spaces - Rachel

What would you like to see more of, if we were going to organise more sessions like this, or would you like to spend more time in one classroom?

Perhaps I should say I would like to learn better ways of developing self reflection in an e learning class?  Steph  

Dave says … Not sure what this question means - clarification? do my modifications make sense now???

Yes - ta

Mini unconference teaching each other our special e-ideas. Shaun Like... Lynne  Love this idea - Rachel

Would love the chance to see the children in action and giving feedback on the process in other people’s schools~Kimberley Like-Maureen

What significant changes in your teaching practice are you going to make?

Dave says … I think I’m heading in the right direction - no specific significant changes, probably tweaking management and planning systems / strategies - through this process I’ve come to realise (for me anyway) that I need to gradually implement things for my own sanity and the kids in my class :-)

I agree with Dave.  Steph

I have actually made some huge changes this year and would like to think that I too am heading in the right direction. I love my spaces and the fact they are working for me and the children. I’ll just plod along and continue to implement ‘improvements’ where and when I can - ‘time’ and ‘energy’ being a huge factor!


Giving more control to students to manage their learning. Shaun

Dave and Lynne say it all for me - tweaking and the gradual development of strategies and spaces~Kimberley

I agree with everyone just keeping working on what I am doing to much sure its the best I can give and the children are achieving Maureen

As above. I will try not to beat myself up so much about what we haven’t done and keep fine tuning and adding. Ah Jacqui!  Sara

Keep going with our K4S programme (linked to key competencies) and giving students skills to be problem solvers and self managers so they can make their own learning choices and manage their learning - Rachel

What support would you like to receive from the leadership team in your school that will enable you to make the changes that will improve your practice?

Dave says ...Ha - that’s any easy one … a budget that would allow me to buy what I need for setting up my room (physical spaces) that supports my vision for the class

I agree- Maureen

I agree with Dave, but I would also like them to take an interest in not only myself (my vision) but the students also.  More than the token visit and asking what the WALT is, not looking in their books, but looking at their work in google docs etc...

Lol -- release time to research and implement all the great things we can prepare for our children. Lynne

I agree Maureen

Using staff PD time for self directed PD and shared collaborative learning. Shaun

Release time to visit other schools DURING teaching times!~Kimberley

Being able to not have to follow school practise in some areas as it makes it difficult to do some independent timetabling. I.e first steps gradual release model, spelling program etc. Sara

 Umm, I am that leadership team lol! - however, as money becomes available or classroom furniture is upgraded I want to challenge my staff’s more traditional views of furniture that should be bought and look at what else is out there that could enable students to work in different ways that best suits them. I imagine this will be a lot of group tables, tote trays and furniture on wheels that can be easily shifted and moved to accommodate individuals, buddies and small group work - Rachel

What impact do you think the style of teaching and learning will have on your

students in the coming years (particularly if they are expected to learn in a more traditional manner)?

This is a really difficult question.  I am hoping that the way I am teaching is helping students to become interested in their learning, learning how they like to learn best, allowing creativity,  I hope all my kids can go into Dave’s class but I know this is not reality, I hope they will be able to adapt and take with them what they have learnt and apply within their new environment. Steph

Dave says … I actually try not to think about that too much as it’s beyond what I can control as their teacher … from a positive perspective I would hope that it encourages them to seek their own paths with their learning as they will have developed a range of skills that will enable them to do this …

I hope that my students will be considered critical thinkers, problem solvers and creators, and be able to learn on their own. Shaun

Even though they are 5, I’d like to think that I embed a sense of individualism.... that they can be who they are and who they want to be without worry about what others think. That it is important to be an individual and respect others choices. I try to teach them to collaborate and communicate, to get on with others and work out their differences on their own. As Shaun has said to think, solve and create. Not just when I am around in the classroom but when they are in the playground, with relievers and in other areas of the school - that they can do this without me being there. Making the right choices! Lynne  I like this ~Kimberley

Also, I believe that no matter how we teach, we are a part of a whole so we need to just do what we can. Here’s hoping that we are a part of the children becoming critical thinkers, questioners, drivers of change and curious (always) about the world that they live in. Lifelong learners would be great!

I agree with above. I hope that they will use their skills to extend and embellish any learning opportunities that the future holds. Hopefully it empowers them with self confidence and provides leadership opportunities that some may not have achieved before. Sara

I agree with all of the above Maureen

Love the above, basically problem solvers, critical thinkers, questioners and self aware of what they need to do to drive their learning forward - Rachel

Is there anything that you are going to stop doing as a result of the visits to other classrooms?

Stop worrying about whether I am on the “right track or good enough” the diversity and passion shown by everyone on Saturday.  Steph

I agree Steph! As we are trying to recognise that children all learn and present in different ways, so do we as teachers. Each of us has our own unique way of teaching and learning in an e-environment and I like that... we are all individuals but with a common goal. Lynne

Absolutely, it is good to know we are sharing a journey and understanding but still have our own uniqueness. Shaun

We are no different from the children that we teach - we are all different and diverse learners too so I think it is great that we recognise that. I am going to stop trying to measure myself against the impossible! ~ Kimberley

So true. The only problem is I’ll say it but it’s still hard to accept and to stop beating myself up.  I need to remember it’s an exciting journey all the same and enjoy it. Sara

Stop stressing out take one thing at a time and concentrate on that.Maureen

Stop thinking that everything has to be done all at once and develop spaces in consultation with the class and their learning needs.